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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Happy Pepe BNB

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Site Rank: 215

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Their Official site text:

Public announcement!

Transition from token v1->v2 complete. All v2 tokens were sent to v1 holders.

google spreadsheet


Total Supply:

1,000,000,000,000,000 HPY

Initial Supply:

750,000,000,000,000 HPY

Initial Burn

250,000,000,000,000 HPY


50,000,000,000,000 HPY


Buy fee:

 3% + 2% Burn fee

Sell fee:

 3% + 2% Burn fee

3% Bonus fee (on Bonus hit)

Initial Liquidity:

 locked 3 months




Min. eligible holders:


Max. bonus percent:


Contract address




Powered by

















HPY Price: 0.0


232499 BNB


24h change: 571.51%


Total Supply / MCAP:668,751,292,921 HPY$51,888.87

Liquidity:33,273,905,714 HPY7.7362 BNB

Total Bonus Payout:19,551,292,921 HPY$1,507.40

Available for Bonus:331,248,707,079 HPY$25,539.13

Burnable Tokens:168,979,425 HPY$13.03

Burned Tokens:331,488,707,079 HPY$25,557.63

To Initiate Bonus:100,000,000 HPY$7.71

Bonus up to:1,000,000,000 HPY$77.10

Eligibile Holders:221

How BONUS works:

If you hold at least 100,000,000 tokens, you can receive bonus tokens. Only addresses that have actually bought tokens are eligible for the bonus. Addresses that have received tokens through transfers are not eligible.

During each sell, a random holder is selected, and a random number from 0 to 9 is chosen. If the number happens to be 5, the selected holder will receive the bonus.

Current percentage of the Bonus is picked by random number from 1 to 20.

Min. bonus is 1% up to max. of 20%. The max number changes as holder count changes. But stays 20% when there are more than 50 holders. You can check what funds you are eligbile with if you connect your wallet.

All holders are eligible for the bonus an unlimited number of times.

About burn / mint

Tokens colleted from burn fee are burned.

Tokens that can be minted are minted to holders wallet if bonus is hit.

Good luck ;)



--- Rnd (0 - 9) must hit: 5

Total Plays:






Next Bonus Block:


Next Bonus Overdue:


155 blocks


Last 5 wins

22.10.2023 02:10:130x4db69f8e9062ccf25549b192c633bdb1b07211572%4,592,945 HPYYAY!328254065

21.09.2023 12:02:370x690e9c04bed171320bea7d27f44a9e9d46e4b98b8%776,000,000 HPYYAY!319330465

08.09.2023 02:40:460x147547877b968d9c09b614dab4f8482d1f371c365%20,669,508 HPYYAY!315484645

11.08.2023 04:12:380xd975e5d303ca1c4ae44d2939ec945628ba3439083%291,000,000 HPYYAY!307472215

09.08.2023 04:10:510x0e88d34c76cca0070c826bb2d26a52fe73551fbf13%598,975,000 HPYYAY!307040875

Last 10 plays

16.11.2023 12:40:370x8736b3259b0ebb42bdb69fed0390470b642c4b170%0 HPY335420416

14.11.2023 03:55:260xdc9553bbb5e02f37deeda989c2f746c7ab8cb0b30%0 HPY334885622

12.11.2023 08:28:310x98d8febd603ae744b2256e07b9e4e0889bbd25ef0%0 HPY334222906

12.11.2023 08:26:370xb513ad4c0be3eef84eec0ffac0386ecd42a9d9ee0%0 HPY334222522

12.11.2023 08:24:250x73267343b04e67794a76453ee7a05fbf6bd6e4be0%0 HPY334222087

12.11.2023 08:22:160xfe643b1fe5e14b815c4417740033e54f9e2a92fa0%0 HPY334221653

11.11.2023 02:04:120xd86aa951731e182860955c3fa567bb5973f217e50%0 HPY334002636

10.11.2023 09:31:390x8f1ed73a043e6126ef8d57aa7639ffe8cfb24b4e0%0 HPY333661396

09.11.2023 09:13:280x3e4a5555f0aefd6074d5da8e6b1aa7900b427f670%0 HPY333371837


  BNB: $356.65

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