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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

by Nate Urbas

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If your website is on the scam list and you think that you are not a scammer, contact us. After you provide us with all the proof that you are in Crypto World with good intentions, we will delist you. Usually, you get in this category because you are hiding your team, you have a bad reputation(you are tricking, deceiving, scamming people), and you haven't got a written project whitepaper or is a shitty one....

Their Official site text:

Project & Ecosystem

One of the main issues cryptocurrency projects face is the lack of continuous volume. This problem dampens marketing and development during low-volume days/weeks or even months. SANTA CHRISTMAS INU solves this by hedging a portion of the marketing wallet into Yield bearing assets to generate additional income that can be used to develop further, Market, and in the future, reward holders with BSC through SANTA CHRISTMAS INU . long Term vision is to dominate the metaverse ecosystem (SANTA CHRISTMAS INU verse). We plan to have Land in the various ecosystems on Binance Smart Chain and other blockchains, Develop unique experiences, and generate revenue from advertising on said lands.


The Roadmap for SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  is designed to provide investors with a clear vision of the project’s development. The team is currently working on integrating more assets into the platform, as well as expanding its global reach. Additionally, they are continuing to improve the user experience while adding new features. Furthermore, the SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  team is actively exploring new partnerships and collaborations to expand the utility of the token. Finally, they are looking to increase awareness of the project and its offerings by engaging in marketing and PR activities.

Phase 1:

Stealth Launch


Social Media set up: Twitter, Facebook and Telegram

Influencers & Youtubers

White Paper


Phase 2:

Listed on Coinmarketcap

Listed on Coingecko

Partnership with Marketing Agencies

American, Asia, Europe marketing

Treasury Department Reserves

Phase 3:

New Partnerships

New Exchange Listing CEX

Staking Platform


Community Voting DAO

Large Marketing Campaigns


The SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  Swap is a secure and reliable platform for investors to easily swap their tokens. It is powered by a peer-to-peer protocol, allowing users to securely and anonymously exchange tokens without having to trust a third party. Additionally, the swap is integrated with the SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  Multi-Chain Staking Pools, allowing investors to quickly and easily stake their tokens and earn rewards. It is easy to use and accessible to all investors, regardless of their experience.The swap is also highly liquid, allowing investors to quickly and easily convert their holdings into other digital assets. Furthermore, the platform has low fees, allowing investors to maximize their profits. Finally, the SANTA CHRISTMAS INU Swap is backed by the SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  team, providing investors with peace of mind that their funds are safe and secure.Using the SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  Swap is relatively straightforward. First, investors will need to connect their wallets that hold their BNBcat Tokens to the SANTA CHRISTMAS INU Swap. After that, they can select the tokens they wish to exchange and set their own exchange rate. Once the transaction is complete, the tokens will be credited to the investor’s wallet. Finally, the investor can use the tokens to stake and earn rewards.The SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  Swap has several features that make it a great platform for investors to exchange their tokens. These include:

1.Secure: The platform is powered by a peer-to-peer protocol, allowing users to securely and anonymously exchange tokens without having to trust a third party.

2.Easy to use: The swap is easy to use and accessible to all investors, regardless of their experience.

3.Low fees: The platform has low fees, allowing investors to maximize their profits.

4.Variety of tokens: Investors can exchange a wide variety of tokens, allowing them to diversify their portfolios.

5.Integrated with SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  Multi-Chain Staking Pools: The swap is integrated with the SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  Multi-Chain Staking Pools, allowing investors to quickly and easily stake their tokens and earn rewards.


The SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  NFTs are limited-edition, exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that tell the story of SANTA CHRISTMAS INU NFTs. They are built on the Ethereum blockchain and use the ERC-721 standard, which allows for the creation, ownership, and transfer of digital assets. SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  NFTs are more secure, immutable, and transparent than traditional digital assets, providing users with a secure way to create and trade digital assets that are unique and cannot be replaced.

Each SANTA CHRISTMAS INU NFT can be purchased with $SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  tokens. All purchases will include a 10% fee, 8% of which will go to a staking pool and 2% will be burned from the total circulating $SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  supply. The NFTs come in three tiers of varying prices and staking APYs. Holders of these NFTs will also be able to stake their tokens and NFTs in a designated staking pool, earning $SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  a daily basis. These unique, one of a kind art pieces are full strips of comic books that capture SANTA CHRISTMAS INU ’s journey as he fulfills his destiny to bring decentralization and freedom across the world.

Buying SANTA CHRISTMAS INU NFTs is a great way to support the community and have access to unique digital art that can’t be found anywhere else. Additionally, owning NFTs can be seen as an investment, as they are often seen to increase in value over time. Furthermore, it’s a great way to show your support for artists and the art form in general.

