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Community First - Tokenized Shares



What is Communis?

Communis is an ERC20 token on the Pulsechain & Ethereum network that is distributed to Hex Stakers as an incentive to stake better. Anyone who has shares from an active stake can mint their own Communis.

Why is Communis important?

Not only is Communis minted based on the shares of your stakes but it is also done exclusively to long term stakers and to those who actually fulfill their staking commitment. 

How is Communis distributed?

Communis is introduced through five methods: 

Start Bonus

End Bonus

Good Accounting Bonus

Restake Bonus

Staking Communis Bonus

Any currently active stake may qualify to mint these bonuses

(explained further below.)

Forever in mind.

Communis aims to run alongside Hex to instill positive staking habits in the community

Your influence in Communis is directly reflected from the number of Shares you have from your stakes and for how many days. 

Completely read-only. No wrapping stakes, No Encapsulating stakes.

Mintable only to stakes whose ownership can be provably signed for.

No admin keys and no additional Origin Address

No extra found-me-first bonuses.

Tokenized shares given only to long term Stakers

Any currently active stake may qualify to mint through the following methods of Minting:

Mint Start Bonus

For beginning the commitment to your stake.

Mint End Bonus

For fulfilling the commitment of your stake

Mint Good Accounting Bonus

For cleaning stale shares

Mint Restake Bonus

For Restaking and maintaining your shares

Mint Staking Communis Bonus

For holding Communis

Start Bonus


5% - 25% of End Bonus

Based on 180 - 5555 staked days


Minimum 180 staked days

Must be in a locked and active state


Payout % reduced depending on the distance between your stakes Share Rate and the current Global Share Rate at time of Start Bonus Mint

Penalty Example

First its important to understand that the global share rate is constantly increasing as time moves on creating a wider gap between when you started your stake and now.

Lets say the rate at which the stake was started was 100,000

100.000 stakes share rate / 100.000 global share rate = you keep 100% of Start Bonus payout. 

100.000 stakes share rate / 200.000 global share rate = you keep 50% of Start Bonus payout. 

100.000 stakes share rate / 400.000 global share rate = you keep 25% of Start Bonus payout. 

Start Bonus - FAQ

Why can a 180 day stake mint the Start Bonus and not End Bonus?

The goal is to introduce Communis to a wider group of stakers and entice them to become a long term staker (365 days).

When and how many times can I receive the Start Bonus?

One time per stake anytime after it has been locked. 

Do old stakes qualify?

Any stake that has not been ended may qualify.

This means that stakes started on day 3 and are still active qualify,

Why is there a penalty for waiting to mint the Start Bonus?

To encourage minting the Start Bonus as soon as possible.

End Bonus


100% of available payout minus % Start Bonus already minted

Stake shares uncapped & recalculated for staked days above 3640


End Bonus must be minted before stake is ended through Hex

Minimum 365 staked days

Must fulfill 100% of staked days commintment to mint

Must mint within 37 days of stakes Due Day

Must have Staked Communis greater than or equal to accumulated End Bonus Debt


Payout is reduced depending on number of staked days.

50% of every End Bonus payout is accumulated as End Bonus Debt.

Penalty Example

365 staked days / 5555 possible staked days = you get ~6.5% of End Bonus payout. 

3650 staked days / 5555 possible staked days = you get ~65% of End Bonus payout. 

5555 staked days / 5555 possible staked days = you get 100% of End Bonus payout. 

An End Bonus payout of 100,000,000 adds 50,000,000 into your End Bonus Debt.

End Bonus - FAQ

Why require stakes to be for 365 days for the End Bonus?

The goal is to entice people to stake for 365 or more.

By removing stakes below 365 days long it makes Communis exclusive to only those who benefit Hex the most as well as remove short term stakes from having influence within Communis.

Do I have to wait the entirety of my stake to mature for the End Bonus?

Absolutely. This means that Communis minted is Communis earned.

Why limit to only 37 days to mint the End Bonus?

37 days is about 1/10th of a year.

This was chosen to further entice good behavior in staking Hex and increase the rarity of all Communis.

What does "Uncapped" and "Recalculated" actually mean?

In Hex you are given a longer pays better bonus for staking for the longer you stake.

This bonus is capped at 3640 days or about 10 years. 

In order to properly reward stakers who have staked longer than that time the cap has been removed.

