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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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MetaZooMee is not just a platform; It's a revolution in virtual interaction. We offer a customizable and accessible metaverse platform where educators, creators, collectors, and brands can host immersive experiences for their students, communities, customers, and fans. Our vision is to create a flexible metaverse space where institutes and businesses can truly cater to their patrons. 23 What Makes Us Different? 01 Universal Accessibility Connect from your phone, computer, or any headset (VR). No software download needed. 02 Full Customization Choose from pre-made metaverse environments & avatars, or create your own metaverse space. 03 Privacy Your personal data is never collected & you control access to your metaverse worlds.4 ExperiencesEducators, welcome to a world  without boundaries. Build rooms  that suit your needs and engage  learners with interactive and  realistic experiences. Our fully  customizable avatars add an extra  sense of realism, keeping learners  engaged. MetaVerse  Education 5Virtual Healthcare Healthcare and fitness  are evolving. Collaborate on surgeries  in a virtual operating  theatre or personalize  your fitness circuit. The  possibilities are endless. 6Social Clubs & Community  Meeting Spaces Social clubs thrive on connection.  With MetaZooMee, you can host weekly  gatherings, parties, concerts, game  nights, and more. Our customizable  meeting spaces allow any online  community to meet, regardless of  real-world location. 7NFT Gallery Artists, your gallery awaits. Select the assets, click Add, and create a new room within seconds. Upload your own NFT environments and make the entire room your showcase. 8Virtual Shops Retailers, embrace the  future. Our completely  customizable  storefronts allow you to  conduct business  transactions for both  virtual and real-world  products. Track  customer activity and  provide personalized  recommendations. 9Metaverse Fashion A new era of shopping beckons through MetaZooMee’s virtual storefronts. Immerse yourself in the future of fashion, virtually donning ensembles, experimenting with styles, and making informed choices. The confines of physical stores fade away, granting the power to express your identity through bespoke avatars and distinct attire 10The future of work  is here. Improve  remote and hybrid  work with our  constant, digital  spaces. Log in as an  avatar and redefine  collaboration. Virtual  Workspace 11AI Avatars  with Soul Witness the epitome of personalization through MetaZooMee’s AI avatars. Craft avatars that mirror your appearance, style, and essence with astounding precision. These avatars o,,erse you in the experience and provide an unparalleled means of selfexpression 12Metaverse as a Service  (MaaS) MetaZooMee provides a seamless  platform for businesses and  individuals to create their own  Metaverse experiencs. From  tailored virtual spaces to  immersive events, MetaZooMee’s  MaaS opens up new avenues for  innovation and engagement 1314 TechnologyTechnologies that power the MetaZooMee Metaverse 15 XR is an umbrella term that encompasses all immersive technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). These technologies allow people to access and interact with the metaverse through a variety of hardware like headsets, mobile phones, haptic gloves, and more. Blockchain is an immutable distributed digital ledger that has many use cases, including cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, decentralized finance, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In the metaverse, blockchain technology is used to record transactions and create trustless digital relationships. This shared, immutable record provides transparency and security for all activities in the virtual world. Digital assets Avatars, NFT and ERC20 token are a form of virtual currency that often reside on their own blockchains and represent an asset or utility token which can be redeem within MetaZooMee ecosystem. 16 Revenue ModelOur Revenue Model 17 • Digitized products:Virtual merchandise and virtual experiences will form the backbone of product offerings in the metaverse, providing consumers with unique and immersive digital experiences. • Virtual business locations:Just like physical offices or websites, you can use virtual storefronts in the metaverse. Here, consumers can view and test digital products such as NFTs before buying them or purchase physical items. Businesses can also create virtual offices for their employees to hold business meetings, collaborate, engage in team-building exercises and more, all reducing the need for a physical location. • Subscription-based revenue streams:Companies can offer metered consumption or rental-based models, where consumers pay based on how much they use or consume. This approach provides an alternative to NFT ownership and focuses more on the utility of the asset while it’s in their possession. This will consist of renting, utility-based consumables, and subscriptions. • Advertising:Advertising, including sponsored content and product placement, will play a significant role in the metaverse economy. Companies can also use suggested materials, like NFTs, to track engagement and promote their products and services — like how companies gate whitepapers or other high-value material to obtain email addresses. • Meta-education: The metaverse has enormous potential as a platform for online learning, providing students with greater access to educators and contextual content. Metaverse universities, infotainment, and forums will offer new ways of engaging with educational material.Roadmap 2021 – Q3/Q4 18 § Research started to  customize Metaverse  space § Technology Partners § Design & Development  Phase 1 § Server Infrastructure  Development 2022 – Q1/Q2 § Beta Launch § Design of  Metaverse spaces § Test on AWS server § Auto scale server  engine2022 – Q3/Q4 19 2023 – Q1/Q2 § Test Launch NFT  Avatars on MZM  Platform § Design Customize  Metaverse Spaces § NFT  Development § Auto scale cloud server engine § Redesign  Website 2023 – Q3/Q4 § ERC-20 Token § List Token on DEX § NFT Marketplace Launch2024 – Q1/Q2 20 2024 – Q3/Q4 § Metaverse as a  Service (MaaS) § List Token on CEX § Community Driven  Development § New Virtual Realms Expansion § Partnerships with Global Brands § Launch AI based AvatarsToken Distribution 10% 25% 15% 20% 30% • Ecosystem Liquidity Pool (30%) •Community Rewards (15%) •Marketing & Partnerships  (25%) • Project Development (20%) •Reserve (10%) 21 Fixed Supply Limit of 1 Billion MZM Tokens No presale, No private allocation, LP locked to align with long-term commitments towards building a systemically relevant platform $MZM is a rewards and utility token distributed to users who contribute to and participate in our Metaverse Ecosystem. MZM token can also be redeem towards purchase of our NFTs, Metaverse Space and beyond within our ecosystem.ETH Contract Address for $MZM 22 Our Wallet Address 0x61B57bDC01E3072fAB3e9E2F3c7b88d482734E05 • Ecosystem (LP to locked):0xe74811b3a0eb5753986399f63e2c38ab665fdbdd • Development & Operations:0x19ffa1BCC145D2f44DF3d08CbabF03dA079E6723 • Marketing & Partnerships:0xd6ED5018C42950d0113B730824D12b791318ABdE • Community Rewards:0x59CE65f3Ba7500b0CBD8635CCb683bAF1f1315df • Reserve Fund:0x12065C4885Af1cE9F96303990ee86211f642983BSpecial Holder Rewards • Loyal Holder: Early adopters who buy  and hold MZM tokens within the first  month of the launch will receive a 10%  APY  loyalty bonus after holding tokens for 12  months. Buyers are auto enrolled into this Loyal Holder program. Once they transfer MZM tokens to another wallet or sell any amount from that 1st months purchase then you are ineligible. This program set to continue for 5 years. This bonus recognizes their significant  investment and long-term belief in the  MetaZooMee platform. 23 More incentive programs will be announced on our website and social media. Stay in touch!Thanks! Get in touch