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Cryptolinks - 2450+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

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If your website is on the scam list and you think that you are not a scammer, contact us. After you provide us with all the proof that you are in Crypto World with good intentions, we will delist you. Usually, you get in this category because you are hiding your team, you have a bad reputation(you are tricking, deceiving, scamming people), and you haven't got a written project whitepaper or is a shitty one....

Their Official site text:

What is MapNode?

MapNode: Decentralized, Web3, ISO (Initial Shop Offering), Metaverse.

❖ We are a group of builders in the US who want to build a decentralized financial ecosystem in the F&B sector. operating according to the type of hotel, restaurant, lounge, cafe, pub, discotheque, bar). 

❖ Products make it much easier for traditional financial users to access services. 

❖ Map Node provides the foundational building layers for a new digital economy with following products: stable-coin, crypto/fiat, DEX, launchpad, lock liquidity and lock token and connecting crypto to the real world.

Why MapNode?

ETH Compatibility

ETH Compatibility Industry dominance, established tech stack, tools, languages, standards, enterprise adoption


 Modular ''security as a service'', provided either by Ethereum or by a pool of professional validators


Scalability Dedicated blockchains, scalable consensus algorithms, custom Wasm execution environments

Compatible with major ERC standards. Secured by validators and checkpoints submitted to Ethereum. Minimal downtime over the course of 1.3B recorded transactions. A powerful and engaged community driving adoption and user engagement

High mining productivity

MapNode PoS is a layer 2 scaling solution that achieves unprecedented transaction speed and cost savings by utilizing side-chains for transaction processing. At the same time, POS ensures asset security using the robust Plasma bridging framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators. Profit from 20% to 25% per month, specially profit paided by MNI Token

30+ Person Team

30+ person team with deep resources and proven track record. MapNode is run by a fully integrated team with a long term vision, and core team members have built successful blockchain projects and have experience at leading blue-chip consulting and finance institutions

Extensive partnerships

Extensive partnerships with market leading blockchain institutions ensuring broad scale and seamless experience. Within only a few weeks MapNode has secured partnerships with Chainlink, Brave, Grape, Altura and five secondary marketplaces


Intuitive, efficient bridging, deposit and withdrawals. Transaction speeds of up to 65,000 tx/s means exponentially faster performance than Ethereum at 15 tx/s. Non-custodial architecture means users have control of their keys. Rely on the shared security of Ethereum with benefit of MapNode’s speed


Full EVM compatibility means deploying your smart contracts directly on the MapNode chain. A composable blockchain means you’ve got a wide variety of apps to build on. Easy transfer to and from MapNode and Ethereum. Easy-to-use wallet on web and mobile.


Zalamea Anastasia (Founder): the brilliant mind behind, is a true pioneer in the world of decentralized financial infrastructure. With a remarkable blend of technical prowess and visionary leadership, he conceptualized and brought to life, a platform that redefines the way we engage with finance through the Polygon ecosystem.

Anastasia's journey began with a deep passion for blockchain technology and its transformative potential. His relentless pursuit of innovation led to the creation of, a hub where individuals can explore a new era of decentralized finance, marked by transparency, accessibility, and efficiency.

Woosley Shelba (CEO): leads the transformation of decentralized finance on Polygon. With strategic vision and commitment to innovation, Shelba enhances user experiences in this dynamic financial ecosystem, revolutionizing how users interact with financial services on Polygon.

As the driving force behind, Shelba ensures the platform stays true to its mission, providing a seamless experience for users exploring new financial opportunities within the Polygon ecosystem. With Woosley Shelba leading, exceeds expectations, paving the way for a more inclusive and user-centric financial future, shaping how we engage with financial infrastructure.

Ontiveroz Gidget (CEO): is revolutionizing decentralized finance on Polygon. With a strategic mindset and deep commitment to innovation, he empowers users to navigate this dynamic financial landscape confidently. Gidget's leadership, driven by a belief in blockchain's transformative power, reshapes financial engagement on Polygon, offering transparency, efficiency, and accessibility. As the driving force behind, Gidget ensures the platform aligns with its mission, providing users a seamless experience while exploring new financial horizons. With her leadership, sets the stage for a more inclusive and user-centric financial future, epitomizing excellence in decentralized finance.

