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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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If your website is on the scam list and you think that you are not a scammer, contact us. After you provide us with all the proof that you are in Crypto World with good intentions, we will delist you. Usually, you get in this category because you are hiding your team, you have a bad reputation(you are tricking, deceiving, scamming people), and you haven't got a written project whitepaper or is a shitty one....

Their Official site text:

BabyBNB Introduction

The baby of BNB, nothing can be more BULLISH!

In the context of the crypto market, a "bullish" investor is one who believes that a particular cryptocurrency or non-fungible token (NFT) will rise in value. This confidence is often seen when the market is experiencing growth and gains are being made.

Our mascot named "CowZ" is a little baby bull that loves the Binance Smart Chain and its native token BNB. Also, its name is a reference to the former CEO of Binance and prominent player in the crypto industry named CZ.  

How can you not be bullish? This is literally the baby token of BNB and the team is determined to make it live up to its name. Let's bring back MEME season with BabyBNB! 

Not bullish enough? Well the team will bring massive utilities to the project and make a complete BabyBNB ecosystem. This is a long-term project, not a short-term pump and dump. Backed by an extremely experienced team that have the network and experience as they have been in the crypto space for 4-5 years already! The team which includes Martina, have already delivered 200-300X projects in the past before. 

Socials / Important




Twitter / X




Presale Link


Buy Link

Please make sure you are using the official links that are stated here. Be aware of potential scammers trying to mislead you.

Why BabyBNB?

Be ready or miss out.

There are multiple reasons why BabyBNB will kick-off the MEME season of 2024. Mainly because of the bullish narrative it is making in the scene by being the first Baby of BNB. We all know that the BSC is the main meme chain in crypto, and BabyBNB is celebrating that.

The Vision: The BabyBNB team believes that crypto should be both taken serious and be FUN at the same time. That is why the team is making this long-term meme project that combines a serious approach by building an entire ecosystem and a FUN approach by making it a meme type project.

The Mission: Realising the vision is our primary goal. The team will work tirelessly to create an ecosystem where investors may discover both significant income potential and enjoyable activities.

Why will BabyBNB be a success? 

- Experienced Developers: there is a team of experienced and reputable developers that have done projects before which achieved 200-300X from presale stage. We know what we are doing and will use our expertise to make BabyBNB a success too.

- Safe Project: The team works together with Coinsult a top-tier Web3 security and development team. They will make sure the contract is of high-quality and is properly structured for optimization. Furthermore, the contract is audited to make sure it is secure for investors. 

- Hype Narrative: BabyBNB a name that sounds super Bullish. We will kick-off the new meme-season with a BANG. Becoming the next big MEME project is not an easy task but we will make sure it will work. 

- Big Ecosystem: The team will be working on creating a complete ecosystem for investors where they can find great investing opportunities and to have an enjoyable time. More about the ecosystem can be found here. 

- Whitelisted Sale: We will be having a whitelisted sale of NFTs that will give access to the WL presale on Pinksale. The raised funds will be used for Marketing, Buybacks, CEX Listings and more things that will help make the project succeed.

We are strongly convinced of the project success. However, keep in mind that nothing is financial advice and that you should do your own research before investing.

The Presale / Launch Phase

The presale will consist out of two major steps in a whitelisted NFT sale and a whitelisted presale on Pinksale. People who buy the NFTs will get their address whitelisted for the presale on Pinksale. 

The list of whitelisted addresses will be based on the addresses that hold an NFT. Make sure to use the same wallet for joining both the sales.

The team has decided to keep the hardcap of the presale on the lower side. This because the team prioritizes, lower liquidity and big buying pressure upon launch. This will make sure the project has the potential to reach the 200-300X highs as achieved in previous projets by the team. 

Funds raised in the NFT and Token sale will be used for marketing, buybacks, CEX listings and more things that will help benefit the projects success. The team of BabyBNB will join the whitelisted sale on Pinksale as well as there will be no other team tokens available.

Here you can view the NFT and Presale information:

Total NFTs Available


NFT Buy Price

1.5 BNB

Presale Whitelist Buy


The Ecosystem

The BabyBNB ecosystem will become HUGE in the crypto industry.

The team will be working on creating a complete ecosystem for investors where they can find great investing opportunities and to have an enjoyable time. More about the ecosystem can be found here.  

Staking Dapp: There will be a staking dapp available where investors can stake their tokens for a set APY. The longer the investor stakes their tokens, the higher the APY is that they will receive. * Keep in mind that the information here is subject to change.



7 Days


14 Days


30 Days


Influencer Dashboard: The team will create a dashboard where influencers can promote their services. They can create a profile page where they can share information about their services, share their calls and becomne more known in the BabyBNB community.

BabyBNB Decentralized Exchange: There will be a BabyBNB decentralized exchange where everyone can swap tokens, provide liquidity and farm tokens. Every ecosystem will have some sort of Decentralized Exchange and so will BabyBNB. 

NFT Marketplace: Similar to OpenSea, the BabyBNB team will an NFT marketplace where Non-fungible tokens can be shared, bought, and sold. We are convinced that there will be a new hype for NFTs in the upcoming bull market. 

Whitelist MEME Launchpad: The team will be creating a meme-focused decentralized launchpad for meme projects. There will be no fair launches but only whitelisted sales, which investors can join. Furthermore, every sale on the launchpad needs to be working with a trusted incubator so the project will be a success.

Do you have more ideas for the BabyBNB ecosystem? Then please feel free to share your ideas with the team. 


The future of BabyBNB is bright!



Phase 1: 

The Start of BabyBNB

Concept Creation

Website Development

Contract Creation

Smart Contract Audit

Logo Creation

Opening of the Socials

Phase 2: 

The Build

Building a community

First Marketing Campaign

Whitelisted NFT Sale

Whitelisted Presale


Staking Development

Launch Marketing

Phase 3:

The Launch 

Last Marketing Push before launch

Listing on DEX

Listing on CEX

DEX Platform Trending

CMC & CG Listings (Fast Track)

Phase 4:

The Expansion

Asian Marketing Campaign

More CEX Listings

More Partnerships

Staking Dapp Live

Ecosystem Expansion

5000+ Holders

Phase 5:

The New Big MEME

Marketing Campaing #4

CEX Listing $BABYBNB because of high volume.

20.000+ Holders

Full Ecosystem Launch 

There can be continuous updates / changes to the Roadmap. So make sure to keep following the socials, so you never miss an update.