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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Their Official site text:

Decentralized metaverses and web3 initiatives are all the rage. In 2021, NFTs went
mainstream, with sales reaching close to $20B while numerous Play-2-Earn(P2E)
and virtual worlds achieved record-high $1B+ market caps with thousands of users
interacting and trading daily. This new digital frontier is laying the foundation for
digital ownership, communities, and the economy of the decentralized internet
while onboarding the next generation of crypto users.

However, most metaverses & P2E games have fallen short and arguably have failed
users. Virtual worlds lack substance and features. Web3 games have lost sight of
what is fun, creating just another way to work online. Both struggle to find
competitive advantages over their web2 counterparts, and even the most
established projects struggle to capture a meaningful user base outside

Litepaper 02
Litepaper 03
“Build, Play, Earn”

ZTX will build upon the foundation and success of ZEPETO, the largest metaverse
platform in Asia with over 400M+ registered users. With a focus on interoperability
and scalability, ZTX will leverage blockchain technology to empower players,
creators and communities.  
ZEPETO is a thriving, avatar-centric social metaverse focusing on creators,
cosmetic items, and various worlds to socialize in. With over 20M monthly active
users, ZEPETO has had 2.5B+ virtual items transacted on its platform. With a heavy
emphasis on supporting creators, ZEPETO has over 2M creators selling 3D fashion
items and over 200 brands using marketing budgets to support such creators. The
top-ranking creators generate six figures in revenue annually.

ZTX will embody the same aspects of social and creator development. However,
ZTX differentiates itself by extending the avatar experience beyond what currently
exists in ZEPETO. ZTX allows users to leverage their creativity and monetize their
time through actual on-chain ownership of assets. ZTX introduces the concept of
land, land improvement, and new asset categories as an extension of the
cosmetics that users have come to know and love. ZTX will also introduce aspects
of decentralized finance, a robust multi-tiered economy, and Districts that their
residents govern.

Ultimately, ZTX empowers not only creators but players and communities to
monetize through gameplay. ZTX focuses on delivering players an unrivaled, fun,
and rewarding experience. For creators, ZTX is a new expressive medium in which
they can grow their fan bases and monetize through asset and experience
creation. For everyone - it is a playground for creativity and a platform for
community, letting users of all backgrounds chart their journeys in a world beyond
the physical.
Litepaper 04
ZTX will introduce this new immersive world to a mixed group of crypto natives and
ZEPETO users. ZTX emphasizes education and empowerment, providing all users
access to web3 tools and experiences regardless of their background. Additionally,
by leveraging 1) existing ZEPETO software component architecture, 2) existing
web2 user base, and 3) existing pipeline of partnerships with global companies/
brands, ZTX will launch an unparalleled virtual experience that excites the market
like few other projects.
4.1 The World

ZTX will not have a predefined map with a limited amount of land. Our team felt this
approach was too limiting and induced an unhealthy level of speculation that led to
less organic user-driven development. Instead, ZTX will be comprised of
community-owned Districts and user-owned lands. Thus, by combining aspects of
an open world and player-controlled instance-based environments, ZTX unites two
unique but familiar gaming experiences.

Genesis Downtown — Beta
This will be the first experiential area and open-world concept ZTX offers. Giving a
preview of what is to come, the Downtown will be divided into four previews, each
paying homage to the four initial Districts through aesthetics and lightweight

Post Beta Districts are themed open-world areas where users can freely explore.
They have streets, buildings, events, public spaces, and much more. Districts are
also where a majority of the social and economic activity happens. Each District will
be governed by members who own a District Home NFT.
Litepaper 05
Land is an instance-based environment owned and developed by individuals. They
are free, can be customized and developed, and serve as a base for ZTX land
assets. Such assets contribute to the user’s ability to harvest materials and build
more assets. Additionally, land is a medium of expression for users to design an
extension of their social profile, and a place to hang out with friends. 

The Downtown, Districts and land will be immersive 3D environments that users
can explore as their ZTX Avatars.

4.2 Land

 4.2a Why Is Land Free?

Until now, land in the metaverse has mainly been a speculative asset targeted
toward investors and companies wishing to make a web3 appearance. However,
digital real estate has become a prime asset based on scarcity and geography,
much like the physical world. While this model may have its applications, at ZTX we
felt it was too limiting both from a user and world-advancement perspective.

