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Cryptolinks - 2450+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

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Their Official site text:

Welcome to Sigma Pepe
Sigma Pepe Token ($SPEPE) is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency built on the blockchain. It aims to provide a supportive and entertaining community experience while leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. The token offers unique features such as SigmaPepe Bot, an AI-powered reply bot that interacts with Elon Musk's tweets on Twitter. With a focus on community participation and growth, Sigma Pepe Token strives to create a safe and fun environment for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Sigma Pepe Token ($SPEPE) is a decentralized digital currency designed to bring value and entertainment to its community members. By integrating AI technology and community-driven initiatives, Sigma Pepe Token aims to create a platform that encourages creativity, cooperation, and connection within the cryptocurrency space. This white paper outlines the key features, tokenomics, security measures, and roadmap of Sigma Pepe Token.
Video overview
Got a few minutes? Check out a video overview of Sigma Pepe:
Token Specifications
Token Name: Sigma Pepe
Ticker Symbol: $SPEPE 
Total Token Supply: 420.689 billion tokens 
Token Burn: 50% of the total supply has been burned 
Tax Structure: No taxes imposed on transactions 
Smart Contract Audit: The $SPEPE smart contract has undergone a comprehensive audit conducted by Interfi Audit to ensure security and reliability. 
Liquidity Pool (LP) Lock: The liquidity pool tokens have been locked for one year, minimizing risks associated with bad actors and enhancing the safety of the project.
CA: 0x724F8d0F36d84c1294056A6e52b7c48b4e1d2a77
Quick links
Community Engagement
Sigma Pepe Token is committed to fostering a strong and inclusive community. The project is designed to support a large number of smaller token holders, allowing everyone to participate in and benefit from the growth and development of the Sigma Pepe community. All projects and initiatives will be community-led, ensuring that additional value is brought into the Sigma Pepe ecosystem. The project welcomes individuals from all backgrounds to join and contribute to the community's growth.

Understanding Project
SigmaPepe Bot
SigmaPepe Bot is an AI-powered reply bot built using ChatGPT data. It interacts with the tweets of influential figure Elon Musk on Twitter, providing unique and engaging conversations. SigmaPepe Bot's ability to respond to Elon Musk's tweets using AI-generated data sets it apart, offering an entertaining and interactive experience for community members. By staying engaged with SigmaPepe Bot, users can join the Pepe craze and enjoy AI-powered conversations with Elon Musk's tweets.
​Security Measures
Sigma Pepe Token prioritizes the security of its users and community members. The smart contract has been thoroughly audited to ensure it is free from vulnerabilities and malicious activities. The liquidity pool tokens have been locked for a year, reducing the risk of potential bad actors. The contract is designed to eliminate built-in functions that could manipulate fees, stop trading, or perform any other harmful actions, further safeguarding the interests of the community.
Sigma Pepe Token has a clear roadmap outlining its planned phases of development:
Phase 1:
Build SigmaPepe Bot
Create a presale pool
Conduct heavy marketing campaigns
Burn 50% of the total token supply
Finalize the presale process
Phase 2:
Launch the token
Secure listings on popular platforms such as DexTools, CoinGecko, and Coinmarketcap
Aim for 500+ token holders
Collaborate with influential figures on Twitter
Phase 3:
Achieve trendings on decentralized exchanges (Dex)
Upgrade SigmaPepe Bot with enhanced functionalities
Aim for 1500+ token holders
Continue community-driven initiatives towards reaching the moon