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Cryptolinks - 2450+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

by Nate Urbas

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GoCharge Tech

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If your website is on the scam list and you think that you are not a scammer, contact us. After you provide us with all the proof that you are in Crypto World with good intentions, we will delist you. Usually, you get in this category because you are hiding your team, you have a bad reputation(you are tricking, deceiving, scamming people), and you haven't got a written project whitepaper or is a shitty one....

Their Official site text:

Technical White Paper

Version 2.0 / Release 3 / June 2023

[email protected]


Current document (the White Paper) is written for information purposes only

and we are publishing this White Paper solely to receive feedback and

comments on our project plans from the public.

We reserve the right to make any changes as we consider to be necessary,

based on market factors and our advisors’ recommendations.

Nothing in this document or any other document, article or any type of content

of the “GoChargeTech” Ecosystem Project (and it’s related websites and

social media accounts or on its partners websites) is not intended to be any

form of investment advice or recommendation from us, and it should not be

regarded as an offer, solicitation, invitation, or recommendation to buy or sell

any tokens.

Any natural persons or legal entities who come into possession of this White

Paper must observe any relevant legal or regulatory restrictions they may be

subject to and seek all necessary professional advice.

This White Paper, or any part of it, must not be taken or transmitted to any

country or territory where its distribution or dissemination is prohibited or


Please note that our CHARGED Token is not a stable coin.

This document represents the second public version of the White Paper. We

are always open to receiving constructive feedback, and we will implement

suggestions that fit with our Ecosystem. In case you would like to provide such

feedback, please use our community channels.


Table of contents

Notice 2

Table of contents 3

Introduction 4

Problem Description 5

Mobile phones, tablets and other devices. 5

Electric Vehicles. 5

Problem Solution 5 - a shareable platform with global impact. 5

How does it work? 6

What is the goal? 6

Why connect IoT to blockchain ? 7

Card payment is also integrated. 8

Franchise & EV charging platform 9

Power bank station franchise. 9

Running commercials on power banks sharing stations. 9

EV charging platform. 10

Why Blockchain? 10

MultiversX 10

Binance Smart Chain 11

Polygon 11

CHARGED Token 12

Tokenomics 13

Token details 14

Team vesting period 14

Roadmap 15

Core Team 17

Limitation of liability 18

Disclaimers 18

Governing Law 20



At we’re connecting IoT devices to blockchain. Our initial goal

was to connect power bank sharing stations to MultiversX blockchain and

allow users to rent power banks by paying with crypto. In 2022 we started

work on the Proof of Concept and in November our MVP was presented at the

xDay conference in Paris where users were able to rent power banks by

paying with EGLD. Click here to see how it works.

In the meantime our team decided to go multi-chain and connect the MVP to

multiple blockchain networks. In February 2023 we announced the successful

connection between app and Binance Smart Chain. Click here

to see how it works.

More chains to be announced at a later stage.

From the beginning our infrastructure was designed to be easily integrated

with other services and solutions. As an example, the app will

allow users to connect their Electric Vehicle chargers and accept crypto

payments. The goal is to build a decentralized network of EV chargers around

the world. Individuals and companies will be able to connect their EV chargers

to our app and allow anyone to book a time slot, charge EVs and pay with


In few words, the is designed as a mobile and web app

with 2 main branches:

1. Connect users to a network of power bank sharing stations (owned by

GoChargeTech and those in franchise) and allow multi-chain crypto

and fiat (credit or debit card) payments.

2. Connect users to a network of Electric Vehicle chargers, owned by

individuals or companies, and allow users to book time-slots, charge

EVs and pay with crypto tokens from multiple blockchain networks.


Problem Description

Mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without your phone.

We rely on our smart devices for so many things, from communication to

entertainment, and it’s essential to keep them charged. But what happens

when you’re not in the proximity of a charging socket and your phone runs out

of battery?

Electric Vehicles.

The EV market is growing at a fast pace. According to Delloite by 2030, the

global EV market share will be ~30%. One downfall is the lack of charging

infrastructure. Of course, people are buying EV chargers and installing them at

home or at their private parking spots. The downside is the expensive cost

and the fact that more than half of the time these EV chargers are not used -

which leads to a longer period to return the investment.

