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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Their Official site text:

                      ART  & NFTs  Gallery 









Why buy ARTDRAW token... Predict the future by creating it

Immerse yourself in the future of cryptocurrencies with our revolutionary project!!!! A token backed by 100 unique works of art, each of which can only be purchased with our ARTDRAW governance token. 

We are fusing art and blockchain technology to unleash unprecedented opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies.

 Each art acquisition with ARTDRAW drives a virtuous cycle: funds generated are reinvested in more works, constantly raising the support and value of our project. 

Join us and be part of this symphony of growth!!!!

 The values ​​of works of art will increase as NFTs become known in the market, giving them visibility. From these profits will come the amounts destined to grow the work team and Marketing. since the taxes are only for liquidity of the token

The 3% sales and 5% purchase taxes go directly to increasing the liquidity of the Artdraw token. So it will not stop growing if we think about a community and hold and trade with ARTDRAW.

 But Imagine that if the token depreciated, you can acquire the works of art with them, they will always back your investment with a shield of resistance. These masterpieces, cultural treasures and inexhaustible sources of inspiration, are guardians of your financial confidence. In the world of art, true beauty does not fade; It strengthens over time.

Why to buy ARTDRAW token... Predict the future by creating it



Art Marketplace    On sale from September 1, 2024.

FIRE - Collection 7 Surrealist Horses are original works of art, made in Graphite- Art.M. OSACAR

Troy - Collection 7 Surrealist Horses are original works of art, made in Graphite- Art.M. OSACAR

Earth -Collection 7 Surrealist Horses are original works of art, made in Graphite- Art.M. OSACAR

Veggy- Collection 7 Surrealist Horses are original works of art, made in Graphite- Art.M. OSACAR

AIR - Collection 7 Surrealist Horses are original works of art, made in Graphite- Art.M. OSACAR

Water - Collection 7 Surrealist Horses are original works of art, made in Graphite- Art.M. OSACAR

From these first 16 Works of Art, made by The Great Illustrator and Painter Marcos Osacar,  the first NFt collections were born on Binance NFT Market Place

The 7 Surrealist Horses are original works of art, made in Graphite on Fabrianno of 300 Grs. They measure 50cm x 70cm.with white acrylic drops Price 1.393.399 Artdraw.

The Fifth Element are original works of art, made in Graphite on Fabrianno of 300 Grs. with white acrylic drops. They measure 50cm x 70cm. Price 1.393.399 Artdraw for each.

TROY  It is an original work of art, Acrylic Painting made on canvas on a frame. It measures 80cm x 80cm. Price 3.939.933 Artdraw.

The Ekeko. It is an original work of art, Original Oil Painting made on canvas on a frame. It measures 120cm x 120cm. Price 11.757.572 Artdraw token.

Ape baboon. It is an original work of art, Original Oil Painting made on canvas on a frame. It measures 120cm x 105cm. Price 15.757.572 Artdraw.

The North Wind. It is an original work of art, Original Oil Painting made on canvas on a frame. It measures 135cm x 140cm. Price 13.757.572 Artdraw.

The Discussion. It is an original work of art, Original Oil Painting made on canvas on a frame. It measures 120cm x 120cm. Price 7.757.572 Artdraw

White Paper 

ARTDRAW token is…

A Mystical Journey into the World of Art and its Human Creators. At the heart of art, where creativity and the human essence intertwine in an ethereal dance, ARTDRAW is born. This token stands as a beacon of support and recognition for artists whose talents shine in the shadows, fighting to be seen in a world embraced by inspiration.

The Magic of NFTs and Artistic Growth:

NFTs, bearers of the magical essence of digital art, will be the gateway to uncharted artistic growth. Like shooting stars in the night, these digital works will illuminate the paths of our artists, granting them the power to expand their art and find their global audience.

The Token's Value as a Revealed Mystery:

ARTDRAW, like an ancient relic, guards a sacred secret. Its value, like treasures hidden in ancient labyrinths, will grow with the global recognition of the artists we support. As their names are spoken on the four winds, the hidden treasures within ARTDRAW will be revealed, enriching those who possess it.

The Alchemy of ARTDRAW LABS:

Our alliance with ARTDRAW LABS is a pact on the path of creation. As the artists of this venerable institution flourish, the elixir of prosperity will spill over our token holders, transforming their investments into priceless works of art and wealth.

A Stroke of Utility:

ARTDRAW tokens, like ink in the hands of an artist, will be the tool to acquire exclusive physical artworks. Each stroke of utility will expand your collection and connect your spirit with the art you love.