Strimple Tempie (Marketing Manager): showcases the value of the decentralized financial infrastructure on Polygon. With a strategic approach and deep industry understanding, Tempie ensures the platform's message resonates effectively with its target audience. Her creative marketing strategies attract users, highlighting the opportunities offers on Polygon. As a vital member of the team, Tempie's dedication is evident in every campaign, making the platform an enticing choice for users navigating the dynamic world of decentralized finance. With Strimple Tempie's leadership, stands out as a testament to her commitment to excellence, shaping how users interact with financial infrastructure, making it more accessible and relevant within the decentralized

Florentine Anjanette (Project Manager): drives the successful development of the decentralized financial infrastructure on Polygon. With proven project management and industry understanding, he ensures efficient goal achievement. Her strategic insights empower users in the dynamic world of decentralized finance, aligning the platform with its mission. With Florentine at the helm, is a well-executed reality, reshaping how we interact with financial infrastructure towards a more inclusive and accessible ecosystem.

Rose Stewart (Server Admin & Applications Lead): is a driving force behind the seamless operation of this decentralized financial infrastructure on Polygon. With her expertise in server administration and application management, Rose ensures the platform's reliability, security, and efficiency for users navigating the decentralized financial landscape. As a key member of the team, Rose's dedication creates a foundation for users to explore new financial horizons with confidence. With Rose Stewart's leadership, stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence, revolutionizing how we engage with financial infrastructure for users worldwide.

Eshal Porter (Design Manager): brings artistic excellence to the forefront of this decentralized financial infrastructure on Polygon. With her keen eye for aesthetics and user experience, Eshal ensures the platform's design aligns seamlessly with its innovative goals, creating a user-friendly interface for those exploring opportunities on Polygon. Her leadership in maintaining a cohesive and appealing design language contributes to a captivating experience for users navigating the decentralized financial ecosystem. With Eshal Porter as the Design Manager,'s interface transcends the ordinary, redefining how we engage with financial infrastructure in a more accessible and user-centric way.

Teschner Felisa (Senior Developer): is a driving force behind the platform's groundbreaking decentralized financial infrastructure on Polygon. With deep expertise in blockchain technology, she shapes robust features, ensuring transparency and efficiency. As a key figure, Felisa's commitment to excellence is evident in every line of code, creating a secure and seamless experience for users in decentralized finance. Her contributions redefine how we interact with financial infrastructure, paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible financial future.


01 July 2022

Building a global Map Node ecosystem platform

Build social channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Support Channel

03 September 2022

Officially open sale and launch Map Node platform globally through Seed Round, Angel Round, Private Round, Publish Round

Launch of the Saving

17 March 2023

Listing on UniSwap and 3 international DEXs

Web 3.0 Drink Coffee development

ISO (Initial Shop Offering)

First Drink Coffee demo

Full-scale platform launch

01 April 2023

Development of NFT Marketplace

First NFT pre-orders

Launch of the NFT token

Full-scale platform launch

15 May 2023

Launch of the Staking

01 December 2023

Launch Liquidity Farming

Launch Token Launch Platform

Launch Dual Investment

Launch Auto-Invest

Integration NFT auction system

15 June 2024

List Map Node token on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Coinnomi, LiveCoinWatch

Development mobile app for iOS and Android

Launch Map Node Pool

Application for crypto exchange

List Map Node token on major international P2P exchanges like Binance

01 October 2024

Launch a digital bank

Launching a global open-ended investment fund

Launching MN30 blockchain

Build a community to join the MN30 blockchain

Seed Round

MNI is a utility and governance of MapNode, which is issued standard on Binance Smart Chain. Users can get MNI in some easy ways below

Total supply: 20,000,000 | 4% 

Time: 30 days 

Start on: 03 September 2022

Link join: ​

Status: Complete

Affiliate commission: 

Level 1 9% 

Level 2 6% 

Level 3 3%