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GrokAlitaWhitePaperA new economic closed loop creates the world’s largest unilaterally risingdecentralized trading platform

1. What is Web3.0? Web3.0, built on the foundation of blockchaintechnology, represents a decentralized, trustless, and

permissionless next-generation internet. Users no longer needto trust centralized institutions but can rely on code logic toensure strict adherence to various protocols. Its core featureisthat data ownership belongs to the user. Each user cancontrol

their identity, data, and assets, thereby mastering their destinyand future. This will initiate a new digital era, breakingthemonopoly of giants in Web2.0 and creating many newbusinessmodels. Web3.0 has the following characteristics:  Ownership: Users can control their data and digital assets onthe internet.  Trustless: Independent of third-party intermediaries.  Permissionless: Open-source code, resistant to censorship, andfreely accessible.  Globalization: Assets freely flow globally.  Interoperability: Data is publicly transparent and openly shared. 2. The Ecosystem Structure of Web3.0 Web3.0 encompasses

various domains including entertainment, e-commerce, social

networking, finance, and banking. Almost every applicationtype

one can think of is launching a Web3.0 segment. Componentslike Defi, NFT, DAO, Metaverse, GameFi, and Exchange, whichform the underlying architecture of Web3.0, are actively

integrating and innovating. The biggest highlights of Web3.0are its anti-monopoly stance, platform independence, anduser


(此图上面是 Web1.0、Web2.0、Web3.0)

3. GrokAlita: Building a New Ecosystem Exchange for Web3.0 Societal needs have

propelled the development of technology, which in turn has led to the birth of neweras. The human society's demand for information development led to the birth of the internet, pushing humanity into a vibrant and opportunity-rich digital information age. The burst of

the internet bubble gave rise to Web 2.0, contributing unparalleled economic growth inareas like information consumption and content creation. This represented a significant

era in human evolution, bringing new ways of working, consumer information, and

progress in human civilization. Web 3.0 is hailed as a technology paradigmdriven by thecreator economy and represents the next transformation of the internet. Web 3.0 needs tobe rebuilt with a focus on technology, architecture, design, and talent participation toachieve a decentralized internet. GrokAlita, as a model of exchange aggregation in the

ecosystem, is committed to boosting the development of the real economy. It aims toempower the construction of a new financial system in the Web 3.0 era, helping everyone

to trade in a faster, safer, and more affordable way in the age of

Web3.0. Three Major Advantages of the Platform

1. Price Stability: On the ALITA decentralized trading platform, the priceof all project tokens will not fall. 2. Unique Trading Mechanism: Unlike PancakeSwap and Uniswap, wherebuying leads to a price increase and selling to a decrease due toa singlepool system, ALITA Exchange operates differently. All users can launchtheir own projects on the ALITA platform, including startups andteams. The SEAL TOKEN exchange's native design is deflationary miningoutput.  Most mining projects in the market are inflationary, leadingtoanincrease in circulating tokens and eventually a downwardspiral intoken prices. On the ALITA platform, no tokens are in circulationat the initial issuance of any project. Tokens mined and cashedout are immediately destroyed, meaning a decrease in market

circulation and a deflationary effect, leading to a continuous andlong-term price increase. 3. Project Incubation Platform: The smart contract of the ALITAproject

incubation platform is open-source and permissionless. Any project canissue tokens on the platform, and the platform renounces control. Thereis no withdrawal permission for third-party LP tokens or other tokens

stored in the contract, ensuring no control by individuals or centralizedinstitutions. All issued tokens by a project must be 100%depositedintothe contract, with a fixed system allocation (70% LP pool, 30%miningpool), resulting in zero market circulation.  Investing in mining yields a 1% daily return in gold standard, akinto buying a mining machine with a one-year lifespan. After ayear, the machine stops producing. This mechanismdoes not favor

early or late participants, avoiding the issue of hash power

weight seen in Bitcoin mining where early miners gain more, andlater participants face a prolonged ROI period. Basic Information of Platform Token

 Tokens are destroyed upon realization, entering a "black hole".  Total token supply is 77.77 billion.  Compared to conventional cryptocurrencies, GrokAlita trading platformtokens have more attributes and uses, including but not limitedto:

