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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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If your website is on the scam list and you think that you are not a scammer, contact us. After you provide us with all the proof that you are in Crypto World with good intentions, we will delist you. Usually, you get in this category because you are hiding your team, you have a bad reputation(you are tricking, deceiving, scamming people), and you haven't got a written project whitepaper or is a shitty one....

Their Official site text:


The Whitepaper


➔ US 2024 Election & Trump’s Rise

➔ Why Trump & A Dog?

➔ Trump Inu Tokenomics

➔ Trump Inu Misson

➔ Trump Inu Potential


Welcome to the frontline of the 2024 US

Election, where the unexpected is the

new normal, and the race is anything

but boring.

Amidst the political circus, one

contender stands out—not just for his

entrepreneurial prowess but for his

unprecedented ability to shake up the

political world: Donald Trump.

Trump is currently leading the GOP

nominations by a landslide and has a

20-point lead over his Democratic rival

Joe Biden.

In an election cycle where the primaries

are mere formalities, Trump's refusal to

accept the GOP's nomination is not just

a statement; it's a strategy.

Each rally, each victory, is not just a step

towards the White House but a bullish

signal for the most electrifying asset of

2024—Trump Inu.


Political coins are the new dog coins.

When dog coins like Shiba Inu were

making million x gains, this started the

dog wars and dozens of coins went up

to multi-billion dollar market cap.

Traders are still hesitant to purchase

political coins, even with election

season around the corner, but this is all


There is nothing more bullish than a

political coin combined with a dog coin

in 2024.

Memes rule supreme, and nothing

captures the zeitgeist quite like a dog

coin with the ferocity and unwavering

determination of Trump.

Trump Inu is not just a token; it's a

political movement. It donates directly

to the MAGA campaign, capturing the

essence of a political battle royale

while offering a unique opportunity to

be part of something greater.



Trump Inu was developed by the team

behind $TUCKER and features identical


➔ 100 billion (100B) total tokens.

➔ 40% airdropped to $TUCKER


➔ 60% pre-sale.

No further minting permitted;

renounced contract/liquidity locked


1% trade tax on buys and sells ensures

that while you're trading, you're also

contributing to a cause greater than

your portfolio.

50% of the trade tax is allocated to

donations supporting MAGA campaign.

The remaining 50% fuels LP additions

and aggressive marketing campaigns,

ensuring Trump Inu's message spreads

far and wide.

The believers in the Tucker team's vision

are rewarded with a massive airdrop of

40%, captured in a snapshot without

pre-announced timing.

$TUCKER holders get $TRUMP INU

airdropped to their wallets based on

the proportion of $TUCKER they hold.

The rest? Offered on pre-sale, funding

not just the initial liquidity pool but a

marketing blitzkrieg to echo through the



30% of the Trump Inu pre-sale raise will

be used for buy-backs-and-burns, an

automatic feature that allows us to buy

tokens and burn them by sending them

to the Ethereum burn wallet, ensuring

the longevity of the token.

The Trump Inu team is assembling the

largest marketing team it’s had since

the inception of the project.

Investors will always be protected. The

contract will be developed by a

professional auditor who will analyze

every function for safety, and renounce

ownership at launch.

The team will remain on alert about VP

nominations (possibly in June 2024) and

make a VP coin, airdropping 50% to

$TUCKER and 50% to $TRUMP INU

holders automatically.


Trump Inu's mission transcends the

typical crypto narrative. It's a bold

endeavor to support the MAGA

movement and honor US Veterans,

ensuring that while the community

thrives, it also gives back.

By implementing a tax-based system

and never having to sell tokens for

donations, Trump Inu creates a

sustainable ecosystem where growth,

support, and contribution coexist.


Trump Inu is going to positively affect all

other political meme coins.

When a person drives by a standalone

McDoanlds restaurant they think: “Do I

want to eat now?” and drive off if the

answer is no.

When they drive by a McDonalds

standing next to a Burger King, they

think “Do I want McDonalds or Burger


This is how Trump Inu will affect existing

political coins. Its creation will lure more

liquidity to political coins and draw

attention from across the cryptoverse.

Based on the performance of $TUCKER,

Trump Inu will most likely go on to

donate hundreds of thousands or

possibly millions of dollars to the MAGA

campaign and veterans in 2024.


The Bitcoin halvening and favorable

market conditions, combined with

election hype bring unparalleled

potential for Trump Inu.

When the $TUCKER team launched

Tucker back in 2023, there was little

interest due to the political nature of

the coin, but since political coins

gained steam, it has appreciated

significantly since pre-sale.

Political coins are poised to become

the dog coins of 2024, and Trump Inu

stands out as a beacon of potential

with a proven team behind it.

Its unique blend of a viral meme,

political fervor, and excellent

tokenomics positions it as a viral

sensation waiting to explode.

As the election hype builds, Trump Inu is

not just riding the wave—it's creating it.

In this election year, crypto traders

won’t just cast their vote, but they’ll

invest in it. Trump Inu is more than a

token; it's a political movement.

Join us as we unleash the power of

political coins, one rally, one victory at a


The future is here, and it's fiercely loyal,

unapologetically bold, and ready to

soar. Welcome to Trump Inu—where

crypto meets the ballot box.