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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Their Official site text:

Introduction to Web3Shot

Learn Web3 and earn crypto by gamified quiz.

Take quiz, find support, earn rewards, and start building your web3 reputation!

Kickstart your Web3 journey today in our community. 

What is Web3Shot?

Web3 is pulling in more world class talent – drawn either by working at the forefront of technology or rewriting how we engage online. In this industry, you’ll be working with like-minded individuals who not only believe in the future of blockchain technology, XR, IoT, AI, and machine learning, but are also working towards making these technologies a reality and adopted by the general public.

However, it is not easy to understand various terminologies and adopt the new technology.

Web3Shot is building a learning platform for massive web3 adoption, providing interesting Learn-to-Earn products and onboarding infrastructures for users and businesses to enter the new world of web3. 

With our easy-to-use Learn-to-Earn product and other gamified learning experiences, Web3Shot is aiming at onboard billions of users to web3 world.  It’s open to all, because in building a new iteration of the Web, we bring together the best projects in the space to create quizzes. At the same time, we are also building a powerful community, with our members at the center, for collective learning.

What is the Mission?

Empowering everyone with no cryptocurrency experience to understand the technology, earn cryptocurrency, and have the professional skills to get into web3 world.

Enables any expert or any organization to build web3 knowledge bases together on the Web3Shot platform.

Form a vibrant community with permission-less and reciprocity and an ecosystem of community-owned economies.

Community Ownership

A web3 architecture allows community members to truly own their data and community treasure. Web3Shot builds a new relationship with all of you. You don't need anyone's permission to access our products. 

Being the community owned open platform, Web3Shot is

targeting hundreds of millions of internet users who try to join Web3 world;

building gamified products offering attractive and intuitive experience in order to onboard massive users;

integrating onboarding infrastructures for anyone or any organization on-ramp to Web3, to co-build an open ecosystem.

How does Web3Shot work?

Web3Shot provide a permissionless platform that bring web3 experts, web3 startup, and web3 newbie for collective learning. The learning process is interested, easy-to-understand, and cohesive. 

As a co-builder, you can contribute your expertise in the specified web3 field. Based on your input, Web3Shot will reorganize the knowledge into understandable quiz, rate the difficulty, and category the learning path. AI based engine could build personalize learning experience based on your expertise and learning activities. Web3Shot allocates ecosystem fund to reward the co-builder and boost the web3 adoption.

As a user, you can use the products such as quiz to learn and earn tokens. By the step by step, day by day learning, you should be able to master the knowledge and hands-on experience. More importantly, in this collective learning experience, you get support from others and rewards in financial. 

Web3Shot Passport

In Web3, experience is your ticket to a successful future. Our quizzes are designed to help you get there — a launchpad to web3 journey. We bake in opportunities to build your personal presence and create a polished, Web3 specific portfolio. Leave our learning experiences with provable skills, on-chain certification, and digital footprint in the space.

Web3Shot Passport is ERC721 NFT with maximum 100k amount. The first 10k will be minted free. Passport will not be able to be transferred, which is also called Soul Bound Token (SBT). The level of NFT will increase with your daily learning activities. You will be able to use your Web3Shot Passport across Web3 applications. Web3Shot helps you navigate the rapidly evolving space with curated opportunities.

Learning experience

Web3Shot will provide a unique learning experience that is intuitive, fun, personalized and ever-growing.

Featured Quiz

By adopting different types of topics, Web3Shot classifies knowledge into different quizzes, which creates a skill tree. You can follow different topics and become a specialist or a generalist. The featured quizzes are like, introduction to blockchain, layer2, cross-chain, DeFi, NFT, bridges, DAO, etc.

Gamified Learning

Web3Shot uses a streamlined educational system that combines immersive learning and inquiry-based learning, including:

Gamified learning experiences that impart Web3 concepts in our Learn-to-Earn platform. 

Web3 emulation experiences that engage users in popular crypto sectors and hot crypto projects. 

Innovative content, including UGC videos, community formed DAOs to enrich the learning experience and reduce the learning curve for users in a fun and engaging way.

AI Enhanced Learning

One of the most exciting ways for Web3Shot is to adopt adaptive learning based on AI and machine learning. Users' daily quizzes produce a huge amount of usage data, and increase the use of AI technologies. There is the potential for AI models to provide valuable insights that can support learners’ development, through a fine-grained analysis, for example, providing autonomous learning recommendations, individualized instruction and personalized learning.

Onboarding Solutions

As a portal for the Web3 community, in addition to offering a variety of attractive incentives, Web3Shot offers a full suite of Web3 onboarding solutions for users to facilitate their Web3 transition. 

Web3Shot Passport (SBT): As a unique digital identity, Web3Shot allows its community members to use Passport to enter the Web3 space, which is unique and useful for increasing integrity and trust among community members. 

On-chain protocol interactions: Web3Shot has accumulated solid and extensive on-chain behavioral data by participating in all protocol interactions across multiple chains, enabling extensive behavioral analysis and insight, and laying the foundation for community and ecosystem formation.

Token Structure

Token Structure Overview 

Web3Shot tokenomics uses a segregation strategy, applying the Web3Shot governance token ($W3S), supplemented by the only utility token in the ecosystem ($UW3S), which emphasizes rich utility and is owned by the community, while remaining stable and ensuring long-term prosperity. 

$W3S: A governance token that reflects the value of the Web3Shot protocol ecosystem. 

$UW3S (Utility W3S Token): The only utility token in the ecosystem through which the community can be continuously incentivized to make dynamic contributions.


W3S is the only governance token that is designed to reflect the flow of value across the Web3Shot platform. The long-term value of Web3Shot is tied to the confidence people hold in the project, and the total supply of W3S is 100,000,000.

Token Contract: 0x71d03f5cBf039feBcc6EE8DBE20bc9bA3eA874Fe

Token Utility

Governance platform token for Web3Shot ecosystem

W3S will be community governance token, representing votes in ecosystem proposals.



IDO & Marketing

5% of the total token supply


1% of the total token supply

Advisor & Partners

4% of the total token supply

Private Investor

10% of the total token supply


15% of the total token supply


35% of the total token supply


30% of the total token supply


UW3S is designed to be the only utility token in the ecosystem, with a total supply of 10 billion. The rationale for this utility token is tied to the monetization capabilities of the Web3Shot platform

Token Contract: 0x961E149Db8bFBDb318c182152725ac806D7BE3f4

Token Utility

UW3S is allocated based on users' in-app tasks. Specifically: 

Quizzes, allowing users to learn and understand the web3 concepts in different scenarios and earn in-app GEMs. 

Competitions, rewarding users with attractive prize pool, based on intense leveling mode and daily quizzes results. 

Referral, encouraging users to spread the word and invite acquaintances.

Token Spending Mechanism

For the sustainability of the gamification experience, a token spending mechanism has been designed into the system. 

In-App Spending 

Use UW3S to acquire activities rights, virtual assets and properties, enhanced experience payments, and premium features.

 The first use case of UW3S would be the payment for Web3Shot Passport.