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Companion Pet Coin

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Road Map




Happy Together

We dream of Korea

without an abandoned dog.

Companion Pet Coin


PATENT NO. 10-1733917 :

Domestic unique DNA pedigree management system.

Companion Pet Coin is the only company in the country that has patented DNA pedigree management systems.

We intend to establish a management system that is easy to manage and manage by using patent technology to make domestic pets’ real name. We will also use blockchain technology to manage registered information safely and transparently once, contributing a little to the task of solving the social problems of the generation of organic dogs.

After the Korean patent, I also acquired the Chinese patent.



2023 4Q : 3 Months X 5,000 dogs X 2 pet world towns = 30,000 wallets

2024 : 12 Months X 5,000 dogs X 2 pet world towns = 120,000 wallts

2025 : 12 Months X 5,000 dogs X 2 pet world towns = 120,000 wallts

2026 : 12 Months X 5,000 dogs X 2 pet world towns = 120,000 wallts

2027 : 12 Months X 5,000 dogs X 2 pet world towns = 120,000 wallts

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