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(8 reviews)
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Crypto gambling has always been one of the high points of crypto’s short existence. A lot of resources have been dedicated to providing premium gambling experience for crypto holders, and website like Primedice has contributed to this narrative. In this review, we will focus on the workings of Primedice, explore some of its features, and highlight its pros and cons.

What is Primedice?

Primedice is a gambling platform that predominantly facilitates a dice game, where users can wager their crypto to make profits. This gaming website started offering gambling services in 2013. Unlike many of the crypto gambling platforms out there that try to consolidate their reputations and diversify their business model, Primedice has stuck to the same game plan. And expectedly, it has become quite efficient in what it does. In a testament to Primedice’s influence in the crypto gambling world, we discovered that it has a thriving community of gamblers across various social networks, which also indicates that Primedice is doing the right things to encourage gamers to keep coming back for more.
One of the things that have helped Primedice gain traction is its bitcoin faucet. Primedice has the habit of rewarding players for engaging with its gaming platform and contributing to its community. You become eligible to earn more bonuses as the complexity and level of your game increases. More eye-catching is the jackpot up for grabs on the Primedice gaming website. The site offers a jackpot worth 112 BTC to players, and the amount you use as your wager determines the percentage of cash reward that you might win. For example, it is only those that bet 0.01 BTC, and above, that are eligible to win 100% of the jackpot. Betting with any amount below 0.01 BTC and above 0.001 BTC would only win you 10% of the prize money.
While Primedice focused on bitcoin gambling in its earlier days of existence, platform has since incorporated a list of cryptocurrencies to ensure that its services are attractive to a larger demographic. At the time of this review, Primedice allows its users to deposit Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and Ethereum.

What Are the Pros of Primedice?

A Simple and Intuitive Dice Game

Primedice is a classic BTC dice game, albeit with an element of sophistication. Hence, all you need do is pick a number and decide to either bet above or below your chosen number. Your chances of earning more crypto prizes depend on how improbable your bet is. Note that Primedice offers two game modes. The first is manual betting, which entails a hands-on approach to betting. The second is the automated betting, where you can simply set stop loss or take profit setting and watch live stats to track your winnings or losses.
Also, you can monitor the performance of other players, as the platform has ensured that its platform evokes a sense of competition, which motivates players to keep playing. Has A Social Network Tool

Primedice thrives because it focuses on fueling a communal relationship between players. Hence, it is no surprise that the gaming platform has a forum on its website where users can banter, share insights, and flaunt their success. While reviewing the platform, we tried to gauge the number of active users of the site by analyzing the intensity of the activities recorded on the forum. After completing our analysis, we concluded that Primedice had a buzzing community of players, and the volume of contributions on the forum suggests that the platform has not lost its appeal to crypto participants.

It Implements Two-Factor Authentication

While noting that crypto websites are susceptible to scams and hacks, we checked to see if the Primedice gaming platform had the right security mechanisms in place to ensure that users' accounts are secure. Impressively, Primedice avails two-factor authentication, which allows users to activate a secondary identity verification process. As such, users can ascertain that it is a tad difficult for unauthorized entities to hack into their accounts and steal their earnings.

The User Interface Is Compatible with Mobile Phones

Primedice incorporates a design that screams simplicity and easy navigation. You can choose to minimize the live chat tool and focus on the game or have the game and the chat tool on the screen at the same time. Also, switching from automated betting to manual betting is very straightforward. Besides, the website has no ads, which is commendable. Implementing a no ad design bodes well for the players, as it means that there are no distractions. It is also remarkable that the website is mobile-friendly. The interface fits into any screen size and doesn’t limit accessibility once users switch to the mobile format of the website.

Withdrawals and Deposits Are Instant

While other gambling websites establish policies that let them hold onto users’ funds for a while, the Primedice gambling platform does not do such. In other words, you can request your earnings, and in a matter of minutes, Primedice would process the payment. The same is true for deposits, as the platform only supports crypto transactions, which bypass all of the bureaucracy associated with fiat currencies.

Primedice’s Feedback Mechanism Is Topnotch

Primedice is not a faceless entity, and so, it has a team of representatives that answer queries promptly. This assertion holds as the website has live support where players can communicate their complaints and get responses instantly. Also, since the platform is quite active on social networks, it becomes easier for the platform to engage with its community of users.

It Is Provably Fair

Primedice, as an online gambling platform, had to implement provably fairness in its protocol to ensure the randomness of its game. And it was transparent enough to reveal the details of this implementation on its website. It also helps that Primedice has a gambling license.

What Are the Cons of Primedice?

It Has Just One Game

Perhaps, the only downside of Primedice is its decision to stick to only one game. People used to gambling sites with a variety of games could find the platform a bit bland. However, if we look at it from the perspective that Primedice has decided to pick one game and has excelled in it, this detail becomes less relevant. A lot of crypto websites providing a broad array of crypto gambling games are not particularly doing a good job of offering quality services.

Pros & Cons
  • A Simple and Intuitive Dice Game
  • It Has A Social Network Tool
  • It Implements Two-Factor Authentication
  • The User Interface Is Compatible with Mobile Phones
  • Withdrawals and Deposits Are Instant
  • Primedice’s Feedback Mechanism Is Topnotch
  • It Is Provably Fair
  • It Has Just One Game