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BTC.com – Bitcoin Wallet


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BTC.com is a web wallet which is owned by the bitcoin mining superpower, Bitmain technologies. It is also available for Android and iOS. With most web wallets, your private keys are stored on the service providers server. This gives the service provider complete control and access to your funds and also puts you in a vulnerable position in case of a hack. One key advantage to the BTC.com is that BTC.com don’t have access to your private keys. The user gets their own private keys in the form of a seed. It was originally founded by Blocktrail in 2015 and was acquired by Bitmain in 2016. This means it is only operating for a short period of time when compared with competitors but it is an advantage to have a company such as Bitmain behind it.

The wallet is specifically for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This means it does not support such a wide variety of cryptocurrencies as some competitors but their focus is on providing value to Bitcoin users. The wallet has a number of key features which some other wallets are lacking. It is hierarchical deterministic, multi-sig, and open-source. Being open-source allows the community to assess the level of security applied by the wallet. Users can also enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security.

Pros & Cons
  • Owned by Bitmain technologies which is a huge company in the cryptocurrency space with a reputation to protect
  • Users are in control of their own private key in the form of a seed
  • Hierarchical Deterministic
  • Multi-sig
  • Open Source
  • Users can enable two-factor authentication
  • Only in operation since 2015
  • Supports only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash