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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Their Official site text:

- Whitepaper -

Where Technology Meets Green



Whitepaper v.1.7 May 2023

GroveCoin 2023©


GroveCoin is on a mission to create wealth and prosperity for all individuals by

leveraging the potential of a secure and decentralized digital currency while

prioritizing environmental consciousness.

With a deep commitment to environmental sustainability, GroveCoin aims to

address the consequences of past ecological harm by providing compensation

to nature. By doing so, GroveCoin seeks to restore balance and contribute to a

healthier and more prosperous future for everyone.

Through its innovative approach, GroveCoin envisions a world where economic

growth and environmental well-being go hand in hand. By embracing a

sustainable mindset and actively taking steps to mitigate past abuses,

GroveCoin is dedicated to creating opportunities that benefit both individuals

and the planet.

Join GroveCoin on this transformative journey towards a future where crypto

investment is aligned with environmental stewardship. Together, we can build

a more sustainable and inclusive economy for the benefit of all.

3.1 Grove investment Portfolio &


3.1 a: Renewable Energy

3.1 b: Solar Technology

3.1 c: Hydroponic Farming

3.2 Donations

4.1 GroveKeeper© Green Digital Wallet

4.2 GroveX© Green Digital Wallet

8.1 Token Distribution

8.2 GroveBlockchain Connection Details

8.3 Network Validators

1.0 Introduction

2.0 The Grove Team

3.0 The Grove Philosophy

4.0 The Grove DeFi Ecosystem

5.0 GroveCoin Network

6.0 Grove Smart Contract

7.0 Grove Audit

8.0 Tokenomics



10.0 Road Map

GroveCoin 2023©



Grove Green Plan

Traditional cryptocurrency mining methods,

including high energy consumption and the

generation of electronic waste, pose extensive

environmental challenges. As the world is

shifting towards greener solutions to address

climate change, the current public perception

of cryptocurrency often obscures its vast

potential to drive transformative change.

The Grove Green Plan is GroveToken's

initiative to change this perspective and unlock

the latent promise of cryptocurrency. It serves

as a blueprint for the hybrid 'green crypto'

blockchain ecosystem and the eco-friendly

investment business that GroveToken is

dedicated to building. Their ultimate mission is

to promote a future that is healthier and more

prosperous for everyone.

GroveCoin ($GRV), as the native coin of the

'Proof-of-Authority' Blockchain of the same

name, offers a token supply protocol that

contrasts with the environmentally damaging

'Proof-of-Work' mining approach. The

GroveCoin blockchain creates a

comprehensive ecosystem of digital finance

utilities and opens up opportunities for other

projects to develop on the same network. The

mutual support between the GroveCoin

network and the GroveBusiness model

enables exposure and synergy amidst the

vibrant and expanding markets of crypto and

sustainable technology.

GroveKeeper, the digital asset wallet, offers

investors a secure and user-friendly platform to

acquire and hold their cryptocurrencies and

NFTs. With multi-layered insurance and access

to a DApps browser connecting to the

GroveSwap DEX, GroveKeeper is designed to

maximize usability while leveraging cutting-edge

cybersecurity measures for user protection.

As the pinnacle of GroveCoin’s Digital Finance

utilities, the GroveX CEX provides a robust,

intuitive exchange platform for both novice

investors and seasoned industry professionals.

Offering access to spot and futures trading,

integration with the GroveCoin DeFi dashboard,

and the unique 'GreenOasis' support program

for fellow 'green crypto' projects, it fosters a

collaborative network of projects committed to

environmental or humanitarian objectives.

Thus, it brings together diverse initiatives

seeking a better world under the united banner

of Grove.

GroveGold ($GRVG),a digital asset backed by

actual gold, serves as a bridge between the

time-tested reliability of precious metals and the

pioneering potential of blockchain technology.

1 GRVG = 0.02G of Gold.

GroveCoin 2022©

GroveCoin 2023©

Social Media Strategist Master in Telecommunication Engineering.

Highly experienced and driven Retail Business

Leader, passionate about building and

developing teams and achieving exceptional


outcomes. Over five years of experience in the

crypto world.

We are a team of professionals and entrepreneurs, known to be the best in the field.

With over one hundred years of experience in:

Having achieved consistent success, we are excited to revolutionize Green Crypto

growth and generate sustainable revenue and profits.

Social Media Strategist Business leader with over 30 years experience

in retail operations, national product

development, marketing, and large format

Retail Franchise Director. Passionate about

people and creating outstanding Customer

Experiences organically leading to outstanding

business success




Social Media Strategist

Marketing and content development leader

with over seven years experience in B2B and

B2C marketing, public relations, content

creation and community engagement.

Passionate about empowering and supporting

teams to think innovatively and deliver

outstanding results.







Retail Operations, running multi-million dollar businesses, Computer

Engineering, Accounting, market analysis, Sales, Marketing, cryptocurrency research and

trading, talent development, HR, app development, IT, and Graphic Design.

GroveCoin 2023©


What We Do Today Defines Our Tomorrow

The GroveBusiness investment approach not only

funds the exploration and creation of burgeoning

sustainable technologies and products but also

aims to deliver them.

For instance, the GroveCoin's 'Future Farming

Solutions' initiative was launched in October 2022

with a mission to provide necessary tools and

products to tackle escalating food scarcity issues.

The reciprocal relationship between the GroveCoin

network and the GroveBusiness model ensures

mutual growth, creating a powerful synergy

between the vibrant, expanding realms of

cryptocurrency and sustainable technology.

The Grove Green Plan was established with a

commitment to foster digital consciousness

regarding its impact on our natural ecosystem.

The GroveCoin blockchain intends to enable billions

of people to participate in digital transactions

securely and efficiently, while also being mindful of

their environmental footprint, thereby nurturing

prosperity for its stakeholders.

GroveCoin is

projected to

become the

flagship ecofriendly project

focusing on

greener and

more efficient

ways of using

digital currency

in our day-to-day


GroveCoin 2023©



3.1a Renewable Energy Market

Renewable energy is the bedrock of our planet's future, acting as

the focal point in the worldwide objective of curbing CO2

emissions and forging a cleaner, greener future for everyone.

Our long-term 'Green Plan' centers on technologies that can

lower emissions and stimulate job creation. To this end,

GroveCoin will channel a portion of all transactions back into

green industries and companies. This strategy not only fortifies

our brand but also yields returns for our stakeholders.

3.1b Solar Farming & Grove Energy Solutions

Solar is an efficient form of energy and a renewable solution,

lowering growing greenhouse emissions by reducing demand for

coal-fired power.

On February 3rd 2023, GroveCoin formally announced the

formation of 'Grove Energy Solutions' with Australian solar

provider WAEnergy to provide global clean energy solutions

through solar panel installation and Power Purchase Agreements

(PPA) providing decentralised power contracts from 5 to 30 years

in length to individual and organisations while also driving brand

awareness of the Digital Finance Ecosystem.

Grove seeks to capitalize and invest in the rapid evolution of the

solar market, while also investigating the many potential roles and

uses of blockchain technology in the green energy revolution.

A report from Allied Market Research states that; “the global

solar energy market was valued at $52.5 billion in 2018 and is

projected to reach $223.3 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of

20.5% from 2019 to 2026.”

 3.1c Future Farming Solutions

Focused on Hydro & Aeroponic farming solutions at residential,

retail and commercial scales Grove is looking to increase

accessibility to products and technologies that will allow the world

to tackle rising food scarcity.

Grove will provide a platform to support nations who have a high

reliance on imports to have more environmentally conscious and

self sufficient farming methods for the production of their own

fresh produce.

GroveCoin 2023©


The Grove Green Plan

Cultivating environmental preservation

Improving the health of our planet while addressing resource scarcity

Generating internal wealth by making our world safer

Grove will bring cryptocurrency giving initiatives together to maximize social

and business impact. All holders in the Grove community will be a part of

increasing social awareness for the preservation of our planet.

Our Grove philosophy aligns with:

Transparency underpins all operations at Grove. As such, GroveToken will

provide regular updates to all GroveCoin holders to show the development of

our Green initiatives.

GroveCoin 2023©



4.1 GroveKeeper Digital Wallet

GroveKeeper, our digital asset wallet, presents a secure and

user-friendly platform for investors to acquire and manage their

cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It comes with multiple layers of

insurance and provides access to a DApps browser, facilitating

connectivity to the integrated GroveSwap DEX and platforms for

staking and farming, thus offering passive income opportunities.

Designed to prioritize usability, GroveKeeper employs cuttingedge cybersecurity techniques to safeguard users. It stands out

with its array of features, including:

- Minimal transaction fees, reducing the cost of operations.

- Lower energy consumption by eliminating mining and, thus,

the need for third-party verification.

- Several layers of insurance, offering enhanced asset


- Project ranking based on a variety of metrics, facilitating

informed decision-making.

- Tokenomics distribution methods designed to mitigate adverse

chart impact.


TThe GroveCoin blockchain will underpin GroveX, facilitating

holders to transact digital assets while taking advantage of

price fluctuations with low transactional expenses.

A unique element within GroveX is the 'GreenOasis' program.

This initiative lends support to 'green crypto' projects

associated with GroveCoin, providing them with assistance

and incentives for partnerships. Harnessing the robust brand

reputation of GroveCoin, these environmentally conscious and

potentially specialized projects have the opportunity to

achieve wider market exposure and recognition.

4.2 GroveX Centralized Exchange


GroveToken 2022©

The GroveCoin Chain is a EVM-Compatible Proof-ofAuthority Network.

5.0 GroveCoin Network

GroveCoin GRV Chain


Although cryptocurrency is a young

industry many regard the Ethereum

(ETH) blockchain as a fundamental

cornerstone; retaining the second

highest native coin (Ether) by market

capitalization behind only Bitcoin.

It boasts a broad and versatile network

architecture for developing Web3 utilities

and well-known open source design

making it easy to integrate into effectively

all data structures. For these core

reasons that the GroveCoin blockchain

will be developed as a hard fork of the

ETH structure and then look to grow

along its own, unique path.

With the success of the 'Merge' in

September 2022 the Ethereum network

successfully transferred its service in a

live environment from a Proof-of-Work

block validation consensus to Proof-ofStake. Increasing the overall network

security and cutting it's net energy

consumption by 99% by no longer

requiring mining of blocks.

This event demonstrated not just the

robustness of the platform but a clear

example of how cryptocurrency had

much to gain in progress towards mass

adoption by moving towards greener

initiatives and practices. The unity and

shared potential of sustainability and

blockchain technology is the core ethos

of GroveCoin as a business.

The capacity to develop and execute

Smart Contracts in the same style as

Ethereum on a less-burdened and thus

more fee optimizer network is another

core advantage of the GRV blockchain.

These smart contracts allow developers

to design their DeFi projects specifying

elements such as supply and tokenomic

tax structure to tailor to their specific

needs on an established, secure and

accessible structure. In return the native

Coin of the network is used by investors

to execute transactions increasing it's

overall trading volume and value.

GroveCoin 2023©

The Smart Contract is one of the

fundamental components within a

financial blockchain. GroveCoin’s

contract serves as the digital

agreement between engaging parties

that are subsequently stored in the

blockchain, solidifying prior


These contracts may be determined

between two parties, through peerto-peer (P2P), Person-to-Organization

(P2O) and person-to-machine (P2M)


Research shows that Ethereum

based smart contracts have an

approx. 3 per cent failure rate,

meaning that even with smart

contract audits, failures can still arise.

However, smart contract bugs can be


Crypto Currency




Blocks are produced by approved

validators staking their assets to the


Validators randomly take turns to

produce blocks in a PoS manner

Validator set and efficiency is based

on on the quantity of staked coins

or tokens and each block requires

multiple validators to approve

Stakers are rewarded for their

contribution to the network with a

proportional amount of the staked


GroveCoin Smart Contract Technology

will utilize Proof-of-Authority (PoA) as a

block consensus mechanism, so that:





GroveCoin’s Smart Contracts work

similarly to those on popular networks,

whereby once a given criteria is fulfilled,

the financial contract is automatically

performed and the holder’s assets

transfer into digital currency.

GroveCoin 2023©

7.0 GroveCoin


Ensuring Security

The GroveCoin network has undergone thorough

auditing by Certik, a leading global identity

verification company that helps online businesses

prevent fraudulent activities and ensure regulatory

compliance. This audit confirms the network's

security and performance, providing investors with

confidence. As a result, staking and farming

functionalities are now available across all network

chains of GroveCoin (BSC, ETH & GRV), further

enhancing investment opportunities.

Audit Link:

Accuracy, transparency and security are integral

goals for all smart contract networks. Grove will

continue to validate the integrity of its smart contract.

Code audits will systematically and manually review

the code on blockchain development projects using

static code analysis tools in order to pinpoint errors

in the code.

GroveCoin will take all steps to ensure that contracts

pegged to financial assets and NFTs aren’t

susceptible to any external threats.

Source: 2022

GroveCoin 2023©

A Platform for the Future


The same token can circulate via cross-chain communication bridges.

Total circulation of the same token should be managed across all three networks.

GroveCoin can be created as a BEP20, ERC20 or GRV20 protocol token.

The native GroveCoin of the same-name network will have 0 Tokenomics, meaning no

tax rate beyond network fees will be charged on transactions. This structure means

other tokens or DeFi projects are incentivized to build on the GRV network and impose

their own tokenomics structure for Engage-to-Earn mechanisms without fear of creating

a compounding tax effect with the native Coin.


GroveCoin holders are invited to play an integral role through community engagement

on future developments within the GroveCoin Digital Asset ecosystem.

GroveCoin 2023©

8.1 Token Distribution

Below are the connection details for the GroveCoin native network, including both the live

mainnet and testnet for developers to securely develop and test the functionality of their smart

contracts in a 'sandbox' environment.

A faucet is also included to generate testnet GRV coins with which to test network fees and

contract responsiveness.

GRV Contract Address (All Chains): 0xF33893DE6eB6aE9A67442E066aE9aBd228f5290c

Default Decentralised Exchange:

8.2 GroveBlockchain Connection Details

GroveBlockchain Mainnet Network

Name: Grove


ID: 770077

Symbol: GRV


8.3 Network Validators

The GroveCoin network will allow for investors to create nodes on the network and apply

to become validators through a KYC process. These authorised nodes are used to

validate transactions on the blockchain and as such are a core part of the growth of the

platform. These validator slots will be opened to individuals or organisations as required

by network demands.

As a Proof-of-Authority network, these nodes will have to be validated by GroveCoin and

act with fellow validators to approve transactions as per the QBFT-PoA model. This

validation structure increases the overall security and integrity of the network while also

addressing the potential centralization issues that can occur in traditional PoA


GroveBlockchain Testnet Network

Name: Grove


ID: 770077

Symbol: GRV



GroveCoin 2023©

Involvement and

consultation are

the hallmarks of

a thriving digital


Investors are

empowered to

have their say on

upcoming events

and promotions




Fostering Investor Confidence

Markets and listings

New community channels

Future initiatives and investment priorities



GroveCoin is dedicated to building a

successful and thriving community

underpinned by the principles of support and


Through collaborative co-creation, our

investors - the Grove Green Army - are

empowered and their voices are heard.

Together we're able to enact transformative

change and deliver the products, services and

upgrades our community wants and needs.

Investors are consulted on:

GroveCoin 2023©


Cultivating Sustainable,

Enduring Progress for the

Entire Grove Community

Our roadmap is anchored in three

fundamental principles: enabling

financial autonomy, advancing

redistributive crypto technology, and

establishing a platform for people to

contribute to environmental

conservation through a decentralized,

scalable, and secure open-source


Please note that this timeline presumes

a smooth progression of development

without major obstacles. Should any

delays arise, they will be promptly

communicated to the Grove

community as a priority.


Grove Franchise



P2E Trailer


GroveX Launch

NFT Marketplace &


Marketing Blitz

for GroveSwap

and GroveX

GroveCoin, DEX &

Wallet Launch

Webstore Launch

New Era Metaverse



Farming Solutions

Multiple Top 10

Exchange Listings

Dubai HQ Designs

Dubai Royal

Family Member


GroveToken BSC




GroveCoin 2023©


GroveCoin operates as a digital finance-driven investment entity. The

GroveCoin $GRV is a digital asset that currently holds no rights, except for

governance privileges.

Any previous statements indicating potential advantages of holding $GRV

should be regarded as purely speculative. Acquirers of $GRV have no actual,

contingent, or prospective entitlement to any such benefits and should,

therefore, harbor no anticipation or expectation of any such benefits being

conferred upon them.

Any individual contemplating the acquisition of $GRV should consider seeking

independent counsel. Grove strongly advocates for individuals to conduct their

own due diligence. We do not provide any financial advice.

Regarding crypto investment risks, it's important to note that the value of

cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile and unpredictable, which can

result in rapid and substantial losses. Investors should be aware that they

could lose all or part of their investment. We encourage potential investors to

understand the nature and risks associated with cryptocurrency investments

and to seek advice from an independent financial advisor if necessary.


[email protected]