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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Build, deploy, and monetize automated yield strategies

VaultCraft is a DeFi yield-optimizing protocol with customizable asset strategies that instantly zap your crypto from any chain into the highest yield-generating products across DeFi in 1 click.

Optimize your yield with ​

Zap and deposit from any chain in ​

Boost your yield with  

Customize your own asset strategy with ​

Integrate the ​

VaultCraftDAO is responsible for all of VaultCraft's software development.

VaultCraft makes it simple for you to:

Deposit your crypto

Optimize your yield using ANY ASSET ON ANY EVM CHAIN

Customize your own yield optimization strategies

Build, Deploy, & Monetize Automated Yield Strategies

DeFi just got way easier with , your no-code DeFi toolkit for building, deploying, and monetizing automated yield strategies in just a few clicks. Forget spending months of r&d, capital, and human resources when you can launch your own crypto fund with VaultCraft on any evm-chain. From wallet providers to custodians to your sophisticated DeFi degen, VaultCraft supercharges your crypto assets by enabling instant, cross-chain vault strategies that you can deploy in 1 minute. Now anyone can build their own bank with VaultCraft.


VaultCraft creates economic opportunity

VaultCraft smart contracts allow users to customize and generate yield on their crypto assets through the automation of yield-generating strategies. The automation of common yield-generating functions via vaults such as claiming, staking, compounding, re-supplying, leveraging, and swapping of cryptocurrencies means that users:

Save time

Pay less in transaction fees

Generate yield on their crypto holdings with little overhead or knowledge

VaultCraft funds public goods

VaultCraft funds public goods with Vaults for Good:

Automated asset strategies that generate yield on user-deposited funds where 100% of the yield is shared with social impact organizations elected by VaultCraft's partner Gitcoin, a decentralized grant-giving platform.



oVCX Flowchart

What is VCX?

VCX is VaultCraft's new token, POP holders can convert their POP for VCX at a 1:10 ratio. VCX draws inspiration from the successful protocol  and introduces a governance/liquidity incentive token that aligns incentives across all VaultCraft stakeholders and is designed to further optimize the following:

Protocol revenue

Smart Vault yield

VaultCraft utilization

Token liquidity

Token velocity

New Features

VCX incentivizes liquidity using a liquidity incentive token (VCX) via an improved vetokenomics system.

The improvements disincentivize farming-and-dumping and encourage long-term liquidity provision by aligning the interests between LPs and VCX holders.

Vote-locked VCX is now a Balancer LP token - VaultCraft uses the Balancer 80VCX-20WETH LP token as the lock token for obtaining veVCX.

Gauges - Staking contract where users stake assets and are rewarded pro-rata depending on veVCX distribution.

Reward token is now a call-option for VCX - Reward tokens are now call options on VCX (oVCX), enabling the protocol to accumulate much more in cash reserves regardless of market conditions, as well as letting loyal VCX holders buy VCX at a discounted price.

Max boost enabled for Smart Vaults - VaultCraft gives a 5X max boost to LPs who have veVCX, increasing the advantage of holding veVCX.

3 VCX Tokens


A native token for incentivizing liquidity

veVXC (vote-escrowed VCX)

veVCX is based on Curve’s ​

Used for voting for governance proposals

Used for voting on gauge weights


oVCX is a call option token for VCX that lets its holder purchase VCX at a discount to the market price. oVCX does not expire.