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Allcoin Review



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Allcoin is an advanced Korean exchange network where trading is of high significance. The site allows you to trade different cryptocurrencies and gives announcement about recent developments in favor of the site. Some of these announcements are;

1. TDT Trading will be first listed on Allcoin

2. IMO and Price Compensation Program is Launched

3. KMC Trading will be listed on Allcoin

4. Tron Trading will be listed on Allcoin

5. Android version of Allcoin is coming.

Each and every announcement displayed on the home page is of benefit to Allcoin platform. However, there are 2 other most important things on Allcoin aside trade, these are; IMO and ALC.

1. IMO: IMO section is divided into segments; “All”, “To Open”, “Processing”, “Succeed”, “Ended”. However, the subscription history on the “All” aspect of IMO, there are 2 activities you will find; ZHIXIN CHAIN and Truedal Token. Both activities have their Total token, Total amount raised and Endtime.

2. ALC: This involves ALC allocation in which Allcoin token is being used to trade on Allcoin having a wide coverage of over a Billion. Out of the 1 billion users of Allcoin, a certain fraction is allocated to users especially as a welcome or invitation package.


1. Customer Service: The customer service on Allcoin is good. You can reach the management through their mail or contact them via their social media accounts.

2. Announcements: They are up-to-date in their announcements and it is strictly for whatever is about to happen or currently happening on their platform.

Pros & Cons
  • Customer service is good.
  • Site has a good design and theme.
  • May be quite difficult to translate to English.