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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Their Official site text:







Paradox taking the

experimental standard

to next level.

NFT minting now as cheap as ER|

$PDX is the most efficient, secure and scalable iteration of 404. Transforming existing illiquid NFTS into liquid assets, Earn yield on your semi-fungible tokens from non-fungible tokens.

ERC-425 - Too Early.

ERC-425 | Hybrid $PDX is the most efficient, secure and scalable iteration of 404.

Error 425 - too early.

$PDX isn't just a contract; it embodies a revolutionary vision reshaping the NFT landscape. Building upon Pandora's groundwork, we aim to enhance and add value to this experimental standard.

ERC-425: NFT Aging & DynaMINT

DynaMINT: a dynamic NFTs minting mechanism which decides which NFT to mint based on the various parameters of the current state of the blockchain. The most loved feature of DynaMINT is RARITY.

NFT Rarity Scale : Black > Green > Grey > Red > Blue

NFTs Aging: Nft’s mature and slow grow traits over time and might turn into a rarest and unique NFT. For example: if you have a blue paradox box and hold it for x amount of time, the box will hatch and give you another NFT, if you hold this for x+y amount of time, then this NFT will grow traits one by one over the time and give you a rarest NFT.

Addressing liquidity crisis with Paradox

Paradox aims to revolutionize the landscape by transforming illiquid NFTs into liquid ERC-20 assets allowing users to farm over illiquid assets by providing liquidity.

Bridging Illiquid NFTs

Paradox ERC-425 acts as a bridge between illiquid NFTs and ERC-425 tokens, creating a pathway to liquidity for NFT holders.

Yield Opportunities

Users can leverage the liquidity bridge to provide LP and earn groundbreaking APRs.

Provider Benefits

Liquidity providers receive wrapped tokens, enabling indefinite real yield on their ERC-425 paradox semi-fungible tokens.

Advantages of ERC-425 over other standards

The cheapest gas ever

90%+ cheaper than other ERC404s

Bitmap storage architecture

Uses less storage than any other NFT standard.

Implemention of Kornecker Delta Function

Gas savings upto 90% comapred to other NFT Standards.

Branching of ERC425 transfers

Fixed Vulnerabilities in transfer of ERC404 and others.

NFT token IDs are unique

You wont get someone’s token ID when you mint a new NFT.

Native support for ERC1155

Works just like ERC1155 on all NFT marketplaces.

Offers the best of both ERC20 & ERC1155

Native support for ERC20

Works just like ERC20 with all DEXes.

ERC425: Too Early







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