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CryptoJunkie: latest crypto news & prices Review

CryptoJunkie: latest crypto news & prices


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CryptoJunkie is exactly what the name implies! A one stop shop developed by the CryptoJunkie team that delivers news, memes, price tickers, updates, and basically all things crypto related.

This extension is essentially the same as all of the rest of the crypto tracking tools. Choosing one really just comes down to a personal preference. CryptoJunkie does have a very visually satisfying interface.

CryptoJunkie kind of stands out from the plethora of crypto tracking extensions with a sidebar view, allowing you to surf the web with all of your favorite cryptocurrency prices conveniently sat on the side of the page. The extension is very easy to use and perfect for newcomers.

Since CryptoJunkie is not an actual wallet, there is little to be concerned about privacy and security. You won’t be storing any crypto with them. If that’s your goal, there are wallets that also encompass most or all of Cryptojunkie’s functionalities.

Personally, I found the memes to be quite entertaining, so that may be the selling point I needed to keep this extension in operation on my system!

Pros & Cons
  • Feeling bad about losing your child’s college fund to crypto? Not to worry, CryptoJunkies memes are here to cheer you up!
  • This extension is super easy to download and use.
  • Nothing to worry as far as security and privacy are concerned.
  • The sidebar crypto price tracker is a nice little feature to have if you feel the need to constantly be reminded of your losses.
  • As with all of these crypto news and price tracking extensions, they are all essentially the same.