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Etheroll Review
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Etheroll is a one-of-a-kind site where you play dice games with Ethereum. It makes use of Ethereum over Bitcoins but operates on a provably fair technology. Etheroll uses Ethereum as its cryptocurrency because of the smart contract protocol that comes with it and its usefulness in placing bets.

For each dice rolled, it is treated as a provable fair game and no deposit or sign up is required. All you have to do is connect the site to an Ethereum node and roll the dice. There are working algorithms that operates between your game and the ethereum node, where you get credited for each game won.

When you want to roll your dice, there are 3 things you should look out for when placing a bet. They are;

1. Bet Size: The size of your bet determines your earning rate when you win a game. The minimum size is 0.1 and the maximum size is 10.

2. Chance of Winning: The chances of winning is important. It is on a scale of 1 to 100 % with an average of 50.

3. Roll Rate: You select the point at which you want your dice to roll under; wager in ETH and; calculate your profit when you win.

After all these have been checked, you can now roll your dice.

Pros & Cons
  • Ethereum allows the site to make use of their smart contract.
  • Bets are placed under a provably fair condition.
  • For every dice randomly rolled, ethereum blockchain records and secure them.
  • Etheroll does not need you to sign up or deposit any ETH.
  • Since one would have to link the site to an Ethereum node rather than create an account, 100 % safety is not guaranteed.