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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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An Introduction


MARCH 2023 SWAP WhitePaper

00 SWAP WhitePaper

Table of Contents

Annotation 01

The mission 02

Overview of the OTC solutions market 03

Our target audience 04

The value of the Swap token 05

Market challenges faced by Swap 06

How does it work? 07

Components of the Swap ecosystem 10

Swap tokenomics 12

Swap roadmap 13

Thank you for your attention 16 March 2023

01 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023


The cryptocurrency OTC-trading has a long history, which begins with the advent of bitcoin in

2009. During a few years many cryptocurrency transactions were conducted on the exchange

platforms, but the situation changed with the appearance of the 1st centralized OTC

cryptocurrency market in 2013.

Since then, the OTC market has grown significantly and represents a considerable share of the

cryptocurrency market. Nevertheless, there are still security, transparency and liquidity problems

on the OTC.

To solve this problem, we created Swap - the project that allows you to safely conduct the OTCtransactions using a fully decentralized tool. Swap uses the block-chain technology and smart

contract to provide security and transparency for the fully decentralized transactions.

Smart contracts used on the platform provide transactions with the security and transparency,

automatically fulfilling their terms in case if all the conditions are met. Moreover, smart contracts

are stored on the blockchain, which ensure the transparency and availability of transactions


02 SWAP WhitePaper

The mission

The mission of Swap is to create a secure, transparent and efficient market for cryptocurrency

transactions, where users will be able to freely exchange assets and without the necessity for the

interference of centralized intermediaries and stock markets.

Swap strives for giving the user full control over their own transactions allowing them to

independently choose the terms of the transaction, payment methods and receipt of assets.

Besides that, by virtue of the decentralized nature of the platform, the project tries to eliminate

problems related to the security and transparency of traditional centralized OTC market platforms.

Another no less important task of Swap is to provide the user with a simple and intuitive interface

for interacting with all the technologies ensured by the program's set of tools, so that even a

novice user should be able to use it. March 2023

03 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023

Overview of the OTC solutions market

According to the Tabb Group research, conducted in 2018, the volume of the OTC trading market

at that moment was three time higher than the exchange trading market capacity.

On this basis it can be assumed that at the time of the peak of exchange trading at

$139,000,000,000 reached November 10, 2021, OTC volume had been approximately

$300,000,000,000 which proves importance of OTC solutions.

There are no fully decentralized OTC solutions now, but there are giants among the centralized


Main of them are:

Coinbase OTC

It is an OTC platform offered by Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the

world. It is intended for institutional clients and grants access for buying and selling huge

volumes of cryptocurrency.

Genesis Trading

It is a financial company giving OTC trading solutions for institutional clients in the

cryptocurrency sphere. The company renders a wide variety of services, including liquidity

provision and risk management.

itBit OTC

It is an OTC platform offering cryptocurrency solutions for institutional clients, including funds,

hedge funds and banks. It grants access for buying and selling huge volumes of cryptocurrency,

as well as offers asset storage and management services.

Circle Trade

It is an OTC platform providing cryptocurrency solutions for institutional clients, including banks,

hedge funds and brokers. It grants access for buying and selling huge volumes of

cryptocurrency, as well as offers asset storage and management services.


It is a cryptocurrency trading company providing OTC solutions for institutional clients, including

banks and hedge funds. It gives services such as buying or selling huge amounts of

cryptocurrency, risk management and asset storage.

04 SWAP WhitePaper

Our target audience

Our target user is a retail or institutional investor of any level of cryptocurrency knowledge

interested in conducting a transaction to sell existing assets or purchase them without influencing

the market rate of a crypto asset, thereby reducing the profit and at the same time not increasing

the level of risk, entrusting their funds to the centralized services and mediators.

Swap solves all the key problems of our target audience due to competent construction and use of

Web3 tool allowing to create truly decentralized security tool. March 2023

05 SWAP WhitePaper

The value of the Swap token

The value of the Swap token is provided by the mechanism of staking and mechanism of limited

issue of tokens, thanks to which Swap's automated mechanism distributes the comission charged

on each transaction.

Every time a transaction is conducted on Swap platform, a small amount of its tokens is charged

for it, which are spent on a smart contract distributing them depending on the quantitative shares

of the staking participants. This allows investors to have a constant income, as well as maintain

the value of the token at the proper level.

It is also important that the issue of tokens is also limited for those who regulary use the platform.

It is necessary to perpetually purchase the Swap's token while token holders do not hurry to sell it,

thanks to the income from staking. March 2023

06 SWAP WhitePaper

Market challenges faced by Swap

Swap takes on challenges related to providing users with secure and reliable OTC trading with the help of

fully decentralized approach. It ensures user-friendly interface for conducting transactions, guarantees

secure crypto assets storage and implements fraud protection mechanisms. Swap also ensures that there

is no need to settle disputes between the parties due to the impossibility of conflict situations. Besides that,

Swap strives for providing resistance to cyber attacks and improve usability of OTC cryptocurrency trading

for end users.

Another challenge taken by Swap is to solve the problem of liquidity of cryptocurrency markets.

Conventionally, OTC trading is used to fill in the liquidity gaps when large sellers and buyers are not able to

find sufficient number of transactions on the open market in order to conduct transactions at the desired

prices. However, even OTC trading can have liquidity problems, especially in small market niches or with a

low bargain volume. Swap solves this problem offering its platform for communication of investors as a

place to unite sellers and buyers, which contibutes to increasing liquidity and opportunities for conducting

OTC transactions on cryptocurrency market.

Swap also takes on challenges related to the inconvenience of use. Some of OTC cryptocurrency trading

platforms are unwiedly to use due to complex interfaces, limited functionality and high entry threshold.

Swap deals with this problem by providing a simple and intuitive interface. It allows users to conduct

transactions effortlessly and promptly with just a few mouse clicks.

Moreover, Swap takes care of user privacy. Transactions

on its platform are conducted using blockchain technology,

which ensures security and authenticity of transactions.

Users can be sure their personal data and transactions

details will be storaged confidential and will not be

available to third parties without their consent. March 2023

07 SWAP WhitePaper

How does it work?

At the moment, there are two schemes of Swap's work and they differ depending on input

conditions. March 2023

08 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023

09 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023

10 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023


is the core of the Swap, a set of tools aggregating the components into a single whole.


is a set of smart contracts allowing to conduct OTC transactions within the same blockchain



is a set of smart contracts allowing to conduct OTC transactions between different blockchain



is a decentralized front-end allowing to ensure the availability of Swap from anywhere in the

world despite DDoS attacks and blockages.


is a decentralized social network allowing the Swap users to  make new acquaintances and

conduct new successful transactions.


is a Bridge network allowing you to transfer NFT and tokens between networks.


is a set of extensions for popular messengers allowing you to conduct OTC transactions without

leaving your favourite messenger.


is a set of tools checking the counterparty for the purity of assets. It includes AML checks and its

use is optional.

Components of the Swap ecosystem

11 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023


is a component that allows you to connect two different worlds, cryptocurrencies and real fiat

currencies, by conducting successful transactions securely without relying on centralized



is a component that allows resolving disputed transactions that occurred during exchanges with

fiat assets.


is a component that allows for completely anonymous transactions based on the zkSnark



is a component that allows users to pay more attention to their exchanges by creating a reputation

system based on NFT.


is a service that brings together liquidity from various decentralized exchanges and market

makers, aiding users in finding an optimal price for a trade.

12 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023

Swap tokenomics

13 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023

Swap roadmap

14 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023

15 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023

16 SWAP WhitePaper March 2023

Thank you for your attention

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