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Their Official site text:

BetBot encompasses a decentralised, cryptocurrency-integrated and
Telegram-based virtual casino and betting platform. It offers a wide
range of games that can be played with real Ethereum and promising
returns. The project aims to have over 100 fun games that will keep
players entertained with disclosed, equitable odds. If BetBot succeed
in its endeavour, it will establish a monopoly in a pioneering niche in
its sector. Furthermore, BetBot has the ultimate goal of building or
partnering with other platforms that will generate sports-betting
revenue, as we recognise this is a major revenue source for betting
platforms, in addition to normal casino games.
The Telegram casino will showcase conventional games such as
roulette, blackjack, slots, while also integrating more ‘innovative and
captivating games such as Ethercrash (such as on
Certain games will exploit Telegram's inherent API and probability
functions, including Dice and Soccer, among others.. Each game has
been designed to offer a unique and fun experience, with highquality graphics and designs that will transport players to a virtual
casino realm directly from Telegram.
One of the most inviting aspects to using the BetBot platform is the
accessibility for Telegram users. sers can conveniently add the BetBot bot
to their telegram chat and instantly participate in social games with other
chat members using preloaded Ethereum.
In addition to the gaming aspects, BetBot also offers a range of bonuses
and promotions that players can take advantage of and will invite new
participants. These include welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free
spins, among others. Players can further engage in regular tournaments
and competitions to earn additional rewards.
In a unique offering for $BBOT, BetBot pledges to reinvest 100% of the
profits generated from the platform back to $BBOT stakers. Consequently,
players who stake their $BBOT tokens on the staking platform will be able
to earn a proportional share of the profits generated by the games. This
can be significant potential for return upon widespread adoption.
The BetBot team comprises seasoned developers and gambling
aficionados dedicated to developing a fair, transparent, and secure
platform that is reliable and user-friendly.
BetBot is set to offer a vast selection of games to its users, with
over 100 games to choose from. The game lineup, including
blackjack, roll the dice, slots, PvP, Ethercrash, poker, and more,
ensures players are spoilt for choice while maintaining the classic
ambiance of a conventional casino.
a glimpse into some of the games BetBot will feature:
Blackjack, a staple of casino gaming, involves players striving to
attain a hand value as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it.
Players compete against the ‘dealer’ (or in this case, the BetBot
bot) in a game requiring both skill and strategy.
Roll the Dice is a straightforward game where players place a bet
on the outcome of a dice roll. Created using Telegram's own API,
this game provides fair payouts and is ideal for beginners or quick
luck-based betting.
BetBot Games:
Slots are an immensely popular casino game that will also be available
on BetBot. Players will have access to a variety of slot games with
different themes and features. Slots are easy to play and offer the
chance to win big payouts.
Ethercrash is an unconventional game that is played by placing a bet on
an increasing multiplier (as on The multiplier starts at 1x
and increases slowly. The game continues until the multiplier crashes,
randomly, using a normal distribution model, and all active bets are
lost. The goal is to cash out before the multiplier crashes to win the bet.
The multiplier can crash at 1.01x, or go high as 50x, with an infinite
possibility. However, there will be a maximum cash-out amount that will
be displayed clearly.
PvP games are games where players compete against each other.
BetBot will offer a range of PvP games, including poker, blackjack and
slot tournaments. These games will be played for a pool of money
which users will decide on how much they’d like to enter with, the
winner will win the total amount put in with a small % going to the
house. This is something players would play in BetBot’s special
designated rooms, or with friends in private Telegram groups which
people can organise themselves.
Sport games like football, basketball,
darts and bowling etc. These will be
played as chance mini-games available
throughout Telegram, similar to dice,
using Telegram’s built-in API.
One of the main draws of our casino is our
dedication to fairness.. We can ensure this due to
games being played through Telegrams functions,
example – “Roll the dice” uses Telegram’s own dice
function and the BetBot bot doesn’t know the
outcome, only the end result. These games help with
our player base confidence and knowledge that
they’re betting on a fair-to-win basis.
Our games not based on Telegram's API will feature
open-source code or will be audited by reputable
firms. We firmly believe in the importance of our
users' ability to trust their odds on our games as
being as fair as other casinos, if not better.
BetBot’s Commitment
to Fairness:
Sharing Model:
In a deviation from traditional casinos that retain
profits, BetBot redistributes 100% of its profits to
its stakers. As profits are generated from casino
games and sports betting, they are proportionally
distributed among stakers based on their $BBOT
token holdings. This will likely be distributed using
a claim dApp.