Problem Solution - a shareable platform with global impact.

Meet - a platform that connects users to a network of

shareable IoT devices like power banks and EV charging stations. By using our

web and mobile app, users will be able to:

1. Rent power banks from a network of stations owned by GoChargeTech

and franchise owners.

2. Find an EV charger in proximity to a specified location. Book a time slot

and charge the car.

3. Use blockchain technology to pay for services described above.

4. Connect EV charger to our platform and earn passive income by sharing

it with other users.

5. Buy EV chargers compatible with our infrastructure and earn passive


income via our platform.

6. Buy power bank sharing stations and earn passive income via our


At its core, our platform uses blockchain technology for traceability and

payments, handled by Smart Contracts on multiple chains, thus opening

opportunities for global, decentralized recharging points in the future.

How does it work? app will come with 2 sections:

- Power bank sharing stations

- EV chargers network

To rent a power bank, users will have to follow steps below:

1. Scan the QR code which is displayed on the station.

2. Choose a payment method. Sign transaction for crypto or enter card

details for fiat money.

3. A power bank will be released from the station. Charge your device(s).

4. Return power bank (to any station from our network).

To charge an EV, users will have to follow the steps below:

1. Lookup for needed location on map page and book a time slot on the

selected EV charger.

2. Choose a payment method and sign the transaction.

3. Drive to the selected location and charge EV.

What is the goal?

We aim to install power bank sharing stations in the European Union countries

as per following yearly schedule:

1. 50+ stations in the first 6-12 months

2. 500+ stations in the period 12-24 months

3. 2000+ stations in the period 24-36 months

With a median number of 10 power banks per station it will result in a total

number of 20,000 units. Our target is to reach 7 customers/month/power

bank, which leads to 140,000 unique users.


The average number of mobile phone subscribers in the European Union for

2020 was 20.07 million/EU country which results in a total (approx) number of

541,890,000 subscribers. To achieve our goal just in the EU region, we have to

target 0.00025% of the total number of mobile users. Of course, not all users

will have access to our sharing stations. Let’s take into consideration only the

top 10 cities (by population) in the EU - it will sum up to 23,190,960 people.

From this number, let’s take into consideration only 25% (people that are

active, commute, dine in the city, etc). Doing the math, the market share we

are aiming for is: 140,000*100/(23,190,960*0.25)=2.41%.

Why connect IoT to blockchain ?

In our business model, blockchain solves a few issues.

1. First of all, it cuts the payment processor fees down to the

equivalent of $0.01 - $0.001 per transaction. Here we can include

MultiversX, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana etc.

2. Blockchain transactions are immutable. This removes the

payment-dispute case when a customer can ask for chargeback

from the bank. It will cost more than the transaction itself. Imagine

paying a $20 dispute fee for a transaction of $1.

3. Smart Contracts can handle transactions and automatically

transfer the profit to the owner’s wallet, return the deposit to the

customer and so on.

Our business model includes a big number of transactions with small

amounts starting at a few cents per tx. In the image below you can see the

cost difference between MultiversX fees and other traditional card payment

processors for an average of 2000 transactions per day and the average

amount of $1 per transaction.

By replacing CC payment with blockchain token payment we can save

approx $200 per day. Click to view the calculator.

Another downside of the CC payment is the deposit release time. When

a user rents a power bank, a deposit (battery value) will be held. With

blockchain this amount will be instantly transferred back to the user’s


wallet by the Smart Contract when the power bank is returned. Getting

back money to the card account can take a few days - which means your

money is blocked.

Card payment is also integrated.

Of course, not all our customers are aware of blockchain and crypto

payments. For this case, we’re also implementing card payment, but the

payment processor fee will be added to the final price. A theoretical


1. Let’s say 1 hour rent will cost 10 cents


2. Paying with ESTD token will cost 10 cents

3. Let’s say the payment processor’s fee is 1.4% + 30 cents

4. Paying with credit card will cost (1+3 from above):

10 cents + 10 cents * 0.014 + 30 cents = 40.14 cents

Franchise & EV charging platform

Power bank station franchise.

