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Cryptolinks - 3500+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Their Official site text:

What is ApeBond?

Jump in to sustainable DeFi with ApeBond

ApeBond is a multi-chain bonding protocol committed to building a sustainable DeFi future for projects and communities, overseen by the ApeBond Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 

Our community and partners can tap into the next generation of financial innovation through our bonds in a secure, transparent, and globally accessible way.

To get started with ApeBond: 

Join by interacting with our community, using our DeFi platform, and purchasing our native utility token, ABOND.

Swap between different cryptocurrency tokens on multiple chains using our Multi-Chain DEX aggregator powered by LiFi.

Earn tokens by staking your assets on Farms and Staking Pools

Purchase Liquidity Bonds with Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens to receive an NFT that represents discounted tokens that vest over time.

Purchase Reserve Bonds with blue chip tokens or stablecoins to receive an NFT that represents discounted tokens that vest over time.

Crypto projects can partner with ApeBond to:

Grow their Liquidity through Liquidity Bonds by selling NFT-vested tokens at a discount in exchange for Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens.

Diversify their treasuries through Reserve Bonds by selling NFT-vested tokens at a discount in exchange for blue chip tokens or stablecoins.

Receive advisory services from our team.

Network with our robust partnership ecosystem.

Co-market with us to acquire new users.

Whether you're new to crypto or a DeFi veteran, ApeBond has the tools and the community to support your decentralized finance needs.

Get Started

New to ApeBond? Learn the basics with our  section.

Need instructions on a specific feature of the ApeBond platform? Check out our .

Looking to get in touch with the team? Hop over to .

Want to keep up with the latest ApeBond news and updates? Join our .

I'm New Here

Welcome! This section is intended to help you get up to speed on decentralized finance (DeFi) and navigate ApeBond's platform, including our Bonds, Utility token, Multi-chain DEX, and Earning opportunities.

New to DeFi?

If you have some crypto experience, but are new to DeFi, skip ahead to our .

New to ApeBond?

For quick links to specific functions of the ApeBond platform, visit the .

DeFi Glossary

If you own or have traded cryptocurrency before, but never used a decentralized exchange, staked in a pool, yield farmed, or tried any of the other services DeFi has to offer, this guide is for you. These are some of the most important concepts to understand to take advantage of the financial opportunities in DeFi.

Key Terms


Short for "decentralized finance", a catch-all term for financial services that are provided on public blockchains by leveraging smart contracts, including swapping tokens, adding liquidity, staking in pools, yield farming, and more. 

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

A protocol that uses smart contracts to allow users to swap between crypto tokens without a centralized intermediary. 

Automated Market Maker (AMM)

An automated market maker is a type of DEX that uses a mathematical formula to price assets, rather than using an order book model of bids (buyers) and asks (sellers) typical in traditional finance on centralized exchanges. 


To trade some amount of one token for an equivalent amount of another token.


The extent to which an asset is available to be bought or sold. In the context of a DEX, the amount of crypto tokens that can be traded for one another. 

Liquidity Pool

A combination of two crypto assets in a smart contract that allows a decentralized exchange to facilitate trading between the two tokens. 

Liquidity Provider

Someone who adds liquidity to a protocol by supplying (generally equal) amounts of two crypto tokens to a liquidity pool. 

LP Token

Short for "liquidity provider token," a new token that is created and granted to a liquidity provider as a "receipt" of the liquidity that they added to a liquidity pool. 


The act of depositing crypto tokens that you own into a protocol or smart contract to earn rewards. 

Yield Farm

A product that allows users to stake LP tokens to earn tokens as a reward. Yield Farms incentivize users to add liquidity to a DEX so that the DEX can continue to facilitate token swaps between the two tokens in the liquidity pool.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

The rate of return on staked assets, exclusive of the effects of compounding. These are subject to change based on a number of different factors.

APY (Annual Percentage Yield)

The rate of return on staked assets including the effects of compounding. 

Mission & Vision


ApeBond’s mission is to provide sustainable financial opportunities for both crypto users and projects in a transparent, accesible, and secure way. 


We aim to decentralize traditional finance and help build a fair global economy through a sustainable, community-driven DAO.


Accessibility: We create tools for users to leverage DeFi opportunities, regardless of background, wealth, or experience.

Transparency: We build together through community-driven governance and transparent processes that ensure our users are aligned with our collective goals.

Security: Our highest priority is to maximize the safety of our users' funds, our partner projects, and our community. Check out the  section of this documentation for more information.

Sustainability: We aim to revolutionize DeFi with a sustainable approach, instead of predatory practices which only look for short-term benefits.

Our Promise

Every member of ApeBond’s dedicated and experienced team is committed to furthering our mission and vision for the future of finance.

If you’re interested in learning more about ways that you can contribute to ApeBond, please visit our .


General Details

Ticker: $ABOND

ABOND is the primary native utility token of the ApeBond ecosystem. ABOND ties holders with the protocol like never before.

Token Contracts

Contract Address



BNB Chain (BEP-20)





Token Utilities 

Exclusive Bonds: ABOND opens the door to special token-gated Ecosystem Bonds.

veABOND: Lock ABOND to get veABOND. Lock longer to get more veABOND. veABOND unlocks additional exclusive utilities, which you can check in the link below.

