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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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We are revolutionizing the DeFi landscape by offering the first-ever no-staking liquidity rewards protocol. 

Designed to set a new standard in LP provision, our platform offers a seamless and user-friendly experience that incentivizes both liquidity providers and users to unlock the full potential of Uniswap V3. 

Our LP rewards come from eight different revenue streams, including fees from the variety of services ChainTools offers. 

We look forward to having you on board. 

Protocol Mechanics

ChainTools offers groundbreaking Uniswap V3 features to CTLS-WETH Liquidity Providers. We are the first to utilize the donate function of Uniswap V3 Pools, which distributes proportionally liquidity provider rewards. Those rewards are in addition to the swap fees earned from regular trading. This mechanic allows liquidity providers to retain ownership of their LP tokens while still earning "staking" rewards. We have named this No-staking LP Rewards.


ZAP - Add Liquidity In One Click

Simplifying Uniswap v3's interface, our user-friendly ZAPPER tool eases the path to becoming a liquidity provider. It removes the need to purchase tokens and calculate the required ETH. Users select their desired ETH amount, press ZAP, and they're in. 

Furthermore, our Dapp's ZAP function allows any V3 LP position to be converted to Chaintools with just one click. There are 4 different position ranges that users can choose from, depending on their risk tolerance and investment strategy. Using the ZAP saves users time, effort, and gas costs.


Examples of ZAPPING

ZAP Type 1 Example - You decide to use the ZAP function and want to ZAP with 10 ETH. You press  ZAP with 10 ETH and you receive 1/2 Chaintools Tokens (worth 5 ETH) & 1/2 $ETH (worth 5 ETH) which will then be added to the UNI V3 pool in just a single click. Additionally, you will be taxed 4% which will save you 1% from the normal buy tax.

ZAP Type 2 Example - You decide to use the ZAP function by selecting another token, instead of ETH. These tokens are worth 10 ETH. In a single click, these tokens are sold and you receive 1/2 Chaintools Tokens (worth 5 ETH) & 1/2 $ETH (worth 5 ETH) which will then be added to the UNI V3 pool. 

For more information, refer to the flowchart below:

​Liquidity Provider Rewards


The LP rewards of Chaintools come from eight different sources, paid in both ETH and $CTLS. We are the first protocol to utilize the Uniswap V3 donate function. It allows the reward amounts to be split proportionally towards liquidity providers with active positions in range of the current price. There is a 0% tax on adding liquidity and 5% on LP removal.


The rewards are added on top of the default 1% pool swap fee.

To bootstrap the liquidity, additional tokens are issued and will be as given as rewards to Liquidity Providers over time.

A portion of the service fees gathered from all utilities will be used to buyback and burn tokens, to add a deflationary aspect to the protocol. 

 For more information check the flowchart below:

Yield Vault

Our unique Yield Vault system offers yield management with an auto-compounding feature. By pooling together users, our system is highly gas efficient and eliminates the need for manual tracking, claiming, approving, and adding liquidity. 

The Yield Vault implies a normal 5% tax on transfer for claim and 5% to cover the gas cost for compound.

The benefits of the Yield Vault are:

Saving time 

Saving effort

Saving from gas costs

Maximizing gains

The flowchart below illustrates how the Yield Vault works. 

Yield Booster


When the volume function is triggered with tokens or ETH, the contract initiates multiple swaps and returns the tokens/ETH upon completion. The process doesn't require preloading and runs when gas costs are optimal, executing about 100 swaps for 3-3.8M gas. The yield booster is a tool to distribute additional LP rewards.


This approach rewards LPs based on the pool fee and also amplifies trading volume, potentially elevating the project's ranking on various platforms. Despite the extensive operation, the contract remains gas-efficient, consuming approximately 50k gas per swap.


The fastest way to purchase tokens on Arbitrum using mainnet ETH.


With the use of ChainSwap, you could buy a token on Arbitrum in a matter of seconds by using your ETH on the Ethereum mainnet. Thus creating the quickest and most convenient way for users with no funds on Arbitrum to purchase there.

This is achieved through two smart contracts, one on Ethereum and one on Arbitrum, facilitated by a relayer that processes swap requests.

It also refuses any bridging requests from OFAC-sanctioned addresses.


ChainSwap imposes a total swap fee of 2.5%, distributed as follows:

1.0% rewards liquidity providers

1.0% is the Development fee

0.5% referral fee

0.001 to 0.002 ETH transaction cost to cover relay fees


Users deposit their ETH in the Ethereum contract during a swap request, and the corresponding amount is used from the Arbitrum contract to fulfill their request. Liquidity providers earn 1.0% of the total swap volume, paid automatically in ETH on Arbitrum.

Deposits are fixed at 1 ETH with a minimum wait period of 1 day to prevent withdrawal exploits. There are no deposit/withdrawal fees. Withdrawals are possible at any time given sufficient ETH in the Arbitrum contract.

Efficiency Measures

A feedback mechanism ensures sufficient ETH in both contracts. If the Arbitrum contract is low on ETH, it triggers a transaction to transfer all ETH from the Ethereum contract. The system is gas optimized, making it cheaper than trading on Uniswap and more than 10 times cheaper than our main competitor - Sushi xSWAP.  

Note: ​

Referral System

An adjustable referral fee ranges from 0.5% to 1.5%, allowing partner protocols or individuals to customize their earnings. The cost to the user remains unaffected, as any increase in the referral fee is deducted from the protocol fee & LP rewards.

Swap Algorithm

ChainSwap's contract determines the best swap path, searching for TOKEN/WETH and TOKEN/USDC pairs across four DEXes on Arbitrum: UniV3, SushiSwap, Camelot, and AlienSwap. A fast relay time of 20-40 seconds ensures efficient delivery of swap requests.