Our startup is based in the European Union so all the franchise data

below refers (at this moment) only to EU residents. We will include other

countries later (depending on legal requirements & regulations).

We’re planning to implement 2 types of franchise:

1. Individuals can buy a battery but keep it in one of our stations.

They will be able to borrow anytime, any battery, from any place

and will pay only a small fee for charging the power bank (to the

station owner). When someone else is renting their batteries,

power bank owners will receive a fee. As for example:

person A has a battery; person B rents the power bank owned by

person A; person A receives a fee from person B’s payment.

2. Legal entities can buy stations with power banks that will be

included in our app. These entities will pay a small fee for

infrastructure (servers, support, maintenance), but all revenue from

these power banks rentals will go into their accounts.

Running commercials on power banks sharing stations.

Our power banks sharing stations come with an integrated display that can

play ads. Both GoChargeTech and franchise owners will be able to manage

ads and get additional revenue from advertisements and commercials played

on their stations.


EV charging platform.

Individuals and companies (owners) will be able to use our platform to

connect their EV charging stations to blockchain networks or buy ones

that are already connected. These EV chargers will be displayed in our

app as a list or as a pin on the map. Owners will be able to manage time

slots and set the availability for customers. As an example, owner X has

a parking spot with an EV charger connected to our app. X’s parking

spot is free weekdays from 09:00 till 17:00. X adds this time interval in

our app and other users (customers) can see availability, reserve a time

spot and charge the car. All the transactions are handled by Smart

Contracts. Customers will pay with crypto and smart contracts will

automatically transfer the profit into the owner's wallet.

Why Blockchain?

In our business model, blockchain solves a few issues like payment

processing fees, chargeback disputes, proof of franchise ownership etc.


MultiversX is a distributed transactional computation protocol which relies on a

sharded state architecture and a secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

Reasons to choose this blockchain technology:

1. MultiversX is the first European carbon negative blockchain (source &


2. It's a highly scalable, fast, and secure blockchain platform built for

internet scale.

3. Performance: 15,000 current TPS, 6s block time, $0.001 tx cost, can scale

beyond 100,000.

4. Secured with 3200 nodes all around the world.

5. - decentralized exchange with more than $1.5 billion total

value locked (and growing).

6. Big ecosystem.


7. Developer friendly. ESDT tokens.

8. Global community.

9. Fast growing user adoption.



Dex Exchange:

Binance Smart Chain

BNB Smart Chain is a high-performance blockchain with an emphasis on smart

contract programmability. Binance Smart Chain is quickly growing in popularity,

so it has to be doing some things right - here are the BSC ecosystem's biggest


- Cheap transactions: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a smart

contract-enabled high throughput blockchain that boasts low fees.

- High speed: BSC is characterized by extremely fast processes and uses

the advantages of Binance Chain in this respect.

- Fast adoption rates.

- Bridging allows for easy token migration.

- Compatibility: Binance Smart Chain is compatible with the Ethereum

Virtual Machine and corresponding smart contracts are also supported

by BSC. This also makes it easier for programmers to make the switch.



Polygon, formerly known as the Matic Network, is a scaling solution that seeks

to give several methods to boost the speed of transactions on blockchain

networks while lowering the cost and complexity.

- Availability: On Polygon sidechains, transactions are quick, low-cost, and

safe, with finality on the mainchain and Ethereum as the first suitable

Layer 1 base chain.


- High throughput: On the internal testnet, it was able to reach up to 7,000

TPS on a single sidechain. For horizontal scaling, many chains will be


- Customer experience: WalletConnect support; native mobile applications

and SDK; and developer abstraction from mainchain to Polygon chain.

- Security: Operators of polygon chains are also stakers in the PoS system.


Support for other blockchain networks to be added in the future.


GoChargeTech Token (symbol CHARGED) is an utility token that is created on

the MultiversX blockchain network and it will be used in the GoChargeTech

ecosystem. The GoChargeTech ecosystem includes CHARGED Token, the

mobile (and web) application (and consequently the website).

