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Dynasty Wars

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Their Official site text:

Game Story

Lorkend Village

Since ancient times, humans have been assigned to protect the Holy Land. Where the gods helped humans and night elves with the knowledge of the universe, planting, raising, building and giving fire. ​

Undead Army

An army of undead demons created by the demon lord to destroy the Holy Land, they drew on another race called the Orcs. 

Mobilize them, through the dimensional portals to attack the Holy Land. After many years, the Orcs and the army of Undead demons were defeated by an alliance of Human factions, the Night Elf faction called the Allied Faction. Surviving invaders are returned to the original gates. Back to their dead land. 

The League

The warriors of Human and Elf entered the temple in the center of the holy land and received blessings. The green village grew back and life was restored as if there had never been a war. These feats are recorded in history books and will be kept for thousands of years to come. 


Race of Humans and Night Elves

Holy Land

In the Holy Land, zoning is evident. In the east, the Humans lived in the great river plains, the long rivers, where the sun shone in every corner. 

Meanwhile, in the western region, the Elves lived in a majestic stretch of mountains, the forest in the land was covered with green color of trees, the green of life. 

They guard the Holy Temple, where every year the Human Race offers sacrifices to pray for a bountiful harvest, no war and a peaceful life.

Race of Orcs and Undead

Death Land

Once upon a time, there was a race that was cursed by a powerful magician, the whole castle in one night was lifeless, everything was in darkness. 

Over time, the old citadel collapsed, the landscape was ruined, only the light of the moon shone down somewhere. But don't let that silence fool you. That castle now has a large number of walking skeletons, probably the people of that castle are cursed. They walked aimlessly, but there were still many undead with intelligence, intelligence, undead transformation. 

Along with the Undead, under the city's underground caves was another race, unaffected by the curse. Orc monsters with large bodies, ugly shapes, wide mouths and fangs. But the number of Orcs increased so fast, that there was no place to live anymore.

How to play?

Holly Land

Dynasty Wars is an NFT Game - Card on the Solana chain. In the world of Dynasty Wars, you will transform into heroic generals of Humans or mighty gods of the Night Elves race to fight to protect the sacred land of Holy Land and Lorkend Village from the invasion of Orc and Undead.

Install phantom wallet and add some SOL to wallet

Download Phantom Wallet or your wallet of choice from the App Store or Google Play Store for free. Desktop users, download the Google Chrome extension by going to 

Buy some SOL from the exchange and send it to your wallet or transfer from another wallet.


Use to buy $DWARS directly from Telegram () or go to listed exchanges to buy some tokens and transfer them to your wallet. Please ensure that you have purchased the required number of tokens to play the game.

Deposit your tokens to Dynasty Wars in-game wallet

Access the link: . Connect your wallet and sign.

On the home screen, click the "Deposit" button. Input the amount of token that you want to deposit to the in-game wallet, confirm and sign when the popup shows.

Wait patiently for a few minutes, the tokens will automatically be transferred to your in-game wallet.

Recruit NFT

To get started on the battlefield, you need to own warriors in the form of NFTs. Click on "RECRUIT" and spend 7 $DWARS to open the box. The rare of warrior cards are randomly generated by our system.

Join the battle

Everything is ready. Don't be late, join the Holly Land army to fight to protect your homeland from the invasion of Orcs and Undead by clicking on "BATTLE" and start fighting.