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Are you interested in bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or blockchain? When it comes to finding the best cryptocurrency websites, you might feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. There are so many great resources out there these days. But, finding them can be tricky. The good news is that I've done this for you! After years of searching, I've finally rounded up the best crypto links around. Most importantly, all of these sites are designed to help you learn more about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Some of them I've even used personally. This list is growing all the time, so bookmark it and come back every once in a while to see what's new.

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Cryptolinks - 2150+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

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Their Official site text:

BisoSwap is the first swap protocol developed to provide liquidity to the BRC-20 ecosystem based on the Ordinal protocol. 
BisoSwap is dedicated to solving the lack of liquidity in BRC20 by increasing the liquidity pool for LP transactions and enabling real-time trading. Also, to reduce the complexity of BRC token trading and enable users to buy, sell and add liquidity pools more easily, BisoSwap attempts to bring the BTC network to the use of the LP model for the first time, allowing for more diversified use of BTC assets.
Background and motivation 
The cryptocurrency market has experienced significant growth and innovation in recent years, with BRC-20 tokens emerging as a notable part of this landscape. 
Over 8,800 BRC-20 tokens have been introduced, with a total market cap exceeding $137 million. This rapid growth has led to increased interest and investment in the sector. However, the expanding ecosystem has highlighted the need for an efficient trading platform tailored to the unique requirements of BRC-20 tokens. 
The Ordinals protocol has laid the foundation for the development of BRC-20 tokens, bringing several advantages to the market. Some of these benefits include:
Enabling the creation of unique and innovative token concepts, attracting a diverse range of investors and users to the ecosystem.
Injecting new vitality into the Bitcoin network by introducing new stakeholders with different perspectives, driving innovation and increasing market interest.
Strengthening the security of the Bitcoin network by incentivizing miners through higher transaction fees, resulting from increased trading activity.
Potentially promoting cultural transformation within the Bitcoin community, as the growth of BRC-20 tokens leads to broader adoption and interest in the Ordinals protocol.
As a result, there is a need for a decentralized exchange (DEX) that can efficiently facilitate the trading and liquidity provision of BRC-20 tokens, taking full advantage of the benefits provided by the Ordinals protocol.
Overview of BisoSwap's goals and objectives 
BisoSwap aims to address the growing demand for a reliable, user-friendly, and secure trading platform that caters specifically to the BRC-20 ecosystem.
The platform's primary objectives include: 
- Providing a seamless trading experience for users, enabling easy buying, selling, and liquidity provision of BRC-20 tokens. 
- Addressing challenges such as liquidity, high miner fees, and network congestion, ensuring a smooth and efficient trading process. 
- Introducing the BTC network into the LP model for the first time, offering users a richer trading experience and diverse opportunities for utilizing BRC-20 assets. 
- Ensuring the platform's security by implementing various measures to guard against hacking attempts and asset loss.
BisoSwap's ultimate goal is to create a robust, efficient, and accessible platform that not only meets the needs of the burgeoning BRC-20 market but also promotes its sustainable growth and long-term success. By pioneering solutions for trading and liquidity provision in the BRC-20 community, BisoSwap aims to become an essential player in the evolving market.
Get Started
Looking to get started on BisoSwap? 
These tutorials will guide you from beginner to DeFi expert, giving you the confidence to easily navigate our protocol. 
Click the applicable link below to learn more:
How to connect UniSat Wallet
Install UniSat Wallet
Step 1: Go to UniSat Official Website ‚Äč
Step 2: Click Download from Chrom Store
How to buy $BISO
Click  to install the wallet using Google Chrome
Install the wallet plugin and create a wallet (the plugin is inside the extension plugin in the top right corner of Google Chrome)
Transfer $BTC to the wallet you just created via an exchange or via another wallet (choose the BTC-bitcoin network)
Buy $BISO via 
You must first log in to the webpage's upper right corner to purchase.
The BTC is only available after network confirmation, otherwise, the balance will be 0 upon clicking purchase, the whole confirmation cycle is expected to be 1 hour.
