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Reaktor Token

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High Level Outline of Products (The uNhumanly Value Chain)

1. RKR Token

     a. Released on the Ethereum blockchain

     b. Helps the company understanding the marketing conditions for crypto currency

     c. Helps the company practice community building

     d. Used as a medium of exchange for our PC game, Minions of Steel (MoS)

     e. Used as the “winnable” asset in MoS tournaments

      f. Is the first means of communication to help circulate our overarching goals

2. Minions of Steel

    a. Is the pilot PC game from uNhumanly

    b. Is designed to wean traditional gamers onto Web3

    c. Is a FPS with a hybrid RTS component

    d. Is centered on robotics and AI

    e. Deploys the world’s first in game launched tournament system

    f. Deploys the world’s first adjustable in game AI controller for RTS assets

3. TheToken.Agency

    a. The Token Agency is a token and liquidity pool locker with low flat fees

    b. Fee’s for Pools and Tokens locked with The Token Agency, will be shared back into the RKR token liquidity pool

4. uNhumanly GameFi Distribution Platform

    a. Centralized distribution for Web3 games

    b. uNhumanly will take 10% of the sales

    c. Integrates other Web3 projects without coding

5. REAKTOR Coin: The L1 Blockchain

    a. RKR Coin is a L1 blockchain based on Proof of Work (PoW)

    b. An attempt to integrate solidity token contracts (this allows the same type of token contracts as the Ethereum chain)

    c. The REAKTOR L1 will be resistant to “rugging” activity by utilizing an AI that will guard against draining the liquidity of deployed projects

    d. If a project makes a mistake in contract deployment and needs to move the liquidity to another contract, we will facilitate that scenario

6. Player/User Driven NFT System

    a. uNhumanly will deploy an NFT system whereby the users and/or game players can create, manage, price, and sell their own NFTs.

    b. uNhumanly will make special NFTs as well, but the system is designed to be utilized mostly by the end users

    c. The player /end user will keep 90% of their NFT sales

7. Other Products

    a. uNhumanly will deploy other products in support of their overall vision

    b. uNhumanly may deploy products unrelated to blockchain technology

Mission Statement

uNhumanly’s mission is to collide art, technology, and people, to preserve and propel innovation by re-forming and implementing technological advancements that bring happiness, stability, and peace to all that will have it.

uNhumanly LLC: Goal

RKR Token is a single representation of a line of products produced by uNhumanly LLC. The goal of uNhumanly is to further the expansion of cryptographic projects that align with a more decentralized governance of an individual’s everyday life.

To accomplish this, uNhumanly must create a “Value Chain” of crypto related products, which ultimately extend from a customized Tier 1 Block Chain, or, L1 Block Chain.

In our technologically advanced society, people’s lives touch all manner of software applications designed to help them carry on in an advanced world. Word processors, spread sheets, audio software, VPNs, and even the operating system your device is using, are all paid for by you.

Our electronic entertainment applications have been expanding exponentially, with every “service”, like video games and streaming applications, costing more and more every year.

What if companies could earn more revenue and the consumer could lighten their financial output, without giving up their personal details when they subscribe to or use software services and applications? Our solution has the potential to provide this “much needed financial relief.” This is our short term “goal”, with more to follow.

Minions of Steel

The best way to test our claim and GameFi ecosystem, is to provide a real world working example of the application we profess can be made “free” to the public. “Minions of Steel”, or MoS, is our feature consumer application that will prove our methods are viable.  

We will connect MoS to the chain of products that support our claim, and provide it to the public. The public will have options from which they can compare various methods of payment to support their “in game” purchases.

Without hesitation; we believe when the public realizes how easy it is to mine RKR Coin while playing MoS, and they never have to expend traditionally earned capitol to buy “in game tokens” (i.e. swipe a credit card to buy Robux), they will never return to those traditional methods. This method will make software such as video games, completely cost free to the player. It will further extend that value to all software users of any kind.

How to Lighten the Digital Cost: RKR Token & Video Games

RKR Token was created to help spread the word about how Proof of Work can make software applications like video games, free to play. Completely free…

RKR Token will be utilized as a medium of exchange in a PC video game called Minions of Steel (MoS), that is being produced by uNhumanly. MoS is a first-person, hybrid, real time strategy game, that uses RKR Token to purchase in game currency. It is also used as the medium of winnings in the first ever web3 video game with a built-in tournament system that is launchable by the game player.

To help ween the public into the ultimate realization that blockchain can make their beloved video games completely free, uNhumanly has provided three comparative ways for the game player to purchase in game tokens: with PayPal, with RKR Token, and with the uN-miner.


It is very important that game players are given these comparative means of purchasing the in-game token, gRKR. The traditional option, PayPal, offers current non-web3 game players an incentive to play MoS using the more traditionally accepted way to obtain “in game tokens.”

RKR Token

The second method, buying gRKR with RKR Token, helps exercise the understanding of executing a swap using a cryptocurrency wallet. Since RKR Token is deployed on the Ethereum chain and is prone to high gas fees, the end user will receive double the amount of gRKR if they use this swap method over using PayPal.