This model nurtures a symbiotic relationship
between the house and its users. As the platform
expands and generates increased profits, stakers
stand to reap more rewards. This incentivizes
users to retain their $BBOT tokens and continue
using our Telegram casino, culminating in more
profits for all stakeholders involved.
To engage in our casino, users first need to
have a wallet generated for them which
they’ll be able to deposit and withdraw from.
Once users have their wallet, they will then be
able to deposit Ethereum to be able trade for
in-game tokens which will be used to play our
casino games.
BetBot's in-game tokens can be converted at
a rate of 1 ETH = 1000 credits. A pop-up
window prompts users to exchange their
desired amount of ETH for credits.
Wallet creation
and In-game credits:
The BetBot vision for its Telegram casino is to create a platform for the players and
owned by the players. n line with this, we have designed a mechanism to allow all profits
to flow through to $BBOT stakers. In essence, if a holder owns 0.5% of the total supply,
they own a 0.5% stake in the Betbot casino. As users stake more $BBOT tokens, the more
yield users receive from profits. This volume will be variable depending on the volume
generated by the casino. This revenue will be displayed transparently in real time on a
dApp on the Betbot website,
Similar to other bluechip crypto casino tokens, holding $BBOT will also grant users
access to being able to participate in the weekly lottery draw. This will be done from the
tax funds on a weekly basis and one wallet will receive the winning funds.
The premium lottery is for holders that hold 0.1% or more of the supply. This will be once
a week with a larger prize which will be airdropped to a random wallet that qualifies.
Additionally, $BBOT tokens can be used to enable 'super boosters' on certain games.
Users can deposit $BBOT tokens for a chance to win a super bonus upon winning a game,
potentially amplifying their winnings.
$BBOT Token:
*Fixed supply
*Current circulating supply
*remaining supply will be used for the weekly lottery, BetBot
partners, KOLS and marketing, with no tokens reserved for the team.
*Tax (buys and sells):
This will initially be directed towards the casino treasury, with
the tax then being used for consistent development, burn
events, marketing, and strategic buybacks to create a rising
price floor. The tax wallet can be tracked transparently here

Welcome To BetBot
BetBot is an exciting and innovative web3 project that brings the thrill of betting games directly to your Telegram app.
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About BetBot
BetBot is an exciting and innovative web3 project that brings the thrill of betting games directly to your Telegram app. With BetBot, Telegram users can enjoy a wide range of solo and group games, all powered by blockchain technology. Our goal is to provide a seamless and secure betting experience while offering a diverse selection of games to keep you entertained.
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Use Bot
Game Variety
From traditional favorites like roulette and blackjack to innovative games designed exclusively for our platform, we strive to bring you the best possible betting experience.
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Dice Rolling
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Why Choose Betbot
BetBot offers a convenient, secure, and engaging platform for both individual players and groups to enjoy a wide array of betting games. With its inbuilt wallet, automated rewards, expanding game selection, and responsive customer support, BetBot stands out as a premier choice for betting enthusiasts seeking a thrilling and seamless experience on the Telegram platform.
Inbuilt Wallet and Treasury
To make the betting experience even more convenient, BetBot incorporates an inbuilt wallet system. This allows users to deposit funds directly into their BetBot account, eliminating the need for external wallets or complicated transaction processes. Additionally, BetBot features a treasury where project funds are stored, ensuring transparency and accountability.
Solo and Group Games
BetBot caters to both individual players and groups of friends looking for a fun betting experience. Solo games provide a personal challenge, allowing you to test your luck and skills against the bot. On the other hand, group games encourage social interaction and healthy competition among friends, making every betting session a memorable experience.
Automated Rewards
At BetBot, we value fairness and efficiency. That's why we have implemented an automated reward system. When you win a game, your rewards are distributed instantly and automatically to your inbuilt wallet. No more waiting or manual processes - BetBot ensures that you receive your winnings promptly and hassle-free.
Expanding Game Selection
We are constantly working to expand our game selection to cater to every betting enthusiast. Our team is dedicated to bringing almost all possible games to the Telegram platform, ensuring that you never run out of exciting options to choose from. Stay tuned for regular updates and new game releases!
$BBOT Token Utility
• Weekly lottery entries for holders.
• Premium weekly lottery entries for 0.1% $BBOT or above.
• Free to play games.
•100% casino profit redistribution to stakers.
Community Backed Casino
100% of the profits made from our BetBots will be redistributed back to stakers. This will occur on a weekly basis where all profits made by the house will be airdropped to users who stake $BBOT. The amount you stake will determine how much you will receive weekly. Real yield.
Copyrights © 2023 All Rights Reserved by BetBot
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