For any further questions, please refer to the community chat for help
BRC-20 and Ordinals Protocol
Understanding BRC-20 Tokens: Characteristics and Ecosystem Significance
BRC-20 tokens are digital assets built on the Ordinals protocol, which provides a standardized framework for creating and managing tokens on the Bitcoin network. These tokens are characterized by their unique features, such as customizable parameters and functionality, which enable a wide range of applications, from utility tokens to meme-inspired concepts. BRC-20 tokens play a critical role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by driving innovation, attracting new stakeholders, and promoting the growth and adoption of the Ordinals protocol.
The Ordinals Protocol: A Foundation for BRC-20 Token Development
The Ordinals protocol is a key element in the BRC-20 ecosystem, as it provides the necessary infrastructure for the creation and management of tokens on the Bitcoin network. It facilitates the seamless integration of BRC-20 tokens with existing blockchain infrastructure and enables the development of diverse token concepts. The Ordinals protocol not only fosters innovation but also injects new vitality into the Bitcoin network, ultimately contributing to the network's security and long-term sustainability.
BisoSwap: Harnessing the Power of BRC-20 Standard and Ordinals Protocol
BisoSwap leverages the BRC-20 standard and the Ordinals protocol to deliver an enhanced trading experience and functionality for users in the BRC-20 ecosystem. By focusing on the unique features and capabilities of BRC-20 tokens, BisoSwap aims to address the specific requirements of this rapidly growing market. The platform seamlessly integrates with the Ordinals protocol, providing users with a robust, secure, and user-friendly environment for trading and liquidity provision. Through this integration, BisoSwap ensures that users can fully capitalize on the advantages offered by the BRC-20 standard and the Ordinals protocol, ultimately contributing to the continued growth and success of the BRC-20 ecosystem.
BisoSwap's Design and Features
BisoSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) specifically tailored to facilitate the trading of BRC-20 tokens and provide liquidity in the growing BRC-20 ecosystem. The platform incorporates a range of features designed to enhance the user experience, streamline trading processes, and ensure the highest levels of security:
Automated Market Maker (AMM) model: BisoSwap employs an AMM model, which simplifies trading processes and reduces the reliance on order books.
Liquidity provision and incentives: Users can provide liquidity to the platform and earn rewards, ensuring sufficient liquidity for smooth transactions.
User-friendly interface: BisoSwap offers a clean, intuitive interface that allows users to easily connect their wallets and interact with the platform.
Support for multiple BRC-20 tokens: The platform is designed to accommodate a wide variety of BRC-20 tokens, giving users more trading options.
Robust security measures: BisoSwap prioritizes security by implementing multiple layers of protection against hacking attempts and asset loss.
BisoSwap's Competitive Edge: BRC-20 and Ordinals Protocol Integration
BisoSwap differentiates itself from other DEXs by focusing on seamless integration with the BRC-20 standard and Ordinals protocol, providing several benefits over traditional DEXs:
Specialized BRC-20 support: BisoSwap's design and features are optimized specifically for BRC-20 tokens, ensuring a superior trading experience for users in this market.
Ordinals protocol synergy: The platform's seamless integration with the Ordinals protocol enables BisoSwap to take full advantage of the unique capabilities and opportunities provided by the BRC-20 ecosystem.
Tailored solutions: By concentrating on the BRC-20 market, BisoSwap can develop targeted solutions to address the unique challenges and needs of the BRC-20 community.
Enhanced liquidity: BisoSwap's incentives for liquidity providers ensure a higher level of liquidity for BRC-20 tokens, facilitating smoother and more efficient transactions.
Focused development: BisoSwap's dedication to BRC-20 and the Ordinals protocol allows the platform to continuously evolve and adapt to the specific requirements of the BRC-20 market, maintaining a competitive edge in the space.
First-mover Advantage: BisoSwap as the Pioneer Swap on Ordinals Protocol
BisoSwap holds a unique position in the market as the first-ever swap platform built on the Ordinals protocol, providing it with numerous first-mover advantages:
Early adoption benefits: As the first swap to leverage the Ordinals protocol, BisoSwap is at the forefront of innovation, giving it the opportunity to shape the future of the BRC-20 ecosystem.