With price tags in the thousands, the barrier to entry for an average player is too
high. However, land is the explorable space in such worlds. Owners can develop
this land to contribute to the world’s aesthetic, user experience, and economy.
Limiting the average player also limits their ability to participate and contribute
meaningfully. Regardless of whether land ownership is a requirement, we are left
with underdeveloped and underpopulated worlds.

Ownership of land in the physical world is inaccessible to most of the population.
Perpetuating the same limitations in the metaverse diminishes the users'
experience instead of empowering them. This is counterintuitive for a project
aiming to establish new frontiers in the digital world.

For those reasons, land in ZTX is
unlimited, easy to develop, and
free for all players.
Litepaper 06
 4.2b What is ZTX Land?

Land unlocks the core features of ZTX gameplay. By leveraging ZEPETO’s
customization tooling, land in ZTX will be easy to design and develop, serving as an
extension of each player’s social profile and a hub to socialize with friendsC
& Gameplay - land unlocks the ability to plant, harvest, and sell materials that can
be used to craft assets or sold for gold, one of ZTX’s in-game currencies
(discussed in 4.3). The land also serves as a base to place ZTX assets that
improve users' ability to generate materials. It is the economic engine
empowering users to build and earnC
& Medi'm of Self-Expression - due to its customizable nature, land is a creative
medium for users to express themselves. Whether it’s choosing a home that fits
your style or hanging up your favorite NFT collection as a painting in your living
room, land is a new way for users to create their digital identityC
& Immersive Social Experience - each plot of land is explorable by Avatars. So
are the Structure Assets (i.e. a Home) and Experiential Assets (i.e. Pool). ZTX
users can invite friends to explore their land and host eventsD
 4.2c New Player Jo'rney

Creating a ZTX account will be synonymous with receiving a plot of land. By
connecting their Web3 wallet, users can create their accounts and receive a plot of
ZTX land. This plot of land will come with a basic set of ZTX assets (base pack).
These, and any previously purchased ZTX NFTs, can be placed on the land as the
user wishes - starting the new player’s journey into ZTXD
4.3 Crafting and Development

 4.3a Materials

Materials are in-game resources that can be harvested, exchanged for gold, and
used to craft assets. Once planted, materials begin the first phase of their material
maturity life cycle.
Litepaper 07
After Aome amount of time, materialA will go into a ready-for-harveAt Atate. PlayerA
muAt return once the materialA are ready for gathering and complete the harveAt.
ThiA iA known aA the material-harveAt lifecycle.

 4.3b Gold

Gold iA an in-game currency that uAerA can Awap for materialA or purchaAe via
$ZTX. xchangeA occur via the materialA exchange hub, an in-game center for
buying and Aelling in-game currencieA. xample utilitieA of gold include3
 PurchaAe materialA and reAourceA from other player@
 PurchaAe blueprintA and deAign@
 PurchaAe unique claAAeA of gold-denominated item@
 PurchaAe ticketA to variouA portal game@
 Participate in raffleA and lotteries

AA playerA progreAA through their journey within ZTX, different aAAetA will become
available for crafting. While Apecific aAAetA might carry individual characteriAticA
that enable the player to participate in certain activitieA or experienceA, the totality
of the playerA’ aAAetA on their land contributeA to a Land AppraiAal Acore. Scoring iA
uAed to encourage crafting, creativity, and highlight leading playerA while giving
them acceAA to Apecial opportunitieA.

4.4 Assets

There will be a flouriAhing ecoAyAtem of aAAetA for uAerA to interact with in ZTX.
There are two broad categorieA of aAAetA:ML
 Platform Generated - are aAAetA deAigned and launched by ZTX(
 User Generated - are aAAetA deAigned and launched by creatorA, both at the
individual and community level.