Community Support as a Collective Spell:

The ARTDRAW community is a circle of kindred souls united by a love for art. As we join our hearts and efforts, we cast a spell that empowers our artists and elevates the value of our token.

Transparent Governance as an Open Spellbook:

Our governance is like an ancient spellbook open to all. Your voice has the power to shape our artistic and community destiny, like magical words that change the course of history.

Cultural Promotion and the Alchemy of Art:

ARTDRAW promotes the cultural and artistic wealth of the world. In our hands, art becomes liquid gold flowing through the veins of humanity, nourishing our souls and spirits.

The Art of the Future:

With ARTDRAW, we are weaving a tapestry of the future, where art and its human creators are revered and sustained. We become guardians of a legacy that transcends time and space, uniting our souls in a mystical journey of creation and expression.

This is the oath of ARTDRAW, a commitment to the magic of art and the mystical power of human creators. Join us on this journey into the unknown, where each brushstroke and every NFT is a portal to a world where art is the guiding force of our souls.

Quality, not quantity

In these two examples you will be able to appreciate the work of ARTDRAW LABS with its graphic designers and the works of art intervened. The work of this first stage of 16 works and their NFTs will be found on Binance NFT Marketplace in BNB and ETH. Follow the link buttons on our cover.


Phase 1: Born Idea(2016-2023)

We defined the Art Collection Focus for the General Project.

We identified the theme, style, and artists we should collect.

We researched and established criteria for selecting artworks.

We attended auctions, galleries, and art fairs.

We established contacts with collectors and dealers.

We acquired 100 artworks. We obtained certificates of authenticity for them.

Phase 2: Conversion to NFTs (2022-2023)

Digitize the Artworks. We hired a professional photographer to capture high-quality images of each artwork.

We archived and organized the images digitally.

We selected 16 artworks, including oil paintings, acrylics, and illustrations. We divided them into three collections.

The photos of the artworks were enhanced while preserving their rarity and exclusivity by graphic designers, creating between 18 and 33 images for each art piece.

We created the first NFTs for each collection.

We chose the BINANCE platform for  NFT creation in BNB ( acrylics &  illustrations on Binance Smart Chain).

We chose BINANCE MARKETPLACE plataform for NFT creation in ETH ( Oil & Rare )

We generated NFTs for each artwork.

We used BINANCE NFT MARKETPLACE  to showcase our collections.

Phase 3: NFT Sales (2023-2024)

We launched the NFT Sale.

With the proceeds from the sales, we will perform the following tasks: Promote the NFT Collection.

Determine pricing strategies (auction, fixed price, etc.).

Start selling NFTs to collectors and investors.

Marketing and Promotion. Collaborate with influencers in the NFT and art space.

Organize virtual art exhibitions and events.

Tokenize the Art Collection. Choose a blockchain platform for creating the Governance token (on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain).

Launch the ARTDRAW Token.

Create the ARTDRAW token and establish its value proposition.

NFT sales will provide liquidity for the project and the token.

September 2024, Start selling Physical Artworks that have gained visibility thanks to their derived NFTs, which can only be acquired through annual auctions with the Governance token.

The First Auction will be for the initial 16 Artworks in September 2024.

Phase 4: Continuing the Project with New Artworks (2024)

Repeat Phase 2 and part of Phase 3 for the remaining acquired artworks and new ones.

Acquire new artworks that will be transformed into NFTs to continue the project over time, creating an endless cycle where Art, NFTs, and their products flow.

Phase 5: Development of the ARTDRAW Brand (2026)

Integration of Artworks.

Collaborate with designers and manufacturers to create and enhance clothing and design objects based on the NFT collection and physical art.

Brand Establishment. Create a brand identity, including logos, a website, and social media profiles. Develop a marketing strategy to promote ARTDRAW.

Product Line Development. Design and produce clothing, accessories, and design objects inspired by your NFT collection and physical art.

Launch the ARTDRAW Store. Set up an online store and/or physical locations to sell ARTDRAW products.

Phase 6: Expansion and Sustainability (2027)

Maintain the NFT Collection. Continue promoting and selling NFTs.

Add new artworks to your digital collection. Increase Token Liquidity.

Ensure the liquidity and value of ARTDRAW tokens through active community participation and market engagement.

Diversify Income Sources.

Explore additional income sources, such as licensing ARTDRAW designs or organizing art-related events. Community Engagement.

Build and nurture a community of art enthusiasts and ARTDRAW followers. 

Works of art acquired by Artdraw  Gallery  that will soon go on sale. 

Estimated launch date for the sale of the works and their respective NFTs, March 2025