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What is Vector Reserve?

The core objective of Vector Reserve is to harness optimized liquid staking and liquid restaking yields to introduce a diversified, risk adjusted reserve currency built on ETH, offering market leading yield. It does this by harnessing ETH, and associated Liquid Staking Tokens (LST) and Liquid Restaked Tokens (LRT) to create a diversified treasury of  in traditional ETH/LST or ETH/LRT LPs, which can earn a further yield boost via EigenLayer's . The end result is a diversified, fully collateralized basket of optimized ETH yields in the form of ; providing both a best-in-class yield experience for users, but also driving significant value to the VEC reserve currency. 

vETH: Maximizing Yield and Stability

vETH is a novel DeFi primitive designed to expand the composability of liquidity positions, while taking advantage of the stable nature of stable-pair LPs (examples would be a USDT/USDC pair, or in our case, any ETH derivative paired with ETH). When you pair a native asset with a derivative of the native asset that is fully backed, Impermanent Loss (IL) ceases to be an issue for yield generation, meaning the backing of vETH cannot diminish - only increase. The concept of the LPD means that vETH can act essentially as an LST, with the same price peg to ETH, albeit with substantially higher returns. 

VEC Token: The Growth Engine

The VEC token acts as the cornerstone of Vector Reserve, and is designed to consistently accrue value via mechanisms designed to enable a robust and theoretically increasing backing and price floor. This is achieved through a strategic reserve of diversified assets, accumulated from bond sales, transaction taxes, and a portion of the yields generated via vETH. 

Sustainable Economic Approach

Vector Reserve is designed to counteract the pitfalls of traditional reserve currencies in DeFi, such as inflation and over-reliance on bonding for growth. By focusing on generating real revenue through innovations tied to robust and proven ETH yields, it solves a number of previous challenges in establishing a sustainable and scalable economic model for ETH backed reserve currencies. Unlike other reserve currency projects, bonding and volume are not the sole drivers for revenue - vETH is only the first product designed to drive increasing value to the Vector Reserve. 

Innovations and USPs

Vector Reserve's technical innovations and value proposition lie in its groundbreaking , advanced staking methodologies, dynamic liquidity management, strategic treasury operations, and sustainable tokenomics. This mix of carefully considered architecture choices is designed to create a stable, sustainable, and growth-oriented reserve currency that mitigates the challenges faced by predecessors.

Liquidity Position Derivative (LPD)

vETH is the first LPD in the DeFi sector. This novel DeFi primitive takes the concept of traditional DeFi derivatives and applies them to ETH/LST and ETH/LRT liquidation positions (LP) across multiple asset positions and chains. The vETH LPD itself is a basket of yield bearing ETH denominated LPs, intrinsically linking the value of vETH to ETH, with the unique benefits of best in class yields (boosted over traditional singular LSTs via trading fees and/or relevant emissions).

Superfluid Staking on EigenLayer

Vector Reserve leverages the concept of  through EigenLayer. This approach allows for the restaking of LP tokens on EigenLayer. The innovation lies in its ability to compound the power of traditional liquid staking and liquid restaking, whilst continuing to enable a more flexible and efficient use of staked assets. Superfluid Staking not only enhances yield potential but also contributes to the overall stability of vETH and the security of Ethereum and the EigenLayer AVS network itself.

Responsive Liquidity Management

As opposed to giving exposure (and risk) to a singular yield bearing ETH derivative, Vector Reserve utilizes a responsive liquidity management strategy. The protocol actively adjusts its positions in liquidity pools based on market conditions. This dynamic approach to liquidity provision allows Vector Reserve to maintain the stability and value of vETH, ensuring its market value stays aligned with its intrinsic worth, whilst also ensuring it also achieves the best available yields in the market.

Advanced Treasury Management

The treasury focuses exclusively on ETH-centric opportunities, ensuring collateralization, stability, long-term sustainability, and optimized ETH yields. Strategies include rebalanced ETH/LST and ETH/LRT LPs, with the potential to further boost yields where appropriate via opportunities such as lending markets or CDPs that are also underpinned by ETH or ETH derivatives. In this way Vector acts as an optimized, risk adjusted index for ETH yields, adding utility for vETH, and value accrual for VEC.

Sustainable Tokenomics with VEC

The majority of DeFi projects are plagued by the challenges of balancing incentives with sustainability. The issuance of VEC at a discount, contingent on its trading above backing, introduces a sustainable model that encourages liquidity provision while gradually increasing VEC's vETH-denominated backing. This mechanism ensures that VEC's value is not just speculative but grounded in tangible economic activity within the Vector Reserve ecosystem.

