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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Verum Coin (VERUM)

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Their Official site text:

White Paper

Verum Coin (VERUM)

BitCoinPay Trade Verum Messenger


Blockchain technology is improving, and

coins created on its basis are becoming

more and more popular.

People who understand digital currencies

know how important it is to keep track of

the crypto market in order not to miss the

emergence of new promising crypto coins.

These monetary units allow not only to save

but also to increase the capital.

The beginning of 2022 was 

marked by the appearance 

of a new promising 

coin. BitCoinPay 

Trade and Verum 

Messenger have 

launched their 

Verum Coin (VERUM)



Verum Coin stands as a decentralized

digital currency designed for swift, lowcost transactions across the globe. The

security of the network is ensured through

robust mathematical principles, granting

individuals greater control over their


With accelerated transaction 

confirmation times and enhanced 

storage efficiency, Verum Coin 

strives to redefine the 

landscape of peer-to-peer 


Verum Coin ensures 

user anonymity through 

advanced cryptographic 



Verum Chain (VERUM)

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Verum Coin released on the basis of Verum

Chain native network and on the Binance Smart

Chain blockchain

n Total supply: 1,RRR,RRR,RRQ

n Contract adriss:


n Smart contract sourci codh

n Blockchain Explorir: BSCScan

n Own blockchai¤

n ’roof-of-Work (’oWœ consinsu›

n Scrypt mining algorith

n €aximum supply: 84,RRR,RRQ

n €inid Coins (€ar 2R24œ: J,5J6,65Q

n Blockchain Explorir: Virum Chain Explori§

n €arkit Cap: $J96.658

n 24HR Volumi: $2,48R,197.25


Verum Coin boasts powerful and well thought out tokenomics. The

token is utilising a reflections model, as the tokenomics create a

“neater” looking chart, maintaining a higher level of buy pressure.

By implementing an automated feature, the Verum chart will be geared

toward increasing the overall buy pressure, and maximising the

prospects for the long term vision of the Verum ecosystem.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Token Contract:



BitCoinPay trade


Verum Messenger

BitCoinPay Trade is a digital

asset exchange that allows you

to buy, sell, exchange and

store cryptocurrencies and

other digital assets.

BitCoinPay Trade is building a

next-generation financial

ecosystem with a focus on asset


Exchange clients can buy new

cryptocurrencies for fiat and

other crypto assets, sell,

convert, store in a wallet and

work with them in a trading

terminal. The list includes

cryptocurrencies from both the

top ten in terms of

capitalization and lesser-known


Blockchain has an environment

for developing high-performance

decentralized applications and

processing a large number of


The main goal of the project is

to create a new digital economy

accessible to all without any


Verum, a messenger that

guarantees privacy. You don’t

need a SIM card to use Verum

Messenger. No phone tethering.

The app has built-in VPN and

end-to-end encryption.

When you first get to know the

application, you will create an

individual key pair and you

will have a unique identifier.

And the Verum developers have

solved our eternal problem — if

someone takes a screenshot in

the chat, you will immediately

find out about it.

End-to-end (E2E) encryption is

used in every chat by default.

Even the creators of the

application cannot access

users' conversations.

End-to-end encryption

technology is a method of the

information transmission where

only the users participating in

the chat can view the messages.

As a result of using this

method, other people cannot

obtain cryptographic keys.


March 2020

BitCoinPay Trade Exchange was launched.

June 2021

Release of iOS and Android Mobile Applications for

reliable trading. Was added more than 500 trading


February 2022

Verum Coin (VERUM) First Sale Round

December 2023

Partnership with main world exchanges for the

development future ecosystem

May 2024

Priority sales opening for major coin holders



In the world of cryptocurrencies, a unique

opportunity has emerged to earn without

specialized equipment - simply using the Verum

Exchange mobile app.

It's the first currency converter to introduce

mining, opening doors for everyone interested in

entering the world of cryptocurrencies.

As a reward, miners receive Verum Coin

directly to their crypto wallet, which is

automatically created 

upon app authorization. 

Miners can easily withdraw 

Verum Coin to exchanges such 

as BitCoinPay Trade or 

Crypto Bank, or keep them in 

the crypto wallet and wait 

for the price 

to rise.



Verum team have an in-depth plan for the use of

Development and Marketing funds. There will be an

ongoing emphasis on project development, with a

significant portion of this being completed at


Verum will not be focussing its marketing through

the use of Cryptocurrency Influencers, but rather

through press releases, and promotions of the

projects that are developed.

There will also be a

particular focus on

developing collaborations

and partnerships with

other projects and

innovators in order to

build our community, 

and awareness of Verum

through reputable




Verum Coin: 


Verum Chain Explorer:

BitCoinPay Trade:

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Verum Messenger iOS App:





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Instagram Verum Mesenger