If you have a stake that is longer than 3640 days you will see that your Recalculated shares are higher than your native one from hex.

How exactly is the payout minted if I already minted the Start Bonus for my stake?

If you have already minted the Start Bonus for your stake then your End Bonus will simply give you the rest of your stakes available payout as Communis.

For example, Your Start Bonus was 10% of your stakes available payout.

That means your End Bonus will be 90% of your stakes available payout thus reaching a total of 100% no matter what your start bonus % was.

Good Accounting Bonus


1% of shares

Anyone can mint any other amount of expiring stakes


Mintable after 37 days of stakes Due Day

Must have Good Accounting ran on stake through Communis smart contract

Cannot have had the End Bonus minted for the same stake.



Good Accounting - FAQ

Can I mint anyone else's stakes that are overdue by 38 days or just my own?

You may mint anyone else's stakes that are overdue by 38 days through the Good Accounting Bonus and the Communis will show up as your own.

Can someone who ran the Good Accounting Bonus still get their Start Bonus after?

Yes even if someone ran the Good Accounting bonus on an expiring stake the owner of that stake may return to mint their Start Bonus themselves but not their End Bonus since the grace period of 37 days has gone past.

Why does the Good Accounting Bonus mint only 1% of shares?

The thought was End Bonus mints 100% Start Bonus mints 10% (@ 365 days) and Good Accounting Bonus mints 1%. Factors of Ten.

One person may also mint as many other stakes as they like so 1% per stake can add up.

Is there a time limit for how old an expiring stake can be for the Good Accounting Bonus?

As long as it has not had the End Bonus minted and is 38 days past its due day there is no time limit.

Restake Bonus


Doubles % of next Start Bonus

(20% - 50% of End Bonus)

Based on 365-5555 days staked


New stake minimum 365 staked days

Must fulfil all Restake Bonus obligations:

New stake must be started after your highest End Bonus payout day

New stakes Staked Days must be greater than to the highest End Bonus staked days, unless at max staked days

New stake shares must be greater than or equal to cumulative shares from End Bonuses

New stake shares cannot be more than double to cumulative shares from End Bonuses




You minted two or more End Bonuses, each stakes shares add up to 1 t-share in total with a highest staked days between them of 5554.

( .5 tshares @ 365 days, .5 tshares @ 5554 days )

You start a new Hex Stake which has between 1-2 tShares and with 5555 days staked

On your next Start Bonus you choose Restake Bonus

You recieve double the Start Bonus, A 50% payout.

Restake Bonus - FAQ

What is the purpose of the Restake Bonus?

The goal is to entice people to maintain their shares in Hex.

By rewarding people who are staying in the Hex ecosystem you reward those who understand and respect the concept of Shares.

Explain the End Bonus Debt system in Communis.

Every time someone mints their End Bonus Communis keeps track of that stakes shares and staked days.

This is done to have restaking bonus done in a read-only manner.

If you mint the End Bonus against 5 stakes that total 100 tShares then you must create a single hex stake that is at least 100 tShares but not more than 200 tShares.

Is there a time limit to getting the Restake Bonus?

There is no time limit but minting consecutive End Bonuses will put you further into share restake debt.

Why force the next stake to be at least one day longer than the previous?

This introduces the thought of "how much longer ?" so that the chance of restaking much longer is at least introduced.

Does the Restake Debt ever go away?

After you fulfil your restake debt obligations and mint your Restake Bonus your Restake debt is removed until you mint more End Bonuses.

Staking Communis Bonus


5% APY of total staked Communis 

1.25% payout every 91 days (Quarterly)


Must have more Communis staked than accumulated End Bonus Debt.

Payouts begin after accumulating End Bonus Debt


You can withdraw any time you want.

You can only stake Communis when you mint your Start Bonuses or End Bonuses.


Since staking Communis can only be done with each new Start Bonus or End Bonus. You have to ensure that you keep your staked amount higher than any End Bonus Debt you have accrued.

Failing to maintain this stake amount you will not be able to mint further End Bonuses you may have otherwise been entitled to.

Your new End Bonuses may be used to get you out of debt as staking Communis occurs before checking if you have enough staked. This means you can always run at a deficit so long as you meet prior debt obligations but you will not be able to mint the quarterly Communis Staking Bonus.

You may always mint Start Bonuses. If you are in debt by any amount you may climb out of a deficit by starting new stakes and staking the Communis that may come from the Start Bonus.


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