How Do I Get ABOND? 

Users can purchase ABOND tokens using BNB Chain on the  page starting Dec 12th 2023. Before then, the only ways to get ABOND are:

Migrate BANANA/GNANA to ABOND through the .

Pre-purchase ABOND at a discount through the .

Visit the  page to learn more.


veABOND stands for vote-escrowed ABOND. veABOND cannot be transferred. The only way to obtain veABOND is by locking ABOND. Locking for a longer period grants additional veABOND.


Emissions Control: veABOND holders with a minimum amount of veABOND can participate on on-chain governance to direct the Ecosystem Fund emissions toward their chosen Ecosystem Bonds.  More veABOND equals more voting power. Users can 'bribe' other users to get their votes.

Governance: Participate in traditional off-chain governance to determine the DAO's future. More veABOND equals more voting power.

Discount Boost: With veABOND you can access greater discounts on Bonds, enabling you to get tokens at an even lower cost based on your veABOND holdings. More veABOND equals a higher additional discount.

Special Bonds: Exclusive access to Ecosystem Bonds and the upcoming Launch Bonds are available only to holders. Get higher launchpad allocations by holding more veABOND.

Real Yield: Ecosystem Bonds and the liquidity generated from them distribute all their revenue as Real Yield directly to veABOND holders.

What is Future veABOND?

You can acquire the "Future veABOND" token by participating in the . This token can be exchanged for veABOND with a 2-year lock-in period once we introduce veABOND.

Future veABOND token contract address:

How to get veABOND

Further details will be provided and updated accordingly.


As of 12/12/2023

Migration (39.1%): Needed for the Migration. Matches the amount of BANANA locked one to one.

Ecosystem Fund (15%): A replacement for our current MasterApe, meant for allocating ABOND towards the growth of the protocol (e.g., Bonds).

Multiplier Buffer (14.9%): The amount needed to ensure everyone can migrate without being diluted.

Fundraise (10%): An allocation for fundraising.

Treasury (10%): For recurring marketing and operations expenses.

Team (5%): Allocated for the development of ApeBond. Has a 3-year linear vesting.

Bonus Bucket (5%): Additional rewards for those who choose to lock their BANANA for a longer period during the migration process.

Initial Liquidity (1%): Needed to provide Liquidity Pools for the newly migrated token.

How To Get ABOND

You can acquire ABOND through CEX Fund Bonds too, please check it out

Follow the steps below to buy ABOND thorough Swap page:

1) Connect your wallet to ApeBond (for instructions, visit the  page). 

2) Click  on the nav bar. 

3) Select the token and enter the amount you'd like to trade for ABOND. If you are attempting to trade a token for the first time, you will need to approve the token contract within your wallet using the Enable button before trading. The other amount will be automatically pre-filled. 

4) Check the details to ensure the values are accurate, and click “Swap”. 

5) Click Migration on the nav bar. 

6) Enter the amount and select the Vesting Term. If you are attempting to migrate for the first time, you will need to approve the Migration bond contract within your wallet using the"Approve Contract" button before migrating.

The longer the lock you select, the higher the Multiplier Boost & Lock Bonus allocation.

7) Check the details to ensure the values are accurate, and click “MIGRATE!”. 

Done! You now own a Migration Bond. The applicable NFT will show up under the "Your Migration Bonds" section below, and output tokens will begin vesting over the amount of time shown on the Bond.

Claiming Vested Tokens

Once you own a Migration Bond, you'll see Claim and View buttons on each Bond. You can claim any vested tokens from an individual Migration Bond using the Claim button.


Are you involved with a crypto project that is ready to grow with the support and mentorship of a dedicated, experienced team? ApeBond would love to chat with you! 

As the most connected and most supportive Bonding protocol in crypto, our strengths include:

Premier customer service 

Strong relationship building 

Robust DeFi experience

Top tier marketing

Problem solving

Strong tokenomics

Sustainable vision

It’s simple: your success is our success, and we work tirelessly to guide and advise you so that your project can realize its full potential. 

When you join ApeBond, you join a team and a family. Once you're part of the Jungle, your project can tap into our entire product suite and our core benefits, including:

Advisory services

Networking with our 200+ partners

Marketing as a Service

Liquidity health analysis

Find out why top projects like , , , and many more have chosen to work with ApeBond! 

Next Steps 

Here’s how to unlock the benefits of the Jungle and join the ApeBond family: 

1) Fill out the ​

2) Pass due diligence with our team 

3) List your token on the exchange 


Questions About ApeBond? 

Check out our  for tutorials on how to use the ApeSwap platform.

Having An Issue?

If you're experiencing issues when using ApeBond's features, try these steps first:

Refresh the page

Clear your browser's cache

Restart your device

Try another RPC (for more info, review )

Need Further Assistance?

User Support for ApeBond is available through our fantastic community admins! 

If you’re experiencing issues, we recommend reaching out to our team in the  channel of our Discord server. 

If you choose to reach out via Telegram, be aware that our admins will NEVER contact you asking for personal information or for funds.

Our team members and admins will NEVER DM you first! 

Never, under any circumstances, give someone your private key/seed phrase/recovery key!