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Blockchain Games with NFTs

The Decentralized Revolution in the Gaming World!

Until recently, the video game industry operated with a one-sided value distribution model, where companies developed applications and interacted with gamers. Users would purchase the product, paying the developers, and in return, they would only receive the opportunity to enjoy the game and gain gaming experience. Although players could "level up" their characters and, with enough persistence, unofficially sell them, such transactions were limited to the gaming environment where the actions took place.

In essence, the ability to monetize one's achievements was significantly limited.

With the advent of blockchain and NFTs, the situation has changed. Now, players can create, level up, exchange, sell, or buy various gaming artifacts. This can be done not only within one game, but also beyond its confines. From now on, players have the ability to generate value, own it, and validate their ownership rights through the utilization of blockchain technologies

How Do NFT Games Work? 

Players perform various actions in the game (complete missions, interact with other players, collect artifacts, and so on), accumulating assets in the form of NFTs. The value of these NFTs increases as the item become more advanced within the game, making them more sought-after in the secondary market. This NFT can later be sold on the .

Blockchain games provide a unique opportunity for players to receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency, thereby generating value, unlike a traditional video games, where the value is predetermined solely by the game design and mechanics.

All artifacts and items in the game are NFTs and are stored on the blockchain. These NFTs are independent of the developer, exclusively belonging to the player, and are always under their control. As the owner, the player has full autonomy to manage these NFTs according to their preferences.

One such game is the MetaTrace application

Join us and discover the amazing world of MetaTrace!


MetaTrace is the world's first GameFi project featuring a Free to Play and Earn model on a real-world map.

The MetaTrace application is a game incorporating a variety of game mechanics aimed at combining geolocation, blockchain environments, and classic game strategies.

It is based on augmented reality technology, which offers users a unique gaming experience and an easy immersion into the world of Web3 technologies. Our team is diligently working on creating a platform that will allow each player to realize their ideas and become the creator of their own adventures. The application is developed by professionals with experience working in top gaming studios: Niantic (Pokemon Go), Wargaming (World of Tanks), Kama Games, Game Insight, and others.

The virtual map of MetaTrace is a replica of the real world, reflecting our entire globe. Every step you take in the real world impacts the events occurring within the game. Your physical activity is reflected in the game space, and your avatar accurately replicates your movements. Explore the space and find rewards in . Each box contains  tokens, various NFTs for participating in mini-games, and most importantly — .

​ — are unique creatures from the Web3 world, inspired by NFT collections, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trends, memes, and popular figures. You will embark on a journey to search for pets around the world, collect them, crossbreed them, and upgrade them. Assemble an incredible collection, engage in battles with other players, and conquer territories. Showcase your skills and mastery in dynamic competitions.

Additionally, you can look forward to exciting mini-games, available only with specific NFTs, such as the . By participating in the games, you can earn rewards in the form of  tokens, mine resources to upgrade your avatar and Cypets, enhancing their level and abilities.

MetaTrace not only allows you to immerse yourself in gaming adventures but also opens up the opportunity to receive rewards based on your achievements. We are creating a unique economic model where rare and unique NFTs will serve as a source of high rewards for players. Skill, expertise, talent, and luck will become key factors for success in the virtual map.

Unforgettable experiences, new acquaintances, friends, and a multitude of exciting challenges are wating for you in MetaTrace. Embark on an incredible journey at the intersection of the virtual and real worlds. You will have the opportunity to unlock the potential of blockchain, explore new technologies, and experience the superiority of the Web3 environment.

We are creating more than just another NFT game, this is a breakthrough in the world of mobile applications where innovative technologies and blockchain are embodied in captivating gameplay.

Join the gaming revolution!

Our Mission

Changes occur where your focus is directed!

Our primary mission is to inspire and motivate millions of people to have more contact with the real world and engage in physical activity every day. We believe we can introduce players to the world around them in a new way, help them broaden their horizons, meet people, and explore new locations. Collect digital artifacts within your city and interact with other players, forge friendships, and exchange resources in MetaTrace.

We are not inventing new "utopian" metaverses and virtual worlds; instead, we enhance the real world with interactive elements using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. This allows players to feel each challenge more intensely, meet with friends more often, and actively develop beyond the game.

We also set an ambitious goal for ourselves:

to introduce tens of millions of users to the world of Web3 technologies. 

We believe that Web3, with the help of blockchain, will allow us to build an independent economy where "freedom" and "transparency" are paramount.

Thanks to innovative concepts and mechanics, we have developed a gameplay process where the player, step by step, discovers a new decentralized world and acquires cryptocurrency usage skills. In a game format, they will create their own wallet and receive their first unique NFT tokens. Our team is working on developing a whole ecosystem of Web3 products that provide simple access to opportunities within and beyond the game.