Having a conAtant flow of new aAAetA enricheA the ZTX experience – powering itA
economy and therefore vital for growth. The majority of aAAetA introduced in ZTX
during the firAt year will be Platform AAAetA. AA we Atreamline the ability for creatorA
to deAign and launch aAAetA in ZTX, our goal iA to tranAition to a UGC metaverAe.
Litepaper 08
 4.4a Land Assets

Land assets can be classified as any ZTX asset that can be placed and utilized on
one’s land. A majority of these assets will be NFTs, however, the initial ‘base pack’
of objects a user receives to start developin% their land, and the land itself, won’t
There are 2 cate%ories under which land assets fall, and diJerent types of assets
under those cate%ories.\
# Utility - land assets that aid one’s ability to plant and harvest materialI
# Cosmetic - aesthetic assets]
That’s not to say that a Utility Asset can’t have aesthetic value for the owner.
Additionally, both cate%ories of land assets can be Experiential, meanin% that users
can interact with that Asset.]
There are also diJerent types of land assets+\
# Structures - buildin% assets that a user can ente*
# Decor & Furniture - land assets that can be placed inside or around structures,
like paintin%s, couches, or landscapin$
# Environmental - natural landscapin% assets such as plants, trees, and %ardens2
# Accessories - land assets like outdoor furniture, fences, and fountainI
# Play - land assets for interactive activities such as a pool, basketball court, or

In %eneral, most land assets should fall under one of these types. However, new
ZTX assets whether platform or user-%enerated may break these conventional
definitions and we will continue to introduce additional classes of assets over time.
Litepaper 09
 4.4b Wearables

Wearables are cosmetic assets that ZTX Avatars can wear or hold. They let users
freely express themselves. ZEPETO is a leader in avatar cosmetics and ZTX aims to
bring the same experience to web3.

 4.4c Experiential Assets

ZTX assets that enable an immersive/3D experience are considered experiential.
`sers can trigger this by clicking on the asset and choosing to participate in the
experience/use it. This can be done solo or with friends.

Examples include:
 Homes and other structures - users can enter, explore, and decorate the
 Badminton and basketball nets - users can play the sport_
 Cars, bikes, and skateboards - an alternative to walking around the District 

Most experiential assets will need to be placed on the owners land to be used,
such as the badminton/basketball court. Some assets will also be required to
participate in mini-games/activities. For example, the user will need to own a
skateboard to use the public skatepark.

Since ZTX is a social metaverse, experiential assets will often enable multi-user
experiences. `sers can invite their friends over for a ride in their car, or to play 1-
on-1 badminton. ZTX takes hosting social gatherings in the metaverse up a level.

 4.4d User Generated Assets

ZTX aims to empower creators from all backgrounds and skill levels to design and
create (mint) ZTX assets. These are known as `ser Generated Assets (`GAs). By
providing a seamless experience for both beginners and advanced creators, ZTX
will support an ecosystem of `GAs that can be incorporated into ZTX gameplay
while paying dividends to their creators. This will be accomplished through:
Litepaper 10
l Creator Prodmcts@-@a@suite@of@products@for@creators@of@diLerent@levels@to@design@
l Creator SDKs@-@tailored@to@advanced@creators@looking@to@build@larger-scale@
l Smart Contracts@-@to@support@revenue@for@the@creator@of@assets@and@Districts@


l Pick@from@wearable@asset@templates@like@hoodies,@t-shirts,@pants,@hats,@glasses,@
l Design@the@wearable@to@their@liking@(color,@text,@images,@emojis…)?
l Create@custom@wearables@that@represent@their@NFT@collections@(i.e.@Bored@Ape@

4.5 Minting, Bmying & Selling Assets

l ZTX Marketplace@-@an@in-browser@marketplace,@similar@to@OpenSea@and@Magic@
l 3D Storefronts@-@virtual@shopping@experiences@where@users@can@view@and@

Litepaper 11
, Crafting - players can craft -mint) assets using their harvested materials or
purchasing them with gold.

Each District is a self-governing community within ZTX. If land empowers individual
players, Districts empower communities to build, play, and earn together.

ZTX Districts will have their own style and aesthetic that compliments the
experiences available. Initially, we will have 4 Districts: Games, Arts, Financial, and
Fashion. Additional Districts will be added by ZTX and eventually voted in through

Two key characteristics of Districts that differ from land are:
Each player will have a customizable Avatar in ZTX. Avatar cosmetics are a major
aspect of ZEPETO’s core offering and ZTX will leverage existing tech to bring the
same great user experience to its players. This will be accomplished through the
ZTX Avatar Builder. 