As mentioned above, the mobile (and web) application will enable both

CHARGED Token users and fiat users to make the payments for the rentals of

the power bank. CHARGED Token will be used for paying EV charging services

via our app. Also, the CHARGED Token has additional utilities for its

users/holders, as mentioned in the section below.

The issuing entity of the CHARGED Token is Mobility Software Labs SRL (the

‘’Issuer’’), a limited liability company incorporated and governed by Romanian


CHARGED Token is not backed by fiat or other physical assets which could be

categorized as securities.

Please note that there are no guaranteed financial returns arising from holding



By acquiring the CHARGED Token, no shares are granted in the Issuer’s share

capital and implicitly neither voting rights in the Issuer nor other rights

regarding the acquisition of Issuer’s shares (including option rights).

No dividends are granted related to the eventual profits of the Issuer to the

CHARGED Token holders/users.

CHARGED Tokens are not securities or other types of financial instruments.

CHARGED holders will not have any kind of representation, property, rights,

equity nor any kind of values in any of CHARGED Ecosystem’s entities, the

Issuer or any related companies or partners/collaborators.


CHARGED Token is an Elrond Standard Digital Token that will be used for the

transactions in our applications.

CHARGED Token has the following utilities for the CHARGED Token owners:

(i) pay power bank rentals via application;

(ii) pay for EV charging services via application;

(iii) buy power banks and stations to be used with the


(iv) stake and receive rewards;

The rewards are in fact an incentive offered to CHARGED Token

users/holders to assure their loyalty and the future development of

the GoChargeTech Ecosystem.

(v) swap and trade CHARGED Token once it is listed on DEX and CEX;

(vi) participate in raffles and airdrops;


Token details

Token symbol: CHARGED

Token type: Elrond Standard Digital Token

Initial supply: 200,000,000

Team vesting period

The GoChargeTech team members will receive 4% of the tokenomics which

means 8,000,000 CHARGED Tokens, which are vested for 5 years. First unlock

will happen in the 25th month from TGE as per the following schedule:

- 24th, 30th & 36th months: 20% (1,600,000 CHARGED)

- 42th, 48th, 54th & 60th months: 10% (800,000 CHARGED)



2021: Idea Creation.

The idea of the “GoChargeTech” project came to life in the middle of 2021.

Established connections with suppliers. Started working on PoC.

2022 - Q1: Proof of Concept.

PoC is ready. Backend infrastructure and code to manage stations is in alpha

version. Mobile app is built to accept credit card payments.

2022 - Q1-Q2: Whitepaper. Legal.

White Paper and tokenomics made public. Company incorporation.

Implemented ESDT & EGLD payments in our MVP.

2022 - Q3-Q4: Minimum Viable Product.

Worked on project development. Create MVP connected to a smart contract on

MultiversX blockchain. Presale. Release open source erdjs-vue library.

2023 - Q1-Q2: Public Sale. Electric Vehicle chargers.

Connect MVP to the Binance Smart Chain. New phase (EV chargers)

announcement. Public Sale on BHero launchpad.

2023 - Q3-Q4: Install first batch of stations. Rewards platform.

First batch of power bank stations shipment. Code audit. Security & penetration

testing. Install our first power bank stations in Amsterdam. Launch rewards



2024 - Q1-Q2: Install second batch of stations. E.V. chargers beta app.

Second batch of power bank stations shipment. Monitoring and improvements.

Expand the number of power bank sharing stations in the EU countries.

Marketing and promotion campaigns. Release beta version for EV chargers app

and test with early adopters.

2024 - Q3-Q4: Install third batch of stations. E.V. app on mainnet.

Third batch of power bank stations shipment. Monitoring and improvements.

Expand the number of power bank sharing stations in the EU countries.

Marketing and promotion campaigns. Release EV chargers app for all users.

2024 - Q4: Franchise.

Open power bank franchise to everyone. Individuals and companies can install

their own stations and get revenue. Continue with marketing campaigns.

2025 - Q1: Growth.

Marketing campaigns and aim to grow at a fast pace and expand globally.


