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by Nate Urbas

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Crazy Rabbit Club

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Mysterious Community - Crazy Rabbit

The Value of NFTs for Crazy Rabbit

Independent Information in Crazy Rabbit

Acquiring and Functions of NFTs in Crazy Rabbit

Crazy Rabbit

Crazy Rabbit DAO Ecosystem Building

Crazy Rabbit's Multi-Token System

Crazy Rabbit Economic Model

FAQ about Crazy Rabbit

The Road Map

Social Media

The End

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Mysterious Community - Crazy Rabbit

Who are we? "Crazy Rabbit is a society based on divination and games. On the journey of life, youwill faceconfusion, loss, or anger. Similarly, you may miss out on opportunities and good relationshipsthat should have been yours. 'U Deserve More & Better' is the motto of our Crazy Rabbit Society. Please bring your courage and luck to enter the halls of destiny and explore therightpath."

Acquiring and Functions of NFTs in Crazy Rabbit:

Online Entertainment Rewards: NFTs can be obtained as rewards for participatinginonline entertainment activities:

Various Event Rewards: NFTs can be earned as rewards from participating in various events

Community Governance and Activities: NFTs can be obtained by participating incommunity governance and community activities.

Trading on Secondary Market and Official Trading Platforms: NFTs can be acquiredthrough trading on secondary marketplaces and official trading platforms.

Fortune Teller

Purchase/Exchange in Various Future Systems: NFTs can be acquired through purchasingor exchanging in various upcoming systems.

Crazy Rabbit Society's card types include:

Functional NFTs: These are long-term holding cards used for mining, staking, servicesubscription and other similar purposes.

Consumable NFTs: These are one-time or multiple-use NFTs used for trading, serviceredemption, or consumption. Once used, they lose their functionality but can be recycled, recharged, or collected.

Information NFTs: These NFTs are used to record various information, identity, andserviceauthentication. Different NFTs are required for different fields and services to authenticatethe holder's identity and permissions