The Avatar Builder will allow users to customize their Avatar’s looks, cosmetics, and
wearables. It will support 3D viewing and eventually be integrated with the ZTX
Marketplace and 3D storefronts to let users try on wearables before buying.
Avatars & Avatar
Litepaper 12
f Downtowns - are economic hubs of activity tieH to each District. Exploring the
uniCue Hesign anH style may be an aHventure in itself, but the varying
experiences will bring each Downtown to lifeR
f Open-world - each Downtown area will be a space where players can meet
other players anH participate in experiences together.

6.1 Community-Oriented Building

Just as lanH is a blank canvas for players to builH, play anH earn, each District’s
Downtown area is an opportunity to Ho the same as a community.

Districts are subDAOs maHe up of members who own a District Home NFT. Each
District will have its own treasury whereby members of the DAO can vote anH
propose ways to allocate the funHs. Districts shoulH look to Hevelop anH improve
their Downtown areas, through experiences anH aesthetics, which will attract more
users anH can in return generate rewarHs back to the treasury. RewarHs can be
generateH through multiple avenues, such asB
f District Builds - builHings anH experiences associateH with the District DAO
that have economic outpu>
f Experiences - subDAOs can builH, commission, anH host experiences like
portal games, activities, or events anH benefit from the rewarHs earneG
f District Contribution Fee - another methoH for District DAOs is to aHH a small
fee on all experiences within that Distric>
f Advertisement - virtual billboarHs anH branHeH facaHes/storefronts that are
the subject of biHs from branHs, inHiviHuals, anH DAOs

6.2 Joining a District

To join a District DAO, players must purchase a District Home NFT.
Litepaper 13
In ZTX there are two kinds of homes, a base set and the District Home NFTs. The
base set of homes is free and users will attain one when they get a plot of land.
Base Homes are not NFTs, but users can buy assets to customize their Home to
their liking. District Homes are also customizable and offer the same immersive inworld experience as base Homes, however, each District Home is an NFT with a
special trait that unlocks access to the District DAO. By placing the District Home
on your land, you will be able to participate in your District's governance and get
boosted gameplay perks.
ZTX will have a diverse set of experiences available to users, with most of the
activities taking place in the Downtown areas following a District theme.ƒ
c Portal Games - transport players away from the Downtown area and into a
game environment where they can play with others to win tokens. Each portal
game will have a presence in the Downtown area where a user can walk up to
and enter the game. This storefront acts as a portal into the game. Games can
be tournament-style or plot-based, whereby all the competing users will have
the chance to win a number of tokens. Therefore, portal games offer free-2-play
players another route to earnind
c Mini-Games - unlike portals, mini-games take place in the Downtown area.
They act like arcade games with leaderboards and minimal entry costs. Minigames can also involve NPCs. For example, a player could walk up to a
basketball court and be prompted to play 21 against an NPC, where the winner
can win tokensZ
c Themed Activities - each District will have a growing list of activities for users
to experience. Activities will be themed and located in relative Districts.
Litepaper 14
EUample eUperiences by Dis7ric7: 

< Por7al :ames such as hovercraf7 racin9
< A conven7ion cen7er for hos7in: even7s and vir7ual versions of IRL conferenceT
< An eSpor7s 7ournamen7 arena and s7orefron7s*
< A +niversi7y for players 7o earn skills (and even7ually :e7 jobs in =TX)

< A :allery where users can view and purchase NFTs, and ar7is7s can showcase
7heir work*
< NFT communi7y clubhouses and han:ou7 spo7T
< A :raffi7i eUperience *
< A movie 7hea7er 7o hos7 premiers and film fes7ivals*
< A s7ree7 lined wi7h cafes for users 7o cha7 over coffee *
< An auc7ion house 7ha7 le7s users en7er raffles 7o earn eUpensive pieces of ar6
< A museum for bo7h NFT ar7 and cryp7o educa7ion*
< A venue 7ha7 allows celebri7ies and IPs 7ha7 we work wi7h have :a7ed fan
mee7in:s and vir7ual press conferences

< S7orefron7s where users can 7ry on and purchase wearableT
< Ava7ar self-care eUperiences such as a nail salon or :ym*
< Hi:h-end res7auran7s and ni:h7clubs*
< A red carpe7 venue for fashion shows
< Immersive ways 7o eUperience DeFi such as:*
< A marke7 for eUplorin: 7okens*
< A cen7er for di:i7al savin:T
< Educa7ional kiosks where users can learn abou7 pro7ocols and earn
Litepaper 15
7.1 A Note on DeFi

The Financial District will serve as the hub for all types of DeFi activity. The District
is an immersive frontend for integrations/partnerships with leading DeFi protocols.
Additionally, it is where users can explore financial opportunities special to ZTX,
such as collateralizing their ZTX assets. To encourage in-world DeFi, we will have
an incentive structure for $ZTX boosts on the DeFi activities that take place in the
Financial District.

