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Their Official site text:

Frencoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic System for the Creation and Transfer of Frens


30 APR 2023

Frencoin is designed to make Frens.

Thank you to the Bitcoin and Ravencoin developers. Frencoin was launched based on the hard work and continuous effort of over 430 Bitcoin and Ravencoin developers who made over 16,500 commits by the date of the Frencoin code fork. Thank you frens for making a secure network and for your support of free and open source software development.

Abstract. Frencoin is a blockchain and platform optimized for making frens and for one fren to send another fren lots of frens. Based development and testing on the UTXO model of the Bitcoin and Ravencoin protocol, Frencoin is built on a fork of the Bitcoin and Ravencoin code. Key changes include a block reward time of 30 seconds, a change in the number of Frens issued, Dogecoin distribution and halving time schedule, possible future addition of token creation, and possible future messaging capabilities. Frencoin is free and open source. All Frencoin (FRENS) are fairly issued and mined publicly and transparently using Proof of Work (POW) using the KAWPOW algorithm which was created for Ravencoin. There is no private, public, founder, or developer allocation set aside. Frencoin is intended to prioritize security, user control, privacy, and censorship resistance. It is open to use and development in any jurisdiction.

1. Introduction

Frencoin is designed to make lots of frens.

2. Background

If it is Proof-Of-Work then it is Proof-Of-Fren.

3. Quotes and Ideas

“The better part of one's life consists of his frens.” ― Abraham Lincoln

4. Frencoin Launch and Algorithm

Frencoin was announced on May 7, 2023 and code was released for building the nodes for mining or making frens.

5. Additional

Other projects can use this chain. Second layer solutions, particularly those being built for projects which share the code base of Bitcoin can be built on the Frencoin project. RSK, the Lightning Network, confidential transactions, and other scalability improvements, etc. to various open source projects could benefit projects built on this platform.

6. Conclusion

Frencoin is a platform coin built on the UTXO model of Bitcoin and Ravencoin. Modifying Bitcoin code to make frens seemed unlikely, but Frencoin is a platform built from a code fork and issuing newly mined FRENS. Frencoin will possibly be adding tokens, rewards, unique assets, messaging, and voting however most importantly Frencoin makes frens. The code base is designed allow users and developers to maintain a secure, decentralized, and tamper resistant network.

The Frencoin project can also serve as a base and starting point for projects, second layer solutions, experiments, and business ideas which might benefit from either the Bitcoin-based code base with adjustments or the native additional features added to the Frencoin blockchain.

References to inner workings and previous fork history.