The third and most efficient method is using the uN-Miner to obtain gRKR. Unhumanly believes that once the player tries using the uN-Miner to receive their in-game tokens, they will never return to traditional methods to obtain in game currency.

Proof of Work: The uN-Miner & gRKR

 The uN-Miner provides a method by which the game player never has to expend any currency in any form, to obtain in game tokens. Since video games on the PC, Xbox and PlayStation already utilize the same technology used in mining crypto currency, there is no cost to the game player to run the miner as they play their games.

Their device is already allocated to the local power grid, and it doesn’t cost anything more to run the miner while the game is being played. The miner collects gRKR for the player which is currently a stand-in token until RKR Coin is released, and simultaneously mines cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, for the company. (When the REAKTOR Coin chain comes online, the uN-Miner will mine RKR Coin for the company and the end users /players.)

Players and users accruing gRKR will be allowed to trade their gRKR for RKR Coin, when the full L1 is deployed. A fair ratio for the conversion of gRKR to RKR Coin will be determined at that time.

The conversion data will have to be calculated against the value of RKR Coin, when more data is available. A conversion date will be set so that the RKR L1 can be exercised for a length of time in order to collect this data for the conversion. We don’t expect this data collection period to exceed one month.

Once the conversion ratio is set, we will notify the holders of the computed ratio, and begin conversion. The end user will be allowed 60 days to create their RKR Coin wallet for the conversion. After the 60 day conversion window, gRKR will be deprecated.

RKR L1 Quick Features


Data Management

uNhumanly practices a data management process whereby the RKR Token contract, and in fact all company related data, is maintained on encrypted drives.

The primary management device is a hardened ruggedized laptop, with network safeguards, that only touches the internet when business needs to be conducted. Such business would include: exercising tokenomics through the contract; sending payments to promoters; sending RKR Tokens to MoS tournament winners; etc.

Backups are taken once a week and cloned to the encrypted external drive. The external drive is stored in a locked vault inside a bank.

The encryption key to unlock the drive(s) is stored in a bank, inside a separate locked vault. The key and the drive are never stored together. The key is etched onto a block of aluminum as paper media deteriorates over time. It is further stored on a USB drive as well.

Selected individual stakeholders will inherit the access to the vaults in case the current responsible party becomes disabled.

Primary Stakeholders:

Jerry Waugh

Beneficiary ID Sealed

Beneficiary ID Sealed


REAKTOR Token is a utility based token and is used as the primary means to enter into MoS tournaments. The entry fee for the tournament is held in a pool until the tournament is over. The winner will receive the pool. uNhumanly keeps $30 worth of the RKR winnings to help offset the gas fee for transfering the winnings to the winners wallet.

REAKTOR Token will release periodic digital comics that tell our story. There will be stories about why RKR exists, its purpose, and stories about the challenges RKR faces moving forward. In this sense, RKR Token exhibits a new type of function that is used to promote and tell a story. The new function is being coined as an Episodic Story Token (EST).

Hyper deflationary token

Weekly burns of RKR Token

Liquidity only used for marketing and promotions until May of 2024

Burns will continue until the deployer wallet holds only 20% of the supply

Tax per any Transaction: Liquidity 1.5%; Reflections 1.5% (changes to taxes will be publicized ahead of any change)

Lottery system, when toggled on, gives traders a 25% chance to pay “0” fees

LP locked until 9/16/2025

REAKTOR Coin Launch Reward: The FIRST 800 RKR Token wallets will be matched to REAKTOR Coin. RKR Token will remain 100% viable, and you can maintain both wallets.

REAKTOR Coin Launch Reward: The next 2000 oldest wallets will recieve 1/4 of their RKR Token holdings as RKR Coin.


Value Chain of Products

Deployed: RKR Token can be used to buy items in the MOS store here: MoS Store

Deployed: ‘Beta’ MoS with Tournaments (Win RKR or gRKR)

Deployed: The uN-Miner allows MoS players to accumulate gRKR and buy ingame items at “no cost”

Deployed: 25% of the locking fee from TheToken.Agency will go to RKR.

Coming: GameFi distribution platform with RKR payment integration for Web3 games

Coming: REAKTOR Coin (A Tier One Blockchain)

Coming: Echo-Z guardian AI that helps prevent rugs on the RKR L1


uNhumanly LLC is the team behind RKR and all of the products that comprise the GameFi Web3 ecosystem for RKR, including the gaming platform. Our team members are encouraged to invent, engage, and inspire audiences. Each team member applies their extraordinary imaginations to develop and bring new possibilities to our applications.

uNhumanly is an American company founded by Jerry Waugh. The company is a remote, distributed developer centrally operated in Huntsville, AL.The members of uNhumanly have extensive software development and management expertise, in both the retail and department of defense industries. Huntsville is increasingly becoming the technology center for DoD applications and commercial software development.

uNhumanly is actively developing and using blockchain technology, creating video games for the PC (eventually all platforms), and is the origin of the Cryptographic Entangled Economy model.

Satoshi Nakamoto started Bitcoin and the “mining” model many years ago. uNhumanly will extend that vision to an economic system that makes it easier for everyone to succeed as a person, as a contributor to society, and as any race or creed.

© 2024 Unhumanly LLC


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