The benefits of purchasing SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  NFTs are: 

Unique Investment Opportunity: Investing in SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  NFTs is a unique opportunity for investors to gain exposure to a wide range of digital art, collectibles, and virtual assets.

Diversification: As an investor, diversifying your portfolio is a key part of mitigating risk SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  NFTs allow you to diversify your portfolio beyond traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

Appreciation Potential: SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  NFTs have the potential to appreciate in value over time, just like traditional investments. As the demand for digital assets increases, so too does the value of SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  NFTs.

Liquidity: SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  NFTs are highly liquid, meaning they can be sold quickly and easily on marketplaces such as OpenSea. This makes them a great option for investors who may need to access their funds quickly.

Transparency: All SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides a permanent, immutable record of ownership and transactions. This provides investors with the peace of mind that their investments are safe and secure.

Staking and Farming

The SANTA CHRISTMAS INU Farm is a secure and reliable platform for the safe and secure storage of digital assets. The Farm provides a range of trading services, allowing users to trade digital assets with one another. The platform also offers a variety of tutorials and support services to help users navigate the platform. The SANTA CHRISTMAS INU farm allows users to generate a yield from their crypto assets. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to earn passive income from their digital assets. The platform opens up access to new markets and opportunities, allowing users to earn rewards in real time.The platform allows users to stake their digital assets for rewards. This is done by depositing their tokens into a pool and earning rewards from the pool’s interest rate. The platform also allows users to use their tokens to participate in yield farming, which is a strategy of investing in digital assets to earn rewards.The platform also provides users with access to liquidity pools, allowing them to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. This allows users to earn rewards from price discrepancies between different exchanges. The platform also allows users to access liquidity mining, which is a way to earn rewards by providing liquidity to different exchanges. Finally, the platform also offers users access to its own token, SANTA CHRISTMAS INU . This token is used to pay staking fees, rewards, and access to other advanced features. Users can also use it to participate in the platform’s governance system, allowing them to vote on decisions that affect the platform.The benefits of using SANTA CHRISTMAS INU  Farm are:

Increased Profitability: SANTA CHRISTMAS INU Farm enables users to maximize their profits.

Security: The platform is secured with advanced security measures to protect users’ funds and digital assets.

Low Fees: The platform offers low trading fees, making it an attractive option for traders.

Accessibility: SANTA CHRISTMAS INU Farm is accessible worldwide, allowing users to access the platform 24/7.

Variety of Assets: The platform will support a wide variety of digital assets in the future, enabling users to diversify their portfolios.

Easy to Use: SANTA CHRISTMAS INU Farm provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to get started trading quickly.

Key terms

​Blockchain: A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions maintained by a network of computers in a way that makes it difficult to hack or alter. The technology offers a secure way for individuals to deal directly with each other, without an intermediary like a government, bank or another third party.

Cryptocurrency: a digital asset that is secured using cryptography, making it virtually impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and operate independently of a central bank or government. They are used as a medium of exchange and are transferred between users without the need for intermediaries. Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, but it is just one of the thousands of digital currencies that are available today. Crypto investors often use digital currencies to purchase goods and services or to invest in other digital assets.

Binance Smart Chain: Binance Chain, which was renamed BNB Beacon Chain in 2022, was launched by Binance in April 2019. Its primary focus is to facilitate fast, decentralized (or ) trading. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest decentralized application (or ) on it is Binance , one of the friendliest decentralized exchanges out there. You can use it via a web interface at  or through its native integration with .

Farming: is the process of mining cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, by using specialized hardware. This hardware is designed to solve complex mathematical problems to validate transactions on the blockchain and earn rewards. Mining rewards come in the form of new coins or tokens and transaction fees. Crypto farming is an attractive option for investors who are looking to increase their holdings of cryptocurrencies and earn a passive income.

Multi-Chain Staking Pools: these are pools of funds used to stake a certain cryptocurrency or asset to earn rewards. It is a way for investors to pool their funds together and take advantage of the reward system offered by certain blockchains. By staking in a pool, investors can increase their chances of earning rewards while also reducing the risk of their individual staking efforts.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): are unique digital assets that exist on a blockchain. Unlike other digital assets, NFTs are not interchangeable and each token is unique and cannot be replicated. They are used to represent a wide variety of assets, including digital art, collectibles, in-game items, and more. They are also used to tokenize physical assets, such as real estate, cars, and other collectibles. NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide a secure, transparent, and immutable way to own and trade digital assets.

Staking: is the process of holding a certain cryptocurrency or asset in order to earn rewards. It is a way for investors to take advantage of the reward system offered by certain blockchains, such as Proof of Stake (PoS). By staking their coins or tokens, investors are able to increase their chances of earning rewards while also reducing the risk of their individual staking efforts. Crypto staking is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides a passive income stream and is a low-risk investment.