Market leadership: BisoSwap's pioneering status grants it a head start in the rapidly growing BRC-20 market, allowing it to establish itself as the go-to platform for trading these tokens.
Strong brand recognition: Being the first of its kind, BisoSwap is likely to become synonymous with BRC-20 token trading, resulting in higher visibility and trust within the community.
Attracting early liquidity: As the first platform to offer BRC-20 token swaps, BisoSwap is well-positioned to attract early liquidity providers, ensuring a robust and efficient market.
Continuous innovation: BisoSwap's first-mover status enables it to continuously adapt and stay ahead of the competition, as it has unique insights into the challenges and opportunities within the BRC-20 and Ordinals protocol ecosystem.
Workflow & Architect: A Seamless 3-Step Liquidity Solution for the BRC-20 Ecosystem
BisoSwap, the pioneering BRC-20-based swap platform, is a cutting-edge swap protocol built upon the Ordinals protocol, designed to enhance liquidity within the BRC-20 ecosystem. 
The BisoSwap Workflow & Architect is as below:
Add Liquidity
Perform Token Swap
Remove Liquidity
BisoSwap directly addresses the pressing issue of liquidity in the BRC-20 ecosystem by expanding the liquidity pool for LP transactions and facilitating real-time trading.
As the first decentralized exchange (DEX) in the BRC-20 protocol, BisoSwap employs the automated market maker (AMM) mechanism. This enables users to add liquidity providers (LPs) using tokens, thereby increasing liquidity for transactions and receiving fee incentives. According to the official website, BisoSwap plans to offer node services to all users in the future, providing them with lower GAS fees and a more convenient trading experience.
BisoSwap's AMM Integration with Ordinals Protocol
AMM Model's Synergy with Ordinals Protocol and Its Advantages 
The AMM model, integrated with the Ordinals Protocol, offers a decentralized trading experience for BRC-20 tokens. It ensures enhanced liquidity, trustless transactions, and price determination through mathematical algorithms. This innovative approach outperforms traditional order book systems by providing a more inclusive and secure financial ecosystem.
BisoSwap's unique AMM implementation and features, incorporating the ordinals protocol
BRC-20 token compatibility: BisoSwap supports a wide range of BRC-20 tokens, providing users with diverse trading options.
Customized AMM formula: BisoSwap's AMM algorithm is tailored to optimize the integration with the Ordinals Protocol, ensuring efficient and secure trading.
Incentives for liquidity providers: Users contributing liquidity to BisoSwap's pools earn rewards, encouraging more participation and fostering a robust ecosystem.
Seamless integration: BisoSwap's AMM model works seamlessly with the Ordinals Protocol, enabling a smooth trading experience for users within the BRC-20 ecosystem.
BISO, which serves as the backbone of the platform and plays an essential role in the ecosystem. The BISO token has various use cases and benefits for holders, including:
Governance: BISO token holders have voting rights on proposals related to the platform's development, improvements, and future initiatives, giving them a direct influence on the direction and growth of the BisoSwap ecosystem.
Liquidity rewards: Users providing liquidity to BisoSwap's pools and participating in the AMM system can earn BISO tokens as incentives, encouraging more users to contribute liquidity and ensuring a healthy trading environment.
Staking: BISO token holders can stake their tokens to earn additional rewards, such as a share of the platform's trading fees or other incentives, providing a passive income opportunity.
Platform utility: BISO tokens can be used within the BisoSwap ecosystem for various purposes, such as paying for transaction fees, accessing premium features, or participating in exclusive token sales and events.
Token distribution and allocation
Public Sale
CEX Reserve Fund
Total Supply
Brands & Logo
BisoSwap logo downloads are available at the bottom of this page. 
Please ensure you read the following guidelines before proceeding. 
While BisoSwap distributes some of its technology under open-source licenses, the BisoSwap and Biso brands are not distributed under the same licenses. 
The following BisoSwap "Brand Assets" are copyrighted material, and their usage is subject to the policy outlined below:
The BisoSwap and Biso logos, wordmark, icon
The BisoSwap name
Other visual assets created by BisoSwap, including illustrations and 3D models
✅ Permitted Usage: 
You may use BisoSwap's Brand Assets when: