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Tensor Space

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Their Official site text:


TensorSpace enables users to access and lend various types of processing units (PUs) for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tasks.

TensorSpace leverages the power of distributed networks and smart contracts to create a peer-to-peer marketplace for PUs. TensorSpace also integrates with Bittensor, a decentralized machine learning protocol, to provide a real-world application layer for building no-code AI applications. 

TensorSpace introduces a novel token model that allows users to create derivatives of subnet tokens, which represent the ownership and value of different AI-based applications on the Bittensor network.

TensorSpace aims to democratize access to AI/ML computing, foster innovation and collaboration, and create a new paradigm for AI-based value creation.


AI and ML applications are enhancing our lives and solving complex problems. However, these applications also require massive amounts of computing power, which is often centralized, costly, and inefficient.

Centralized computing means that users must rely on third-party providers, such as cloud services or data centres, to access the necessary resources. This creates issues of trust, security, privacy, and scalability. 

Costly computing means that users have to pay high fees for renting or buying expensive hardware, such as graphics processing units (GPUs), tensor processing units (TPUs), or language processing units (LPUs). This limits the accessibility and affordability of AI and ML for many potential users.

Inefficient computing means that users have to deal with suboptimal performance, latency, and wastage of resources, especially when the AI and ML tasks have different requirements and characteristics.

What if AI and ML computing could be decentralized and democratized through blockchain? Users could tap into a peer-to-peer network, lending and borrowing processing units for cost savings, efficiency, and flexibility in their endeavours.

This is the vision and mission of Tensor Space, a blockchain project that aims to revolutionize AI and ML computing. 

TensorSpace is built on  Bittensor, a decentralized neural network protocol that connects PUs across the world. Tensor Space leverages the concept of PUs, which are specialized hardware devices that are designed to perform specific types of AI and ML computations. 

There are three main types of PUs: GPUs, TPUs, and LPUs. GPUs are general-purpose devices that can handle a wide range of AI and ML applications, especially those that involve parallel processing, such as computer vision, gaming, and rendering. TPUs are custom-made devices that can deliver optimized performance for deep learning tasks, especially those that involve large neural networks.

TensorSpace enables users rent their PUs, by creating a decentralized marketplace for PUs. 

TensorSpace also provides a real-world application layer on top of Bittensor, where users can build no-code AI applications using the PUs they have access to in addition to creating a derivative of subnet tokens, which are tokens that represent the ownership and governance of different subnets within the Bittensor network

What is TensorSpace?

TensorSpace is a protocol that leverages the power of Bittensor, a decentralized machine learning network, to create a platform for AI/ML enthusiasts, developers, and researchers. 

TensorSpace allows users to lend and borrow GPUs, TPUs, and LPUs for various AI/ML purposes, such as training neural networks, natural language processing, computer vision, and more.

Users can build and deploy no-code AI applications on top of Bittensor, using a user-friendly interface via TensorSpace enabling users to create their own custom GPT models, fine-tune them with their data, and share them with the world.

TensorSpace also offers a liquidity staking protocol on $TAO, the native token of Bittensor. Users can stake their $TAO to earn dynamic $TAO, which can be used to purchase subnet tokens. Subnet tokens represent the ownership and governance rights of subnets, which are specialized AI-based applications running on Bittensor.

Why TensorSpace?

Tensor Processor is a unique project that combines the benefits of blockchain technology, machine learning, and no-code development. By using TensorSpace, you can:

Access a variety of AI/ML computing resources at competitive prices, without relying on centralized providers or intermediaries.

Contribute to the development and innovation of the decentralized machine learning network, and earn rewards for your valuable contributions.

Create and launch your own no-code AI applications, without writing a single line of code or worrying about the technical details.

Participate in the governance and speculation of subnets, and benefit from the growth of the AI economy.

Product Utilities/Features

Tensor Processor covers the following use cases

AI Foundry: offers on-demand processing power via a decentralized marketplace of GPUs, TPUs, and LPUs. 

TensorCraft: enables no-code AI application development for users of all skill levels. 

Subnetix: connects users to the Bittensor subnet ecosystem, fostering innovation in Tensor Processors. 

TensorSpace: advocates for decentralization in AI inference, democratizing its power through an open standard protocol.

Now, let's look at each in detail.