Core Team

Ion Vrinceanu


View profile

Andrei Pinzaru

Business Development / CO-FOUNDER

View profile

Radu Balan

Project Manager

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Limitation of liability

We shall not be liable to You or any other third party for damages, including any

general, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages arising out of

the use or inability to use the Website or any Tokens (including but not limited

to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses sustained by You or

third parties).

We have no liability to You or to any third party for any claims or damages that

may arise as a result of any payments or transactions that You conduct via the

MultiversX blockchain with respect to Tokens.


All information about the CHARGED Token and provided is conceptual and

subject to ongoing legal, regulatory, tax, technical, and compliance reviews.

Neither CHARGED Token is not an investment in any way and is not a security.

The possession of the CHARGED Token does not grant any title, right, or

interest in any company and does not grant the owner a share of any profits

outside of the capital gains (or losses) they might realize in trading on the

crypto exchanges (e.g. Maiar exchange).

CHARGED Tokens are neither structured nor sold as securities or any financial


In no event the Issuer, as defined above, (and its Team members) is liable to

any person or entity for any kind of any damages, losses, liabilities, costs or

expenses of any kind, whether direct or indirect, consequential, compensatory,

incidental, actual, exemplary, punitive or special for the use of, reference to, or

reliance on this White Paper or any of the content contained herein, including,

without limitation, any loss of business, revenues, profits, data, use, goodwill or

other intangible losses.


The CHARGED Token grants no property or administrative rights in the Issuer,

or any voting rights in resolutions of the Issuer, participation rights at general

shareholders meetings of the Issuer or others shareholder rights.

Nothing in this White Paper does not constitute any form of investment advice,

legal or financial advice or any such similar recommendation made by us.

This White Paper does not represent a prospectus or any other public offer

document regarding financial instruments, investments or other financial

products/services, or regulated products/services.

Markets are volatile and the price for all tokens (including CHARGED) can rise

or fall at any time leading to permanent losses.

The Issuer or any of the members of the Team cannot be held liable for any

damages that a person that acts or implements in its own activity the

information from this White Paper may suffer.

The Issuer or any of the members of the Team cannot be held liable for any

damages that may result from the forward-looking statements contained in this

White Paper .

Forward-looking statements, by their nature, are subject to factors beyond our

control and foresight. These factors could cause actual results or results that

differ materially from those expressed in forward-looking statements.

The Issuer or any of the members of the Team cannot be held liable for any

damages that may result from the renunciation/ modification/delay of certain

parts or elements of the GoChargeTech Ecosystem Project by us.

The GoChargeTech Ecosystem Project may be modified by us by

modifying/renouncing/delaying certain parts or elements of the GoChargeTech

Ecosystem Project, on our sole discretion, due to external factors, such as

market evolution or due to operational opportunity reasons or decisions.

We make no representations or warranties, express or implied, written or oral,

made by or on behalf of us in connection therewith, including any

representations or warranties of title, functionality, merchantability, usage,


security, suitability or fitness for any particular purpose, or technical quality of

the CHARGED Tokens.

We will not be responsible or liable to you for any loss and we take no

responsibility for, and will not be liable to you for, any use of the CHARGED

Tokens, including but not limited to any losses, damages, or claims arising from:

(i) user error, incorrectly constructed transactions, or mistyped addresses; (ii)

server failure or data loss; (iii) unauthorized access or use; (iv) any unauthorized

third-party activities, including without limitation the use of viruses, phishing,

brute-forcing or other means of attack against the service or CHARGED


Please note that tokens exists only by virtue of the ownership record

maintained in the MultiversX blockchain. Any transfers or sales occur on the

MultiversX blockchain. We cannot affect or otherwise control the transfer of

title or right in any tokens.

We are not responsible or liable for any sustained losses or injury due to

vulnerability or any kind of failure, abnormal behavior of software (e.g. wallet,

smart contract), blockchains or any other features of the Tokens.

The information in this document is subject to change or update without notice

and should not be construed as a commitment by the Issuer.

Governing Law

This document and the relationship between You and Us shall be governed by

and construed in accordance with the laws of Romania.