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Cryptolinks - 3500+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Their Official site text:


Remember how we spent countless hours and money playing Mafia Wars, FarmVille, and CityVille on Facebook in high school? Now, you can instantly dive into similar, captivating social games with friends right on your phone – not through Facebook this time, but on your own social graph built in Web3.

It's time to Turn Up.

TURNUP is the world's first Web3 social gaming ecosystem. The platform allows players to engage in various instant games, join forces in guilds, and accumulate valuable assets, all within a Web3 social graph framework. Integrating live chat and streaming features enhances the communal experience, fostering real-time interaction and collaboration. One device and a single URL - this is all you need to TURNUP. 

TURNUP offers a suite of infrastructure and tools for 1st party and 3rd party developers:

Livestream tools 

Instant gaming infrastructure 

Club/guild infrastructure

Cross-platform infrastructure 

SSO wallet tool

In-app AMM / bonding curve infrastructure

Multi-chain support and cross-chain interoperability 

And soon, the Social Gaming Chain, where gamers can enjoy secure instant transactions 

Based on these infra and tools, TURNUP is soon to form the first-ever Web3 social gaming ecosystem featuring the following:

Discovery: the hub where users can explore and find new projects that not only offer thrilling play but also the opportunity to earn.

Connection: redefining how users create their social clubs and guilds. Unlike the 2021 GameFi guild model, our approach is far more inclusive and decentralized. Here, EVERYONE has the power to form their club or guild, fostering a community that's built from the ground up and driven by its members.

Live Streaming: reimagining real-time, interactive community engagement. Inspired by the influential dynamics of Twitch’s gameplay streams and the interactive nature of TikTok's live shopping, we're bringing this power to Web3 communities. Here, users can stream and passionately promote their favorite things, relishing in a space free from censorship worries.

Playing: Web3 gaming should be fun, engaging, and rewarding; in TURNUP, we cut the BS of downloading gigabytes of files and demand 4090 graphic cards. We let users play instantly, play socially, and earn by playing proactively and passively.


The TURNUP ecosystem provides consumer utility and social access, which allows users to discover, consume, and build across multiple game genres and titles. The in-house app store provides access to a secure and organized platform that benefits players by offering a wide range of games, facilitating easy updates, providing a safe environment, and enhancing overall accessibility and convenience in the gaming experience.

TURNUP focuses on three main aspects:

Discovery: As displayed below, users can enter the app, discover various games, and play without downloading or leaving the TURNUP app because they are features of progressive web apps. Along with games, users can find creators, streamers, and other app users building their social graphs using Turnup’s live-streaming and creation tools.

Chain Agnostic Approach: All your game multi-chain game assets can be accessed within one dashboard. Sign-in is as simple as using your existing social login (Google account and Email) without needing a web3 wallet. The assets do not need to be bridged or transferred to multiple platforms for use. The efficiency of having the game assets under one roof allows players and users to focus on their experience rather than the logistics.

Social: TURNUP allows players to create their clubs or join existing clubs on the platform. Boost Your Social Status. Forge Connections. Build Your Social Empire. Connect with like-minded individuals and enjoy exclusive content, services & experiences.

A universe of web3 games that can play and earn instantly
The TURNUP ecosystem features an app store that acts as a decentralized, secure, and organized platform that benefits players by offering a wide range of games. This one-stop platform provides an extensive collection of games catering to diverse player preferences. 
Key Features Include
App Store For WEB3 Games: A comprehensive hub where users can explore and play a wide range of Web3 games. 

Effortless Updates: Automatic, hassle-free updates, enhancing player experience.

Enhanced Security: We prioritize a safe gaming environment, ensuring peace of mind for our users.

Cross-Chain Accessibility: Facilitates seamless integration across different blockchain networks, enhancing convenience.

One Stop Shop Access: Streamlines the process of acquiring game assets, making them readily available and easy to manage. Seamlessly acquire game assets with our platform's streamlined process. Your gateway to effortless access and easy management—giving you the edge to conquer the gaming realm!
​Instant Gaming
Introducing instant gaming through Progressive Web App.
TURNUP's platform is a progressive web app, accessible from both desktop and mobile, without App Store or Google Play review or revenue share. 
The progressive web app brings many benefits to the TURNUP ecosystem, including:
No Revenue Share
Freedom & Creativity for Developers
Efficiency Gains
Enhanced User Experience
Accessibility & Reach
Engaging Features
Security Measures
Data Protection
games instantly with different clubs and earn digital assets
TURNUP’s ecosystem revolutionizes gaming by enabling instant play without any need for installation or downloads. Join various creator and community Clubs, or take the lead and start your own. Engage in thrilling PvE and PvP game modes, competing against rival clubs. Celebrate your Club’s victories with a share of digital rewards. It’s gaming made seamless, social, and rewarding.
Experience gaming like never before - efficient, secure, and conveniently accessible, all within the TURNUP ecosystem.
Wide Game Selection 
The TURNUP ecosystem offers an array of games, each tailored to different tastes and interests. This ensures that every club member finds games they enjoy.
Starting with 'Crypto Trillionaire,' the ecosystem allows players to use their assets and rewards across all games within the TURNUP platform. This enhances the gaming experience by adding value and versatility to every win and achievement.
Regular New Releases 
To keep the gaming experience fresh and engaging, new games are introduced bi-monthly to provide additional content and engagement for the players continuously.

On TURNUP, Club Keys are your passport to an expansive network of Clubs, opening doors to a world where you can play games, earn rewards, collaborate, and strategize alongside a global community of players. 

Gain immediate access to your favorite creators, expand your social graph, and increase your exposure. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, and immerse yourself in exclusive content, services, and experiences designed for the like-minded. It's more than just a game; it's a community and a lifestyle

Live Stream
Publicly to everyone or privately only your club members
TURNUP empowers creators to unlock their creative potential, enabling them to monetize their passions and connect with fans on their terms. 

Whether it's broadcasting to the world through public live streams for maximum engagement or hosting exclusive, gated streams for Club Members, TURNUP offers the flexibility to tailor your outreach. It's about giving creators the power to choose how they connect, share, and shine.
Diverse Content Sharing & Community Building with Monetization Opportunities:
Public Streams
Private Streams
Multi-Host Live Events
TURNUP’s Live Offering Feature

An idle strategy game introducing Club Wars in which you join a club or create your club to strategically complete PvE missions and engage in PvP battles to earn $LFG.  
How To Play
Join Clubs
Join a Club or start your own & play games with or against other Clubs
Complete PvE Missions
Complete simulated Club missions to earn $LFG!
PvP Battle Rival Clubs
Engage in Club battles & loot $LFG from rival Clubs
Earn $LFG
Trade Keys, Complete Missions, Win PvP Battles, Earn from Club Activities & More
Climb The Leaderboard
Stack your Club's unclaimed $LFG to climb the TURNUP Learderboard and maximize your $UP points earnings