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Their Official site text:

Who is Hoppy?
Hoppy is a lovable frog created by the cultural phenom, Matt Furie.
Hoppy is a constant source of joy and delight. With his vibrant green color and
big, expressive eyes, Hoppy is simply irresistible. Every time Hoppy hops
around, his tiny little legs propel him through the air, creating an endearing
spectacle that brings smiles to everyone's faces.
Hoppy loves exploring its lush, leafy surroundings, leaping from one lily pad to
another with graceful ease. His playful nature is infectious, as he engages in
delightful antics that never fail to brighten up even the gloomiest of days.
This tiny amphibian has a croak that is as sweet as a melody, often serenading
the night with his melodious tunes. His cheerful chirps can be heard echoing
through the tranquil pond, spreading happiness to all who listen.
Hoppy is not only charming but he is also a true friend to all. He shares his
infectious happiness with other creatures, spreading a sense of warmth and
camaraderie throughout the community. Other frogs, insects, and even birds are
drawn to Hoppy's magnetic personality, forming an enchanting ecosystem filled
with laughter and friendship.
With his boundless energy and zest for life, Hoppy teaches us to appreciate the
simple pleasures and find joy in the little things. Whether it's a graceful leap, a
playful splash in the water, or a friendly greeting, Hoppy reminds us to embrace
the beauty of life and savor every moment with a hop and a smile.
What is a meme?
A meme can be anything.
Memes spread rapidly through the internet, often in the form of an image, video,
or piece of text that is humorous, relatable, or carries a specific message.
Memes can take many different forms and can be created and shared by
individuals or communities online.
Typically, memes are created with the intention of being shared and replicated,
often with slight variations or adaptations. They can become popular and widely
recognized, gaining viral status as they are shared across social media
platforms, websites, and online communities.
Memes often rely on humor, satire, irony, or clever wordplay to convey their
message or evoke a particular response from the audience. They can reference
current events, popular culture, internet trends, or inside jokes that are specific
to certain groups or communities.
One of the defining features of memes is their ability to evolve and change over
time. As they are shared and remixed by different people, they can undergo
modifications, adaptations, and reinterpretations. This constant evolution
contributes to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of internet culture.
Memes have become an integral part of internet culture and communication,
serving as a way for people to express themselves, engage with others, and
participate in online communities. They often reflect and comment on various
aspects of society, and their widespread popularity has even led to the
emergence of internet subcultures centered around specific types of memes.
The Mission
The Hoppy journey is never-ending. Our goal is to build a strong community
filled with joyful energy and fantastic vibes. A unified effort to propel Hoppy into
becoming a meme legend.
There are unlimited possibilities for the Hoppy adventure, the power of
memetics is greater than any force on the planet, and if used wisely, this power
is truly unstoppable.
Our mission is to work with the community to build amazing outlets for Hoppy,
creating more use cases and opportunities for Hoppy to integrate with and
Games, Sponsorships, IRL events… you name it.
The Hoppy community can and will make it happen. One leap at a time.
Hop Safely
Security and safety are crucial, especially with so many cryptocurrency projects
popping up every single day. The Hoppy token leaps ahead by having a highskilled dedicated team, strong security measures, and ensuring a transparent
and clean smart contract.
Blacklist functions: No
Liquidity locked: Yes
Team tokens: No
Good Vibes: Absolutely
$HOPPY Official Contract Address:
Ticker: $HOPPY
Token Address: 0x8C130499D33097D4D000D3332E1672f75b431543
Total Supply: 420,690,000,000,000
Transaction Tax: 1% (Used for Marketing/Development)
Team Tokens: 0
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