1. Serving as a medium for crowdfunding on the trading platform. 2. Acting as a transaction fee within the platform, usually withadiscount. 3. Used as on-chain fuel after the platform's decentralization, akinto paying transaction fees to miners. 4. Participation in platform activities, such as candy distributionandpromotional events. 5. Acting as a medium for trades, paired with other

cryptocurrencies. 6. Realizing certain investor rights, like buybacks, priority in newcoin offerings, and profit-sharing. Team Introduction

 Edmund, Co-founder, has 18 years of experience in technology financeand 12 years in crypto industry management. He has managed multiplefund institutions and participated in early private placements of popular

projects. He now fully oversees and participates in the global

development strategy and long-term planning of GrokAlita tradingplatform, guiding global investment construction.  Christopher, CTO, with over 15 years of computer programmingexperience and 6 years in crypto industry-related technical architecturedesign, system analysis, product development, platformconstruction,

and performance optimization. As the CTO of GrokAlita, he is

responsible for the overall technical development direction and

oversees the implementation and effectiveness of the technology

strategy.  Damek, CMO, has 12 years of traditional finance marketing experienceand 8 years in the crypto market. As CMO of GrokAlita, he oversees theplatform's marketing philosophy and market planning based on his

extensive experience; he develops marketing strategies and

implementation plans to ensure comprehensive and flexible market

solutions for GrokAlita.  Caedmon, CFO, an RFP and CFA certified financial planner with over 15years of experience in finance and corporate financial management, andmore than 10 years in capital operation management. He is responsiblefor the overall financial strategy deployment and capital operationmanagement of GrokAlita. Planning and Development

1. Comprehensive Product Ecosystem: Includes cryptocurrency spot

trading, contract trading, forex trading, NFT digital collectibles, chaingames, open market makers, quantitative trading and copy tradingcommunities, open institutional seats, PoC-based mining, DeFi, wealth

management, asset management, fund management, digital banking, and credit card services. 2. Win-Win Partner Ecosystem: GrokAlita plans to establish an

entrepreneurship accelerator structured around a research institute, incubator, and ecological fund.  Research Institute: Focused on blockchain technology anddigital

currency economics research.  Incubator: Mainly for incubation and investment, empoweringtop blockchain and digital currency talents, enterprises, andcommunities.  Ecological Fund: Based on the social impact fund establishedbythe platform, not solely focused on high investment returns, serving both the platform and the entire ecosystem. 3. Vision and Goals of GrokAlita Trading Platform: Committed tocreating a new financial system for global users, breaking down barriersin cryptocurrency, and lowering the trading threshold for derivatives. Adhering to a value system of safety, excellence, and innovation, GrokAlita aims to provide outstanding liquidity and low trading costs, enabling users to achieve their investment goals swiftly. The one-stopservice allows users to freely allocate global assets and enjoy an

ultimate trading experience.

4. Value Belief of GrokAlita Trading Platform: Committed to creatingan ultimate trading experience, GrokAlita believes in the responsibilityof the brand and in conveying social responsibility, striving to be themost competitive and vibrant enterprise. GrokAlita plans to launchcontract trading in 2024 and form a technical team. The Web3 workinggroup will also be launched, covering the entire industry layout: wallet, socialfi, gamefi, RWA, etc. The deployment and testing of Wallet

technology and team formation will be completed in 2024. GrokAlitaaims to become a mainstream exchange by 2025, serving as a

springboard to the next bull market. Disclaimer

1. Disclaimer: This document is for information purposes only. The

information herein does not constitute investment advice, intention, or

inducement. Any similar proposal or solicitation will be made under

trustworthy terms and applicable securities laws. This document is

neither a call for buying or selling securities nor any formof contract or

commitment. GrokAlita clarifies the risks to users, and investors

accepting the risks are responsible for any consequences. GrokAlitadoes not bear any direct or indirect losses incurred fromparticipationinthe project, including economic losses due to user transactions, errors,

or inaccuracies due to personal understanding, or losses fromtradingvarious blockchain assets. 2. Risk Warning:  Security: Many digital asset services have ceased operations dueto security issues. Although GrokAlita places great importanceonsecurity, absolute safety is not guaranteed.  Competition: The future of DEFI in the blockchain industry is

promising but competitive. GrokAlita