We're betting on the real world!

Our Principles

In this section, we will share our principles according to which we develop MetaTrace

Engaging and understandable gameplay is the primary focus of the project team.

Qualitative Free-to-play, freedom for players to choose their own game format, and the possibility to use NFTs for advanced users.

The stability of the game economy always takes precedence over scaling and profitability.

Transparency and attention to communication with players. It is important for us to be open with our community and improve the product based on user feedback. All information about the project, as well as the team, is publicly available.

Forming prize pools for players through a clear .

Simplicity and accessibility of Web3 solutions in the game, convenience for beginners.

The security of each user's personal data.

Active blocking of farming and combat against it in the game.

Our Advantages


We offer you a complete control over your gaming assets. Thanks to NFT technology, every item, character, or artifact you own in MetaTrace becomes unique and irreplaceable. You can be confident that no one can counterfeit, alter, or steal your assets. This gives you complete freedom to own, trade, and collect NFTs.


A unique experience of interacting with other players. You will be able to communicate, unite, compete, and collaborate with players from all over the world. Our platform provides safe and transparent transactions, allowing you to confidently interact with other players and trust them.

You can create teams, exchange assets, and jointly explore the virtual world.


You can earn cryptocurrency for gaming achievements. Your talent, skill, luck, experience, and game knowledge become the foundation for receiving rewards. You can sell your unique gaming assets or offer services to other players. We stimulate and encourage the community's contribution to creating a stable economic system.


We are building a truly stable and fundamental economic system that has incorporated the most successful ways of monetization, reward distribution, onboarding, and other aspects. As you dive into our project and develop your profile, you can be confident in the project's longevity and robustness.

Technology scalability

Explore the real world at the intersection of technologies. Today, you use our map, a copy of the world, for orientation in the game, "tomorrow" it could be augmented reality glasses. Become the most experienced among the players and you will be amazed by the opportunities that will open up for you in the future. Our platform is constantly updated and evolves, offering the latest technological developments and content consumption during gaming adventures.

Terms and Abbreviations

This section introduces frequently used terms and abbreviations. Please review the list for a more comfortable reading experience.

Mass Adoption

In the world of cryptocurrencies, this refers to the widespread use of cryptocurrency in daily operations, such as purchasing goods and services, sending money, investing, and much more. It also means that blockchain technology will be extensively implemented in various industries and fields of activity, changing the way many processes function.


Non-fungible token, this is a unique token in the blockchain network that exists in a single instance (as opposed to fungible tokens, each of which is a copy of any other). NFTs usually represent digitized images, text information, messages, and so on.


A distributed ledger of data that is stored decentrally, that is, on many computers in the network. The blockchain stores all transactions ever made in a given network, and can be viewed at any time by anyone who wishes.

Gas fee

In the context of blockchain, gas is a unit of measurement used to determine the cost of performing operations and computational tasks on the blockchain. It is a measure of the computational resources required to execute a particular operation or transaction on the blockchain.

MAU (Monthly Active Users)

Monthly Active Users (MAU) – a metric showing the popularity of a game, platform, or community among users. It is one of the main indicators for project evaluation.


A unit of account, a certain set of symbols recorded in the blockchain, is needed to display your digital balance in some asset, i.e., a record of what you own and in what quantity.


A combination of "token" and "economics," tokenomics is a general term for describing the characteristics of crypto-token demand and supply. Unlike state currency, tokens do not have a mutually agreed value. Value must be created for them and described in a tokenomics.


An untility in-game token in MetaTrace. Its emissions are unlimited.


A token in MetaTrace with limited emission. The total number of TRC tokens is 5,000,000,000.


The cryptocurrency of the Polygon project, which operates on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. Polygon is a Layer 1 solution for the Ethereum network.


The concept of "next-generation internet" is made possible by blockchain and services based on it. In this concept, users can not only consume content but also become its authors and owners, obtain exclusive rights to it, and monetize it. They can also take a direct part in project management, voting with their crypto tokens.

Genesis NFT Pass 

Genesis NFT Pass — an NFT in the MetaTrace metaverse, tied not only to the NFT Cars mode mechanics, but also giving privileges to its owners within the entire MetaTrace project and other mechanics added to the project. For instance, it gives privileges for participation in various future airdrops conducted by us (the developer) specifically for Genesis NFT Pass owners.

Non-custodial wallet

It's a digital, decentralized wallet that doesn't belong to any organization. At the moment of creating the wallet, the user receives access keys, like an electronic safe that only user have access to.


