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Jaxx Blockchain Wallet Review

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet


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Jaxx is an all in one digital currency wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other altcoins. The newest version of Jaxx is coined “Jaxx Liberty” which is essentially Jaxx 2.0. It’s a complete redesign from the original wallet so don’t mistake the two!

Jaxx is completely free of charge and available on pretty much all major platforms. Something that sets Jaxx apart from other wallets is the implementation of one time pairing between devices. This allows users to make changes, for example, on their mobile phone and then having those changes automatically updated to their desktop.

The Jaxx Chrome extension can be downloaded here. It’s free and allows a client sided security model in which the user is in full control of their keys, wallets, funds, and information.

The extension offers the following features:

• Single master seed which will be the only seed you will ever need for any future coin integrations.

• Single screen operations allowing all functions to work on a single interface.

• Pair across all devices easily and seamlessly.

• Easy currency converting tools.

• Generate custom amount QR codes.

• Ability to transfer funds with a paper wallet.

• PIN security features.

Pros & Cons
  • Jaxx is really an all-inclusive wallet service that is highly convenient.
  • Seamless cross platform and cross device integration.
  • Supports nearly all coins.
  • The wallet uses Shapeshift to convert coins which may be frustrating to some users.
  • Jaxx has no cold storage functionality, only hot wallet is available. This means it is not fully secure and not suitable for large amounts of funds to be stored