Making a swap request on ETH contract costs about 34k gas. This is 2x, 3x cheaper than Uniswap. Sending ETH+LP Rewards back to Arbitrum — 120k gas.


Customize and deploy your smart contract in just a few clicks.


The second utility of Chaintools is a contract forge. ChainForge provides a platform that empowers users, even those with no programming background, to generate their own secure and highly configurable token contracts, decreasing any risk of detrimental activities such as rug pulls or backdoors *coming from the code*.

Our Vision

Embedded in our decentralized application (), the Contract Factory will be a dedicated section where users can create tailor-made contracts. It offers various customization options including, but not limited to, max wallet, marketing, and dev fees, burn, LP addition, Swapback, and progressively reducing taxes.

Safety is our prime concern; hence all contracts created will be foolproof. The service comes with a fee, which will be directed towards buybacks, liquidity provision for Chaintools, and development expenses.

Supported Networks

To kick off, our service will cater to Ethereum and Arbitrum networks. In the interest of expanding our business scope, despite some apprehensions, we are also contemplating support for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Ease of Use

We plan to make the contract deployment process as simple as possible. With just a single click, users can deploy their contracts, thereby providing a user-friendly experience for individuals who are new to the development realm.


The Contract Factory is our stride towards making secure and custom token creation accessible to all. By charging a small service fee, we ensure that funds are channeled back into the ecosystem via buybacks and liquidity provisions, fostering the continued growth of our platform.


The first token locker that creates a separate contract for each lock.


Taking our innovation a step further, we have developed ChainLock - a first-of-its-kind token-locking solution. The ChainLock service is designed for maximum gas efficiency and superior compatibility, thereby reducing costs compared to competitors by more than 7x.

Unique Approach

ChainLock separates itself from other lockers by deploying a separate contract for every lock. This method ensures comprehensive ERC20 compatibility, including reflection and rebase tokens, while substantially reducing risk.


Each lock's tokens are kept separate from other locks. By keeping the locks separate from each other, we isolate the risk to single lock. Additionally, ChainLock has been audited by independent auditors specializing in this sphere


Volume and Yield Booster


ChainBoost allows you to do multiple repeated swaps in a single transaction on your projects pool. This way you can meet CMC/CG and other platforms' listing criteria or desired amount of volume. Optionally you can decide to perform a buyback at the end of the transaction.

The Uniswap pool logic has a built-in pool swap fee. Typically it is 0.3% for uniV2 ChainBoost allows projects to enable LP reward tokenomics, without the need of deploying a staking contract.

How it works:

Select the desired amount of tokens per swap

Choose desired swap times and press "Boost"

Watch the chart and celebrate the event with the community

ChainBoost has insane gas optimizations, so you pay way less than doing this manually. Tested performance: 200 swaps + buyback + lp reward = 7.2M gas or ~36k gas per swap. In perspective, this equals 1.50$ per swap on 25 GWEI. 

Chainboost is a useful tool for projects that want to get listed on a variety of platforms such as CG, CMC, and others. It also enables projects to distribute LP rewards without a staking contract and is generally perceived as a community event.

Chainboost can be used both by team members and holders of a project.

The service fee can be set by us per partner project. Get a discount on repeated use.

Coming very soon at: ​


The first-ever contract unclogger


Tired of high launch taxes on your tokens? Chainpurge is here to help. Purchasing a newly released token is often a risky process. Commonly tokens with big launch taxes ''farm'' their holders and often leave investors underwater due to multiple contract sells, converting the collected tokens from taxes into ETH. 

ChainPurge solves this issue by forcing the contract to sell all tokens gathered from taxes. In the same transaction, after the last contract sell, your buy transaction goes through, ensuring you a much lower entry price for your ETH. 

How it Works:

Choose: Decide if you want a few sales or a full contract clear-out.

Set Purchase: Pick how many tokens you want to buy afterwards.

Execute: After The Purge completes the sales, your buy order activates immediately.

The best part? All actions take place in one transaction within the same block.

Why It Matters: Selling all tokens at once means developers trying to harvest high taxes end up with less ETH due to the sudden price impact.

Coming soon at: ​


Telegram OTC Bot


ChainEscrow offers a robust and secure intermediary service for P2P transactions on the Ethereum blockchain via a Telegram bot interface. It ensures transaction security by holding funds in escrow until all involved obligations are met, effectively minimizing the risks associated with decentralized trades.

ChainEscrow's integration with the Ethereum network not only facilitates diverse token support but also guarantees transactional transparency and security.

How it works:

List Assets: Sellers list their assets, specifying details such as token type, quantity, and desired price.

Balance Verification: Once a buyer shows interest, they provide their Ethereum wallet. ChainEscrow quickly checks the wallet's balance for the specified token. If funds are insufficient, ChainEscrow redirects the buyer back to the listing after a brief pause.

Secure Escrow Process: Upon purchase confirmation, ChainEscrow holds the payment securely.

Once both parties fulfill their parts of the deal, ChainEscrow oversees the fund transfer, ensuring both parties' satisfaction. ChainEscrow is meticulously optimized to ensure speedy and secure transactions, with a primary focus on user trust and satisfaction. The bot's seamless integration with Telegram further enhances user experience, making transactions intuitive even for those new to the crypto world.


ChainEscrow is an indispensable tool for individuals and businesses looking to conduct secure P2P transactions within the Ethereum ecosystem. Its neutral custodian role ensures transactional integrity, making it a preferred choice for both seasoned crypto users and newcomers.

Both project members and individual holders can utilize ChainEscrow for their transaction needs. Service fees are competitive, with potential adjustments based on volume or partnerships.