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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Crypto X

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About Us
More Info
Welcome to Crypto X!
Say goodbye to Crypto Twitter (CT) days, 'cause it's time to embrace Crypto X (CX)!

Crypto X is a community-led initiative revolutionizing the crypto space, welcoming CT into a thrilling new era; CX.
CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x5ad02305ba9a4985390170337582986e419f1a2c
So, here's the deal: Twitter decided to level up their game and rebranded to the super mysterious and hip brand "X." No one knows what "X" stands for, but hey, who cares when we have Crypto X now, right?

Gone are the days of regular old tweets. We've officially entered the era of "X"! Yeah, you heard it right! From now on, when you want to share your crypto wisdom with the world, you're gonna be "Xing." Feel the power of the "X" flowing through you as you spread knowledge and memes like a true crypto warrior!

Remember those days when you were just a humble Twitterati? Forget about it! Now you're an X-er, and you belong to the one and only Crypto X community! 

Liquidity Locked
1% Buy and Sell Tax
But wait, there's more! With Crypto X, your crypto lingo is getting an upgrade too! No more boring tweets; they're just old-school now. We've got "X" - the ultimate expression of crypto awesomeness! 

"Hey, did you see that awesome X from Elon Musk?"
"Yeah, man! He's the master of Xing!"
See, it's catching on! 

Crypto X is all about having fun, sharing knowledge, and riding the wild crypto rollercoaster together. We've got the latest crypto news, epic price surges, and the occasional facepalm-worthy crashes. But you know what? We're in this together, and that's what makes the Crypto X community truly special!
How to Buy CX
Step 1. Download Metamask on your Phone or PC Browser

Step 2. Transfer funds from centralized exchanges to your Metamask Address

Step 3. Connect your wallet to and buy our token

Step 4. Go to and search for our contract to see the chart.

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