Complementing every aspect of ZTX will be the platform's rich social features: ‹
e Friends - users can manage a friends list by adding or removing other users.
Once friends, users can invite each other to join the same instances and
experiences, or chat via text or voice.‹
e Hosting Friends - land owners can invite friends over to their property to hang
out. All of the visiting users can chat with each other and experience activities
like swimming in the pool or having a BBQs
e Events - a great way to meet similar-minded users, events in each District will
have social features that empower users to become friendss
e Chat - in open-world areas like Downtowns, users can communicate with other
players in that instance. It will be up to users if they want to enable this feature
and strict security measures will be taken. Each Portal Game will give players an
opportunity to chat with other players. This feature is easily turned off/on by
individual users.
Litepaper 16
< Share to Social Media - a feature that allows users to take a screenshot of their
ZTX experience - be it during a game, walking around Downtown, or hanging
out in their Homes - and share it on popular social media platforms.
ZTX will have a multi-layered approach to world economics. $ZTX will serve as the
hard currency of the broader ZTX. There will also be assets such as gold coins and
materials, which can be used in-game to craft NFTs and enter games. 

In order to align and empower community members, $ZTX will enable governance
at multiple levels. Additionally, a portion of the economic activity that happens in
ZTX, and across products such as the ZTX Marketplace, will be distributed to

More information regarding $ZTX and its utility, distribution, and world economics
will be shared in the coming months.

9.1 Materials

Materials are soft currencies that are earned via gameplay. They can be used to:ˆ
< Craft ZTX assetsˆ
< Sold for gold - which can be used to buy assets and enter gamei
< ‡sed to further develop land

The Material -> AOOet LifecHcle†
< Some initial material is planted (i.e. seedsG
< Materials are harvested (tree) and replanted (seeds)
Litepaper 17
1 Materials are used to build new assets or sold for gold

The land and the set of objects that users receive will help them kickstart this
process. By continuously harvesting and developing their land, players can improve
their gameplay or monetize their time and creativity. In both circumstances, as a
player, you must make strategic decisions over the assets you build.
ZTX is a community-first project that aims to transition decision-making from the
core development team to the community. ZTX governance will take place on two
levels - World and DistrictP
1 World Qovernance - stakers can propose and vote on community treasury
expenditures and world parameters like tax. For example, stakers could propose
to book a world-famous celebrity to perform a concert inside ZTX.t
1 District Qovernance - District members (District Home NFT owners) can
propose and vote on District treasury expenditures and District parameters like
the District contributions rate. For example, a District’s community could
propose building a new casino that requires commissioning a designer, which
may consume $ZTX and materials, but could drive District revenue. 

Only World governance will be available at Beta launch. District governance will be
rolled out after the individual District Downtowns are created. Additionally,
Councils can be established to help guide governance at both levels. Councils are
made up of nominated members who propose and execute ideas that help grow
ZTX or Districts.

The exact mechanics and parameters around governance have yet to be
established, but will likely evolve over time as more community members join.
Litepaper 18
F QueGtG -[daily,[weekly,[or[monthly[quests[set[out[by[ZTX[initially[and[then[the[
F The ZTX GameG[-[our[take[on[the[Olympics.[Each[District[selects[players[to[
F Home Party -[a[bespoke[ZTX[social[feature[that[makes[it[easier[to[host[social[
F Calendar IntegrationG[-[make[it[so[that[users[can[easily[one-click[add[to[their[
F Creator Studio & SDK[-[as[mentioned[above,[we[plan[to[establish[a[ZTX[
F Creator Launchpad[-[an[extension[of[the[NFT[Marketplace[wher