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Cryptolinks - 2450+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

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Welcome to NEWSLY


Have you ever missed a sick news trade cause you were away from the desk spending time with your pesky friends or family? Never again.

Newsly is a Telegram bot that allows you to view news, as well as execute trades, instantly through 1 click.

Our app aims to be both a curated source of crypto news as well as a full fledged trading terminal, all conveniently packaged in the Telegram app that you are familiar with.

When trading news, every second counts. Newsly can help give you that edge to act and enter trades instantly, no matter where you are. It is designed to be a complementary tool to your existing trading setup so that you are plugged in with the tools you need, 24x7.


Quick links

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our product quickly and easily.

How Does It Work?

How Does NEWSLY Work?

Our Telegram bot connects to your CEX (Bybit) through API and is able to execute trades through your commands on Telegram. Trades are all executed on your own account.

Our API permissions do not include withdrawals & transfers. 

Newsly does not have access, nor permission to touch your money. Funds are safu!



Individual bot per user for 0 tg latency and tg ratelimits

Input your TreeOfAlpha API keys - 0 latency news

Multiple trade sizing buttons

Keyword filtering

Custom news sources

Additional news sources


Activation of subscription tiers for revenue flow

Revenue Sharing with token holders

Referral program


Additional exchanges

[ ] Binance

[ ] Bitget


[ ] Uniswap

Additional News sources

[ ] Zoomer news

[ ] Tweets

[ ] Twitter Follows

[ ] Twitter Likes

[ ] Custom sources (API)

Additional features

[ ] in-app charts 

[ ] Automated trading (conditional)

[ ] AI Sentiment analysis

[ ] Referral program

Mirrorly integration

Get leaderboard trader position updates as a news source to copytrade on the go.

Using The Bot

How to use the bot

Using Newsly is incredibly simple.

Once your wallet is connected and settings are adjusted to your preferences, it's essential to join our News Feed channels. 

In this space, you'll be updated with live news, each accompanied by Long & Short trading buttons. 

An interactive feature displays the number of users who've responded to each news piece, offering insights into community reactions.

Follow our Requirements and Setup guide to begin your News Trading journey with Newsly.


What you need to start using Newsly

As we are currently in live beta stage, using the Newsly bot requires the following:

An Ethereum wallet holding a minimum of 10,000 $NEWS tokens

A  that can trade futures and ​

Your Telegram Account

$NEWS Overview

CA: 0x2F8221E82E0D4669AD66eABf02a5bAeD43ea49E7


Chart: ​

Etherscan: ​

Uniswap: ​

$NEWS Utility

$NEWS is the utility token of the Newsly ecosystem that unlocks features and subscription discounts within our NEWSLY telegram bot. and in the future, a share of the NEWSLY revenue. Holders will also be entitled to a share of the protocol revenue once revenue sharing is activated

Users of our bot will be entitled to subscription discounts and features unlocked (extra/custom news & execution sources, larger account balances, AI integration, automation, etc) based on the amount of $NEWS tokens held.

Note: Only our beta is currently available which can be accessed with at least 10k $NEWS. Subscription fee will be $0 during our beta period. 

Revenue Sharing

Our roadmap contains plans to share a portion our revenue with token holders. This will be finalized once pricing tiers are finalized and monthly bot subscriptions are live. 


Inspired by , the team has pledged to donate 10% of all our proceeds to charity.


CA: 0x2F8221E82E0D4669AD66eABf02a5bAeD43ea49E7

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Taxes: 5% Buy / 5% Sell

20% of taxes go back into the LP

Token Presale

We raised $140,000 at an FDV of $466k

$100,000 was put towards the LP (with 50% of tokens), putting the starting market cap at $200K


Team: 0% TGE, 6 months cliff, linear for 9 months

Seed: 33% TGE, linear for 1 month




Token Liquidity



Token Presale









Mirrorly Airdrop