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Cryptolinks - 1500+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2021!

by Nate Urbas

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If you have heard about a fair game, especially in gambling in conjunction with cryptocurrencies, then True Flip is your one and only chance. True flip is a platform that combines cryptocurrency and gambling together, ensuring there is a for chance of winning in the games available.

However, due to the popularity and wide coverage gained by True Flip, it is regarded as the world’s largest fair international game; not just for any game, but a blockchain lottery. The site is supported by 7 European and Asian countries, including; the U.K, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Turkey, Korea and Republic of Vietnam. It is certainly the future of fair games and will continue to exist for a long time if improved on all sides.

Games on True Flip

There are 4 types of games you could play on True Flip. For each game won, there is a Jackpot or Super Prize. This Jackpot or Super Prize can be converted to fiat money. There is a minimum amount of BTC required to place a bet for these games. The games include:

1. Flip’s Star: Minimum of 0.0004 BTC, Jackpot prize of 402.60 BTC ($ 2,550,039).

2. Rapid to the Moon: Minimum of 0.0002 BTC, Super prize of 4.48 BTC ($ 28,382)

3. Chain’s Code: Minimum of 0.00002 BTC, Super prize of 5.00 BTC ($31,669).

4. Pirate Bay: Minimum of 0.00002 BTC, Super prize of 1.00 BTC ($ 6,334).

Pros & Cons
  • There are interesting games to be played on the site
  • There are Jackpot and Super prizes that comes with each game played.
  • Site is easy to navigate.
  • The site displays recent transactions, wins and bets.
  • The site is only supported by European and Asian countries.
  • The site only has 4 games as of the moment.