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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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8Bit Chain

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Their Official site text:

8Bit Chain





Our Team




Explore our Ecosystem


Explore Special Staking Pools, DAO & Reward Section.


Testnet block explorer dedicated to analyzing transactions on the 8Bit Chain.


Explore innovative Swaps, ProStake Pools, NFT Staking.


Explore Fundraising Protocol and Launchpad Solutions.


Explore a Trading & Marketing Platform with Innovative Tools.


Explore KYC/AUDIT Protocol with Wall of shame and News Room.


Explore NFT Marketplace, Create and Trade NFTs.


Explore Cross Chain Bridge powered by 8Bit Chain.

8Bit Scan

Explore Block Explorer of 8Bit Chain.

Welcome To The Future Of DeFi

Explore Limitless Horizons in Decentralized Innovation

Mainnet Live

23 Feb, 17 UTC



Average Block Time




Comprehensive Defi Ecosystem


About 8Bit Chain

8Bit Chain is a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem that encompasses a wide range of DeFi products and services. It is supported by its own blockchain infrastructure, ensuring a secure, scalable, and efficient foundation. The ecosystem boasts numerous top-notch platforms, including a decentralized fundraising protocol (ProPad), a DeFi exchange (ProDex), an NFT marketplace (ProGallery), an innovative trading platform (ProTracker), audit and KYC protocols (ProAssure), as well as various other products such as ProBridge, DAO, staking DApp, Farming pools etc. Additionally, 8Bit Chain offers various passive income streams to its holders as a token of appreciation for supporting the ecosystem.

Opening the 8Bit Chain to the World.


8Bit Chain Whitepaper


The Ecosystem


About Us


Welcome to 8Bit Chain, a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem committed to reshaping the future of decentralized technology and finance with transparency, innovation, and unparalleled user engagement.


The Vision of 8Bit Chain is to becoming a lead force in global decentralized finance by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology with traditional financial system. We aim to empower individuals worldwide, foster innovation and collaboration, and create a globally accessible DeFi ecosystem for all.


The Mission of 8Bit Chain is to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi) by empowering individuals, promoting financial inclusivity, fostering innovation, and ensuring security and trust. We aim to achieve this by providing accessible and user-friendly platforms, offering diverse passive Income streams, embracing new technologies, and prioritizing the safety of our users. Our goal is to create dynamic and sustainable DeFi ecosystem that benifits all participants and drives the future of decentralized finance.



Phase 1: Product Development and Launch

* Develop core Platforms, Products and Services.

* Conduct extensive testing and iterations.

* Establish initial partnerships and collaborations.

* Smart Contract Creation & Audit for Wrapped token.

* Rollout of the all the Platforms, Products & Services.

* 8Bit Chain Testnet Live.

* Presale Pool Creation at Pinksale.

* Pre-Launch Marketing campaign.

* wrapped token (w8Bit) launch at PCS.

Phase 2: User Acquisition and Adoption

* An aggressive post launch marketing campaign.

* Expand the user base through targeted strategies.

* Products improvements based on user feedback.

* 8Bit Chain Mainnet.

Phase 3: Expansion and Diversification

* Introduce new features and functionalities.

* Cross-platform integration and interoperability.

* Expand the range of products & services.

* Upgrades to the existing platforms.

Phase 4: Ecosystem Maturity and Scaling

* Further optimize and scale the existing products.

* Foster partnerships and collaborations with key industry players.

* Research and implement innovative technologies.

* Marketing & promotion push.

* New Platforms introduction within the Defi Ecosystem.

* New Roadmap.


Our Team

Jiten (CEO)

Lavkesh (COO)

Arvind (CBO)

Abhi (CFO)


w8Bit ( Wrapped 8Bit Chain )










A Token to Power the 8Bit Chain



0% Reflection

0% Development




2% Reflection

4% Marketing




Passive Income Streams

Reflection (w8Bit)

Earn w8Bit through a 2% transaction tax allocated to generatee reflection reward to all the holders.

8Bit HODL Heist

Diamond hand holders can earn a monthly HODL reward for not selling their tokens during the month.

Earnings Dividend

As rare 8Bit NFT owners, you are eligible to receive a portion of the 10% ecosystem revenue generated throughout the quarter based on your holdings.

Staking Reward

Earn staking rewards by staking your tokens and NFTs.

Farming Reward

8Bit holders can earn passive income by providing liquidity to DeFi pools and receiving rewards in return, augmenting their holdings without active trading.



KYC / Audit Services

8Bit acts as a comprehensive Audit/KYC service provider that enhances the credibility and security of blockchain projects by providing KYC and audit services to project owners. This ensures that projects are well-prepared to meet legal requirements and maintain a high level of trust with their users.

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Development Services

8Bit also offers a range of development services to support crypto projects. These services are designed to assist project owners in building, optimizing, and maintaining their blockchain-based platforms. By providing these development services, 8Bit empowers project owners to bring their blockchain and DeFi initiatives to life, ensuring they are secure, efficient, and capable of achieving their goals.

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Promotion & Marketing Services

8Bit provides a comprehensive suite of marketing and promotional services to boost the visibility, adoption, and success of crypto and blockchain projects. These services are designed to help project owners reach their target audience, establish a strong online presence, and foster community engagement.

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Listing & Collaboration

8Bit Chain offers various services related to listing and promoting projects on its platforms.

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Join the most impactful DeFi Ecosystem in the world.

Email Us : [email protected]


"A Comprehensive DeFi Ecosystem"