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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Welcome to Javelin!

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Javelin GitBook


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How it works

In Javelin Masters, every stride, every toss, every decision holds monumental weight. If you're prepared for a thrilling escapade, the arena beckons!




Start in Telegram with /connect to get your unique secretid. Use it on or our portal, then return to Telegram and type /check (#transactionhash) to finalize.


Join the Arena

Post-connection, await the arena that opens every 5 minutes. Secure your spot with a simple /join command in Telegram.


Place Your Bet

Declare your stakes in the arena with /bet (amount). Ensure a minimum of two players, or await the next round.


Let The Games Begin!

Throw your javelin as the system gauges performance. Results are sent to our smart contract which determines winners, and prizes are duty awarded.



Javelin BlackJack


The Javelin Blackjack Game Bot offers token holders the opportunity to play Blackjack within the Telegram chat environment. Token holders can create rooms where the Javelin Blackjack Game Bot can be played.



Javelin Game is a betting game where people can play with each other via Telegram. The player creates the lobby by placing a bet. Players place a bet at or above the minimum stake, join the lobby and the game begins.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and betting on the outcome. You will be able to easily bet on any competition you want, in any sport you want, using $JVL.

Still in development…


Javelin Roadmap

Q3 - 2023

Q3 - 2023

Initial Interface (Website V1): Launch of the primary platform interface for users.

Javelin Game Contract Development: Setting up the foundational game mechanics

Fair Launch on Uniswap: Ensuring a transparent and equitable token distribution

Relationship Building: Focusing on establishing strong connections with the community

Launch of the Blackjack Game: Introduction of the first major game on the platform

Enhanced UI Interaction (Website V2): Improving user experience and interface

VIP Lounge Establishment: Launch of the first room with an additional four enhanced rooms for a unique gaming experience.

Q4 - 2023

Q4 - 2023

Blackjack Expansion: Activation of Blackjack game for all pairs

Rapid User Growth: Focus on user acquisition through various strategies

Lisings: Achieve presence on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG)

Website V3: Further enhancements and features added to the platform

Community Engagement: Host political webinars, Q&A sessions and discussions

Political Prediciton Market: A market where you can wager on significant elections, globally

Marketing Campaign: Focus on the introduction of political betting

Sports Betting Launch: Wager on your favorite sports teams daily

Participant Tournaments: Hosting competitive events for users

Promotion: Advertising in gambling magazines forums and websites

Tier 2 Exchange Listing: Expanding the token's accessibility

Q1 - 2024

Q1 - 2024

Barbut Game Launch: Introduction of the classic dice betting game

Horse Racing Wagering: Diversifying the gaming options

Texas Hold'em Launch: Bringing the popular poker game to the platform

Room Expansion: Increasing the total number of rooms to 50

Partnerships: Collaborating with strong community token projects and hosting special tournaments

Twitch Integration: Hosting special events with Twitch broadcasters

Tier 1 Exchange Listings: Further expanding the token's reach

Crypto Fairs & Panels: Sponsorships, booths, and presentations at international events


Q2 - 2024

Javelin Smart Chain Launch: Introduction of the project's own blockchain, ensuring faster transactions, reduced fees, and enhanced security. This will be the backbone of all future developments and will solidify Javelin's position in the market

Global Javelin Tournaments: Organize global online tournaments with significant prize pools, attracting professional gamers and creating massive media attention. These tournaments can be streamed on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and even traditional sports channels, bringing in a broader audience and potential investors

Javelin Gaming SDK: Release a Software Development Kit (SDK) for independent developers to create games on the Javelin platform. This will exponentially increase the variety of games available, making Javelin a hub for blockchain gaming innovation



What is Javelin Blackjack Game Bot?

Javelin Blackjack Game Bot provides the opportunity for token holders to play Blackjack through Telegram chat. The Javelin Blackjack Game Bot can be played in rooms created by token holders. These rooms actually represent groups on Telegram. In other words, token holders who create a room can set up our "Game Bot" in any new Telegram group they create or in any existing Telegram group they already have, allowing other users in the group to play games. In this game and in any future games added, the bets placed will be in $JVL, which is the Javelin token. This option can also be expanded based on the current situation and demands. The bets of losing players in the game are transferred to the user who owns the room. Additionally, the room owner receives a 2% discount bonus for every game played in their room. The room owner can choose to distribute these bonuses to other players in their group at periodic intervals if they wish.

How do I play the game?

How many rooms will there be in the system?

I want to play the game rather than create a room. In this case, which rooms can I join, and how can I find information about these rooms?

What are the requirements to create a room?

What responsibilities does being a room owner entail, and what advantages does it offer?




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With Javelin, you're not just playing games. You're also starting your own casino business. Offer a unique gaming experience to your friends or customers

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Javelin Game GitBook

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