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Strongcoin Wallet Review
Strongcoin Wallet
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StrongCoin is a wallet service which has been in existence since 2011 giving it a long history in the cryptocurrency industry. Users of the wallet give up control of their private keys but all data is encrypted before it is stored on StrongCoin's servers. This encryption process is completed in the user's browser with a password that the user supplies. If users forget this password, they will lose access to their funds. StrongCoin is hosted on Heroku servers which also conduct regular security audits. The wallet supports Bitcoin alone. There is a distributed exchange associated with the wallet where users can buy Bitcoins to their wallet address. One of the key features noted by StrongCoin is the ability to work across all devices including desktop, mobile, and tablets. Over 130,000 users are claimed on the website. There is a 1% fee charged for outgoing transactions and the minimum transaction has to be 0.004 bitcoin.

Problems have been voiced from the online cryptocurrency community. Some users have reported issues with their funds and transactions on forums such as BitcoinTalk. Although StrongCoin has a long history as a wallet service provider, it is not a popular option and does not have a significant presence. The following on social media for StrongCoin is very small showing there is not a large community behind it. There are competitor wallets on the market with more features and a larger online presence which supports the claims they make. StrongCoin represents a risk as the small following they have adds more legitimacy to the concerns voiced by the cryptocurrency community

Pros & Cons
  • Been in the industry since 2011
  • Over 130,000 users
  • Data is encrypted in the user's browser and only unlocked with a password the user supplies
  • Available on a number of devices
  • Only supports bitcoin
  • No support for fiat currencies
  • Small community
  • Concerns raised by the cryptocurrency community
  • 1% fee charged for outgoing transactions