Vector ETH (vETH)

Vector ETH (vETH) sits at the heart of the Vector Reserve ecosystem, and relies on the unique . It is a tokenized asset or index of ETH denominated Liquidity Positions (LP) against Liquid Staked Tokens (LST) and Liquid Restaked Tokens (LRT), that encapsulates both ETH and additional yield-generating opportunities. vETH is a critical component in Vector Reserve’s strategy to provide a sustainable, risk managed, and high-yielding asset for DeFi market participants.

Functionality and Design

vETH is engineered to closely track the value of Ethereum while offering superior returns. It is an ERC20 token created in exchange for deposits of ETH or ETH-denominated derivatives into LPs. The design of vETH allows it to serve dual functions: providing liquidity in the form of LSTs and contributing to the liquidity of the VEC token. This dual utility makes vETH a versatile and valuable asset offering standalone superior yields and value accrual for VEC.

Yield Generation Mechanisms

The yield generation of vETH is multifaceted, deriving from several sources within the omnichain Ethereum ecosystem and is calculated as per the formula below. These include:

LST and LRT Yields: vETH holders benefit from the yields generated by LSTs and LRTs within Vector Reserve’s LPs and treasury.

Trading Fees and Emissions: Participation in various LPs across multiple chains and DEXes enables vETH to accrue trading fees and emissions, enhancing its yield potential.

​: Utilizing EigenLayer's Superfluid Staking, vETH allows for the restaking of ETH LPs, further amplifying the yield opportunities beyond traditional staking methods.








Market Correlation and Stability

A key characteristic of vETH is its near-identical beta to ETH, ensuring that it retains a strong correlation with ETH market movements. This feature is crucial for investors who wish to maintain exposure to ETH price dynamics while benefiting from the added yield of vETH. Additionally, Vector Reserve's liquidity management strategies ensure that vETH remains stable and aligned with its underlying value, offering a reliable investment in the often volatile DeFi market.

Strategic Role in Vector Reserve

vETH is more than just a high-yield asset; it plays a strategic role in the overall Vector Reserve ecosystem. Aside from offering diversified, market leading ETH yields, it also serves as a cornerstone asset that supports the value and stability of the VEC token. By providing a sustainable source of revenue and enhancing the reserve backing of VEC, vETH is instrumental in the long term growth and sustainability of the Vector Reserve protocol.

The LP Derivative (LPD)

The Liquidity Position Derivative (LPD) represented by vETH, represents a dynamic index of ETH and ETH denominated Liquidity Positions (LP) in a singular token (vETH). By leveraging the underlying and LP yield of Liquid Staked Tokens (LST) and Liquid Restaked Tokens (LRT) and boosting it with additional yield from , trading fees and yield strategies, vETH is able to offer the highest, most diversified ETH yield on the market. 

How LPDs Work

LPDs are tokenized assets that derive their value from the underlying Liquidity Positions (LP); ETH/LST and ETH/LRT pairs in the case of vETH. LPDs are minted in exchange for the pairing and deposit of ETH and yield bearing ETH derivatives into LPs. This unique approach allows LPDs to not only mirror the value of the underlying asset but also to offer diversified exposure through a singular asset (vETH) to manage risk, and generate superior yield when compared to singular ETH derivatives.

Advantages of LPDs

The Vector Reserve LPD offers a number of diversified benefits, that are typically unavailable in current singular DeFi offerings. These include:

Enhanced Yield Opportunities: LPDs offer returns that surpass holding the underlying asset alone. This includes income from trading fees, staking rewards, and emissions.

Diversification: LPDs provide exposure to a range of ETH exposure, spreading risk across multiple platforms and strategies, unlike single-strategy investments.

Flexibility and Liquidity: LPDs maintain the liquidity of the underlying asset while adding layers of utility and yield potential, offering investors both stability and flexibility.

Market Correlation: LPDs like vETH maintain a close correlation with their underlying ETH denominated assets, providing deep liquidity, stability and improved yield.

LPDs and Risk Management

LPDs offer a more balanced risk profile compared to direct asset holdings or single-strategy investments. By distributing exposure across various DeFi activities, they mitigate risks associated with individual platform or strategy failures. This risk management aspect is crucial for investors seeking stable yet profitable DeFi opportunities. vETH is a rare innovation in DeFi that offers both optimized yield on a highly liquid asset, without compromising on stability and sustainability. 

The Role of LPDs in Vector Reserve

Within Vector Reserve, vETH functions as a cornerstone asset that stabilizes and enhances the protocol's overall value. Through vETH, Vector Reserve can offer participants the benefits of ETH market performance coupled with diversified, high-yield DeFi strategies. A portion of the yield is also diverted to increase the backing price of VEC, thus creating a sustainable, circular ecosystem that drives continued value accrual and treasury growth for the protocol as a whole. 