Turning a regular image, gif, or track into an NFT, appearing in your wallet and at the same time making its debut on the market. "Minting an NFT" essentially means being the first in the network to claim your rights to a particular piece of art.


Free minting.


The exchange of one asset for another at a specified rate, carried out between two users or between a user and an exchange.

Floor Price

The lowest fixed price for items in a collection.


Pre-sale or a set of actions preceding the sale.


Creating and issuing cash and non-cash money into circulation.


The process of placing cryptocurrency on an exchange to start trading with other assets.


"Gem" is a potentially profitable asset, is usually underrated and inconspicuous among all others.


A bonus to the NFT creator for each of its resales, in the form of a certain percentage of the amount received by the seller.

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

Initial Exchange Offering — the issuance of project tokens on CEX (centralized crypto exchanges).

IDO (Initial DEX Offering)

Initial DEX Offering — the issuance of project tokens, backed by liquidity pools on DEX (decentralized crypto exchanges).

Start of the game

Download the free MetaTrace app and start your journey

To start playing MetaTrace, you just need to download the application and go through a simple registration. Our Web3 game offers a comfortable experience for newcomers, and anyone can start playing for free without the need to purchase NFTs.

We are creating a stable economic system based on an innovative model:


From the start, you have access to basic gameplay with all the mechanics of a geolocation game. Explore the map, find Boxes, open them, and receive your first rewards.

Three game models 


After registration, you receive your , with which you explore the virtual map. You can move around the terrain, find with tokens, Cypets and other NFTs (in limited quantities). In this case, the economy remains in-game, without the possibility of withdrawing tokens outside the game.

With a TracePro subscription

By paying for a TracePro subscription, in addition to extensive gameplay, you are given the opportunity to use , interact with , and have a wider range of token usage options. 

With a subscription, the number of boxes, NFTs, and other game assets on the map increases, and the chances of finding rarer items and pets become higher. When subscribing, you unlock full exchange and trading of NFT items with other players.

Buying NFTs (for advanced users)

For more qualitative and advanced gameplay in the MetaTrace virtual world, you can purchase an , , ,  or other artifacts. From this moment on, you gain full access to the game's interface as it currently stands (the game is in continuous update mode). The reward level is much higher, the number of  is larger, and the mechanics are more interesting.

The purchase of NFTs occurs on the internal  with the  ( blockchain cryptocurrency). Soon there will also be an option to purchase with  tokens.

World Map

Our team has spent four years developing a world map generator. The geolocation platform is a unique and independent technology.

MetaTrace map

At the core of the MetaTrace app is a world map, which is a vital part of our platform. It's a digital replica of the real-world map, accessible in augmented reality. In this mode, you can explore and interact with the virtual space, performing various actions in the real world.

Advantages of our map:

Realism. The MetaTrace world map accurately reflects the geographical features and terrains of the real world based on open data. This allows you to explore virtual versions of real places such as cities, cultural landmarks, and natural formations.

Interactivity. All locations on the map are filled with a large number of objects and content with which you need to interact for further progress in the game. The ability to interact is determined by the distance from the avatar to the object, indicated by an orange line.

Resources and events. Our map can display various resources and events available at specific locations. For example, you can find valuable items or participate in unique events happening at various places on the map.

Navigation and orientation. The MetaTrace map gives players the ability to navigate and orient themselves in the virtual environment. The map can be used to find rewards, discover new places, and explore the surrounding environment.

Mobility. As this platform is an in-house product of our company, we can flexibly modify it for any needed look and gameplay. The technology we use allows us to release a product without a significant load on servers and user devices. In the case of using third-party geolocation resources, developers find themselves in very tight constraints for map usage.

MetaTrace merges the real world with a virtual environment, creating a captivating and unique experience!


A convenient and secure wallet for storing tokens and NFTs

Upon registration, a non-custodial wallet is automatically created for each user. All transactions are conducted on-chain in the . You can view the entire transaction history in .


TraceWallet supports the following tokens:

Tokens ​

Tokens ​

Tokens ​

NFT: storage and management of any type of NFTs (including NFTs used in the game).

TraceWallet provides reliable protection of your assets!

Upon creating a wallet, you are given a seed phrase that you need to write down and keep in a safe place. The seed phrase allows you to restore access to the wallet in case of device loss or damage.

Make sure to keep the seed phrase in a safe place and not to share it with others!

Attention! Our team does not have access to your seed phrase. In case of loss of the phrase, you will not be able to restore access to your wallet, and the funds will be lost.

Since our project is built on the , users can view all their tokens in any wallet that supports this network. For example, to view  and  tokens, you can use the  wallet.