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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Their Official site text:

First ETH Network for memes designed for global impact.
Add text, images, and stickers to a meme template, then save your creation. Using the built-in Meme, GIF, and Video editor on MEMEStation, you can create, share, and locate funny content all in one place.
MEMEStation Solution
Therefore, our only real chance of onboarding mainstream individuals is to target social media and enroll Web2 to Web3 users. Memes are the most obvious area to start in. We need not be serious to accomplish something significant. Today's culture is centered on memes. Memes are shared, used, and enjoyed by everyone in the world. Memes don't matter to you; you just enjoy them. You don't judge them.
Individuals spend a normal of 3.5 hours of their own experience on informal communities every day and don't get anything for it. This, in our opinion, is unfair.
MEMEStation goal is to shift the current paradigm, which holds that users are the product. Our central goal is to furnish everybody with the potential chance to bring in cash on interpersonal organizations, no matter what the quantity of supporters. A reward system based on a Meme-To-Earn model, a next-generation NFT marketplace, and a lot more will provide users with opportunities to monetize their time spent on the platform while also enjoying the super-gamified user interface to the fullest!
Use Cases
MEMEStation contributes a portion of its profits to the community. It's amazing, isn't it?

We support Web3. DApps, or applications that are fair, open, and transparent, can now be created thanks to blockchain technology. MEMEStation is laying the groundwork for the future social networks: Content I create is mine to own; I get what I want while having fun. I can make even more money from each meme I publish by turning it into an NFT. MEMEStation is pioneering Meme-To-Earn for explosive and viral community growth, building on established concepts like Play-To-Earn and Move-To-Earn. So, why aren't you joining us now? Web3 makes the Internet "democratic". The user's ownership of digital items is recorded and verified in an irrefutable manner using blockchain technology. In this phase of the Web, clients can possess advanced information and get benefits from it.
Revenue Policy
Conventional stages save 100 percent of their income for themselves. Because of this egotistical approach, only the most well-known content creators can sustain themselves through their passion. Putting the user at the center of the product is the goal of Web3. Because of this, MEMEStation incorporates multiple layers of rewards, allowing our users to gradually accumulate $MMS, the ecosystem's native currency.
1. Ads
MEMEStation advertisements are based on a Click Per View ratio. Advertisers pay a small fee each time one of their ads is seen. Instead of keeping these funds, we redistribute 30% of this in the chart buyback and burn the tokens. Our users are rewarded every time they see an ad.Tipping system and premium subscriptions
2. Tipping system & premium subscriptions
Users of MEMEStation have the option to subscribe to a variety of plans designed by the creators they admire in order to gain access to exclusive content or content before the rest of the community.
3. NFT Marketplace & royalties
MEMEStation users can sell their memes on MEMEStation's official NFT marketplace after turning them into NFTs. These images exchange uninhibitedly and keep on procuring recurring, automated revenue when exchanged on the auxiliary market. Memes now have a new economic dimension, making it possible for content creators to monetize their creations.
This project is not just a meme wearing some different costumes, but aiming to show a new perspective of MEME culture based on its proprieties, which are: 
Meme are a way to share thoughts, feeling, humors, ideas and culture across the internet.
Meme is a way of visual communication in the digital age !
Meme Book
Going back to history !
Production of a book that includes all of the recent history of memes, its function is to teach those who visit our platform or want to know more about its history, where they appeared, why they appeared, and much more !