​Superfluid Staking

Superfluid Staking is a novel approach where, instead of restaking native ETH or ETH Liquid Staked Tokens (LSTs) in EigenLayer, participants stake a token that symbolizes a mixed pool of assets – specifically, Liquidity Position (LP) tokens. These LP tokens represent a share of the total liquidity in a DeFi exchange, such as Uniswap or Curve. This mechanism enhances the utility and yield-generation potential of staked assets, represented via vETH, ensuring participants remain liquid with a yield bearing ETH proxy.

How Vector Reserve Implements Superfluid Staking

In the Vector Reserve ecosystem, Superfluid Staking is implemented by restaking the underlying LP positions backing vETH via EigenLayer. This specific staking method allows for the restaking of ETH that is already in an LP. This involves staking an LP token that's part of a pairing with ETH (in the case of Vector Reserve, ETH paired with Liquid Staked Tokens (LST). This then follows a similar yield transfer pattern from DeFi to EigenLayer, further boosting vETH yields. 

Benefits of Superfluid Staking

Superfluid Staking is just one overarching part of the vETH yield mix. However, it is a particularly innovative and forward looking approach that offers an increase in yield, setting vETH apart from the competition and creating a strong USP in attracting substantial deposits. 

Increased Yield Opportunities: By staking LP tokens, Superfluid Staking allows for the simultaneous earning of liquidity pool rewards and staking rewards. This dual earning stream significantly boosts the overall yield potential.

Enhanced Liquidity: Unlike traditional staking, which often locks up assets, Superfluid Staking with LP tokens ensures that liquidity is maintained, providing greater flexibility for investors via  liquid, yield bearing vETH.

First-Mover Advantage: As an early adopter of Superfluid Staking, Vector Reserve offers unique liquid yield opportunity that is not yet widely available in the market, and thus positions the protocol to attract significant deposits hunting for optimized ETH yields.

Collateralization of vETH

The collateralization of vETH is a cornerstone in ensuring the stability and reliability of the protocol. In the Vector Reserve ecosystem, the collateralization process is designed to underpin vETH with a robust and tangible value basis denominated in ETH and highly liquid ETH derivatives , ensuring that it remains a secure and dependable asset that is always fully collateralized, highly liquid, and soft pegged to the values of the underlying assets.

Mechanism of Collateralization

vETH is collateralized primarily through ETH and ETH-denominated derivatives. This collateralization process involves tokenizing these assets into vETH on a 1:1 basis, creating a direct link between vETH’s value and the underlying Ethereum assets:

ETH Backing: The primary component of vETH's collateralization is ETH itself. This direct backing by ETH not only ties vETH's value closely to ETH but also ensures a high degree of security and trust in vETH’s inherent value.

ETH-Denominated Derivatives: In addition to direct ETH backing, vETH is also collateralized using various ETH-denominated derivatives. These derivatives, part of Liquidity Positions (LP) within the Vector Reserve, add an extra layer of yield generation and value support to vETH.

Advantages of Collateralization

Aside from the obvious necessity of fully collateralized assets, the vETH collateralization approach offers some specific benefits that lay the foundations for vETH to be utilized as a highly liquid, stable and fungible asset across DeFi:

Market Confidence: The 1:1 collateralization of vETH with ETH and its derivatives instills a high level of market confidence in vETH. Investors can trust that vETH is not only backed by tangible assets but also benefits from the stability and growth potential of ETH.

Stability in Valuation: The direct link with ETH ensures that vETH’s value remains stable and reflective of the underlying assets’ worth. This stability is crucial in the volatile DeFi market, making vETH an attractive option for risk-averse yield seekers.

Enhanced Liquidity: Collateralization with liquid assets such as ETH ensures that vETH remains highly liquid. This liquidity is vital for investors who seek assets that can be easily traded or converted across multiple DeFi integrations.

Role in Vector Reserve’s Ecosystem

The collateralization of vETH not only supports the value and stability of vETH but also reinforces the overall economic structure of Vector Reserve. The backing of vETH with ETH and its derivatives creates a reliable foundation for , contributing significantly to the protocol’s growth and sustainability, and the long term objective to make vETH the premier ETH derivative in use across DeFi on multiple chains. 

Stability Mechanisms

In the unpredictable and volatile crypto markets, maintaining stability is crucial. Vector Reserve employs a variety of mechanisms to ensure the stability of its native , vETH. These mechanisms are designed to manage volatility and maintain the peg of vETH to its underlying assets, primarily ETH, ensuring fair, measurable value and yield for users. The methods employed have the added benefit of generating yet more additional yield for the protocol.

Arbitrage Opportunities for Peg Maintenance

A primary mechanism for maintaining the stability of vETH is the exploitation of arbitrage opportunities, by capturing differences between the market price of vETH and its intrinsic backing price. This arbitrage mechanism aligns the market value of vETH with its actual backed value:

Responsive Arbitrage: The system dynamically responds to market discrepancies, allowing for quick adjustments to maintain the peg of vETH as detailed by the formula below.

Market Efficiency: It also allows for the opportunity for any market participant to capitalizing on these arbitrage opportunities for their own benefit, in turn keeping vETH peg in check.




Yield Management for Value Support

Vector Reserve strategically manages the yields generated from various DeFi activities to support the stability of vETH. Based on the  strategy these diversified yields support the overall value of vETH and in extreme cases can be used to support the peg stability of vETH.

Diversified Yield Sources: The multiple sources of yield provide a diversified income stream, which adds a layer of stability to vETH.

Reinforcement of Peg: The consistent flow of yield helps in reinforcing the peg of vETH to its underlying assets.

Responsive Liquidity Provision

Vector Reserve actively manages its Liquidity Positions (LP) in response to market conditions. Not only is this best practice to ensure diversified, risk managed, and optimized yields, it is also a key component in stabilizing vETH's value against the underlying positions.

Dynamic Liquidity Adjustments: The protocol can adjust its position in LPs based on market dynamics, to adjust the market behavior of vETH in line with underlying assets.

Balanced LP Participation: By participating in a balanced manner across various pools, Vector Reserve ensures that vETH remains a stable and attractive asset with diversified risk.

Collateralization and Redemption Mechanisms

The  with Ethereum and ETH-denominated derivatives is a fundamental stability mechanism. In extreme market conditions, Vector Reserve employs redemption mechanisms to align vETH’s market value with its intrinsic worth.

1:1 Collateralization: vETH is 1:1 backed by tangible ETH and ETH derivatives (that can be considered some of the most robust assets in DeFi), providing a solid foundation for its value.

Redemption in Black Swan Events: In these rare cases, the protocol can enable redemptions, where the underlying assets are returned in exchange for vETH, ensuring price parity.

vETH Staking and Utility

The utility of vETH is diverse.  As an asset it offers enhanced yield, optimized and diversified exposure to ETH, liquidity provision capabilities, governance participation, plus access to emissions where available. In addition vETH may be staked for additional yield sources, as detailed below. These utilities position vETH not just as an investment but as a key tool for engaging with and benefiting from ETH. The goal is to position vETH as the most widely adopted ETH derivative on the market. 

Enhanced Yield Generation

The primary utility of vETH lies in its ability to generate enhanced yields. By participating in various yield strategies, including liquidity provision, trading fees accrual, and , vETH offers an opportunity to earn higher returns compared to simply holding ETH or other ETH derivatives:

Diversified Income Streams: vETH opens up multiple avenues for ETH income generation via the singular vETH, making it an attractive asset for yield-focused investors.

Superfluid Staking Benefits: Holders of vETH benefit from the innovative Superfluid Staking model, which offers additional staking rewards while maintaining liquidity.

Exposure to Ethereum’s Market Movements

vETH maintains a close correlation with ETH, offering its holders exposure to the price dynamics of ETH. This feature is particularly appealing to investors who want to benefit from ETH market performance while also enjoying the added yield from vETH’s yield.

Market Correlation: Holders of vETH can enjoy the growth potential of Ethereum while gaining additional returns, or even create delta neutral yield opportunities.

Risk Diversification: By combining ETH exposure with diverse yield strategies, vETH provides a balanced risk profile, mitigating the risk exposure to singular ETH derivatives.

Liquidity Provision and Trading

In line with the goal of making vETH the premier, most liquid, and highest yielding ETH derivative, vETH will be integrated with blue chip DeFi protocols to enable further utility across liquidity provision, money markets and trading venues: 

Enhanced Market Liquidity: vETH contributes to the overall liquidity of the ETH ecosystem building the foundations for adoption and integration with wider omnichain DeFi.

Trading Flexibility: The ability to utilize vETH for a range of opportunities (such as leverage or lending) offers holders flexibility and utility to use vETH as a optimized yield bearing ETH proxy.

Access to Advanced DeFi Strategies

Alternatively, vETH serves as a gateway for access advanced DeFi strategies implemented by Vector Reserve. This includes exposure to cutting-edge staking methods and liquidity management techniques, that are beyond the scope of the average user:

Innovative Financial Tools: vETH holders can benefit from the latest developments and yield opportunities in DeFi, simply by holding vETH.

Educational Value: For those new to DeFi, holding vETH offers an educational insight into complex DeFi strategies and the future of Ethereum.

vETH Staking for Additional Yield

Staking vETH allows participants to accrue a portion of the platform’s fees, enhancing the yield that may be achieved by holding vETH, as well as creating sticky Total Value Locked (TVL), as vETH holders stake vETH to optimize yield as their ultimate ETH yield accumulator.

Additional Real Yield: Beyond the platform fees, stakers also benefit from the real yield accrued through Superfluid Staking in the . 

Strategic Advantage: The dual-income stream from platform fees and LPD real yield positions vETH staking as a highly rewarding opportunity for investors seeking optimized ETH yield.