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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Starship Has Finally Made it to The ETH Space

While Elon Musk directs his attention to launching actual spaceships, Starship has set its sights on launching meme coin projects on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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CA: 0xc1ecfaf43c53bec9b9143ab274f35603fd10b886

About us

Introducing Starship, the crypto token that shot into the crypto galaxy with meteoric speed, launched on Binance Smart Chain right after Elon Musk's electrifying tweet exclaiming "Starship is ready to take off!" While Elon Musk directs his attention to launching actual spaceships, Starship has set its sights on a different frontier: catapulting meme coin projects into the stratosphere of the crypto world. Now, this cosmic endeavor has transitioned to the Ethereum Blockchain, bringing its interstellar ambitions and meme coin magic to a broader audience. As the crypto universe continues to expand, Starship stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities and innovation within this exciting digital frontier.

Why Starship is The Best of its Kind?

The Ultimate Choice: With its combination of user-friendliness and its low cost, Starship emerges as the top pick for smooth crypto projects launch.

Experienced Team

We have an experienced team of developers, designers, and community managers that has collectively been involved with successful projects in the space.

Huge Marketing Strategy

The team behind StarShip is well-connected to marketers, platforms, big players and many more, allowing them to make an impact in the cryptocurrency space.

User-Friendly Interface

Utilize the tool effortlessly, catering to both experienced developers and crypto enthusiasts.

The Community

$SHIP community is built to show our support and love to SpaceX's launchs of StarShip. Elon is the CEO of Space and he has been tweeting about StarShip a lot. The first launch of StarShip (20th May 2023) was quite successful. Elon said the next Starship launch will happen in 2 months. $5SHIP is a community driven token and we have many investors here who sense huge potential.



Built on a verified safe contract, $SSHIP ensures the utmost security by eliminating any possibility of unauthorized mints or hidden functions. Moreover, LP is locked and the ownership has been renounced, solidifying its commitment to a decentralized ecosystem.

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Total Supply



Starship RoadMap

Phase 1

Stealth launch

100 holders

Website V1 released

Buy Contest with small marketing such as trending

Phase 3

AMA tour with Telegram/Twitter Crypto community

Starbase V2 released

Website V2 released


CMC CG listing

etherScan info updated

Logo on Trust Wallet shown

Discuss with first CEX listing

1k holders

Phase 5

10k holders

Twitter Space with big names

Celebrity Partnership

Dogecoin + Shiba Inu partnership

Listing on MEXC, Huobi

Press Release

Phase 2

Shilling Contest

Listing on different coin website

CMC CG applied

etherScan applied

Dextool/AVE info updated

Partnerships with Telegram influencers and Twitter influencers

Binance live AMA

Phase 4

First CEX listing

3k holders

Starbase V2 released

Eth Buyback and burn event

Youtube + TikTok marketing

Daily Community AMA

Join Starship Community!

[email protected]

[email protected]