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Cryptolinks - 3500+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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Baby Jerry

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If your website is on the scam list and you think that you are not a scammer, contact us. After you provide us with all the proof that you are in Crypto World with good intentions, we will delist you. Usually, you get in this category because you are hiding your team, you have a bad reputation(you are tricking, deceiving, scamming people), and you haven't got a written project whitepaper or is a shitty one....

Their Official site text:

Welcome to BabyJerry Whitepaper

BabyJerry Whitepaper will provide investors with basic and detailed information about the project. Please read the entire whitepaper to become a member and top investor of BabyJerry!

Overview of BabyJerry 

BabyJerry is the continuation of Jerry Inu's story in 2023, BabyJerry will carry out Jerry Inu's unfinished missions bring investors on a new journey and become a "billion-dollar marketcap project". If you missed Jerry Inu, BabyJerry will be your chance to change your position and become one of the pioneers in BabyTrend!

Why BabyJerry?

Jerry's Journey!

Jerry is an image associated with our childhood and is still a familiar image to children around the world. BabyJerry will reach everyone with even more cuteness and will be the cutest symbol in memecoin!


BabyJerry joins BabyTrend, BabyTrend only truly begins when BabyJerry joins, a perfect plan, a strong team, and a supportive community will make BabyJerry the leader and symbol of BabyTrend!

Strong Team! 

We are pleased to say that the BabyJerry development team has developed a project that reached 10 million Marketcap during the Bear Market (2023). In 2024, BabyJerry will be a new achievement for the team and mark BabyJerry's name in the market!

Perfect Marketing Plan! 

The team has never rested on its laurels, we continuously absorb more knowledge and experience in the market. BabyJerry is the team's passion project and we are implementing it with all our might. Join us to see the team's crazy plans!

BabyJerry's Security

Security is always a top issue in the market, so the BabyJerry team always prioritizes contract security issues. With BabyJerry, the team commits that 100% of contracts are safe and absolutely confidential, in addition, the team has been audited by Analytix - the leading auditing organization today.

You can check the audit report at:

During the development of BabyJerry, the team will continue to carry out in-depth audits by leading organizations to bring a sense of security to old investors and attract more large investors who Always put the security factor of an investment project first. Next will be Certik!


Burn: 51%

Presale: 33%

Liquidity: 16%

Total supply: 420,000,000,000,000,000 BabyJerry

Contract Address: 0x9e45EA5A1ed98aa7Ce138bd52145EdF0Da88add4


Phase 1:

Landing Page UI/UX

Audit Smartcontract

Marketplace NFT Release 

Presale On Pinksale  

Phase 2:

Launch On Pancake

Marketing Postlaunch

CoinGecko Fasttrack

CoinMarketcap Fasttrack

All DEXs Trending

Phase 3:

Trending Socials

Huge Buy Events

CEXs Listing

Big Partner Collab

Utility NFTs 

Phase 4:

Baby Jerry Dapp

Baby Jerry AI

Baby Jerry Wallet 

Baby Jerry Payment

Baby Jerry Brand

Baby Jerry Shop