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Are you interested in bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or blockchain? When it comes to finding the best cryptocurrency websites, you might feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. There are so many great resources out there these days. But, finding them can be tricky. The good news is that I've done this for you! After years of searching, I've finally rounded up the best crypto links around. Most importantly, all of these sites are designed to help you learn more about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Some of them I've even used personally. This list is growing all the time, so bookmark it and come back every once in a while to see what's new.

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Cryptolinks - 2150+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

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Their Official site text:

The Knoknok team is building the world’s first play-to-earn and social-to-earn decentralized mobile platform, where players can build their own SPACE, monetize their gaming and social experiences, and earn KKC tokens - the main utility token of the Knoknok metaverse.
Our Vision
Knoknok is exploring a more innovative way to transform the traditional mobile gaming and social model in the Web 3.0 era. Using blockchain and NFT technology, we are building a decentralized platform where social users, game players, creators can all participate and earn rewards for their contributions.
We believe blockchain-based technology, tokenized economy, and true digital ownership of assets in the form of NFTs will revolutionzie the gaming & social industry. All participants should have the opportunity to profit from their social and gaming behaviors and be paid for contributing to the development and success of the platform.
Our mission is to recognize and reward user’s skill, effort and loyalty with the ability to earn cryptocurrency (KKC), and to introduce the value of blockchain and NFTs to social and game players in this new era.
In the future, Knoknok strives to become truly open and decentralized, governed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where key decisions will be made by all stakeholders in the Knoknok community. Together, we will build a mobile metaverse with no central authority, where everyone can join, play, socialize and earn.
Market Overview
Gaming and social mobile apps, in particular under the global pandemic influences, is one of the fastest growing entertainment markets as people look for more fun ways to interact with each other and spend their free time. With significant investment pouring into blockchain gaming companies, 2021 has been a noteworthy year for the growth of play-to-earn and social-to-earn, which has been considered the most influential business model since pay-to-play and free-to-play. Using blockchain as the technology base for gaming & social experience, new possibilities open up such as monetisation of player behaviors, real ownership of digital assets and decentralization of community governance.
According to the Yearly NFT Market Report 2021 published by, the total market volume for the blockchain gaming industry is $5.2 billion USD, with over 15 million new NFT assets created in 2021. The Metaverse segment, still new and in its infant development stage, totals up to over $513 million USD in market volume. To put this into perspective, the global gaming market is projected to exceed $300 billion by 2026, considering the current growth rate, the blockchain gaming industry is expected to account for nearly 10% of the entire gaming industry, a market that could easily exceed $25 billion by 2026.
Knoknok Background
Knoknok is a gaming and social mobile app on iOS and Andriod smartphones. Since its release in April 2020, the app has served over 2 million users in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.
Knoknok mobile app provides users with a free and open online game and social SPACE. Through multi-person interactive Real-Time Communications (RTC) technology, we allow users to establish real connections and expand their social circles, build and share their relationship networks on the platform.
Some of Knoknok’s key performance statistics in the past:
Total app downloads over 2 million worldwide (Philippines 50%; Malaysia 20%; Indonesia 20%; North America 20%)
Total daily active users (DAUs) over 80K
Total game DAUs over 30K
1-day user retention: 45%; 7-day user retention 35%; 30-day user retention 10%
Over 15% of users have average daily usage time over 90 minutes
In the past, we have developed very strong partnerships with local KOLs in South East Asia, in particular in the Philippines and Indonesia. We are currently working with over 1000 KOLs in Southeast Asia with over 50k to 5 millions Tiktok followers.

Gaming & Social with Blockchain and NFTs
The gaming and social app economy is under transition, as big entertainment companies and major tech giants invest heavily into experimenting with new blockchain based play-to-earn and social-to-earn models.
The metaverse virtual world uses decentralized technology and NFTs to empower players and creators. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are virtual assets with features of digital scarcity, security and authenticity. NFTs are uniquely identified by codes stored on a blockchain, which records the ownership of such items and can be bought or sold online. Using NFTs, any game item can be tokenized, allowing Knoknok users to trade, sell, or earn with their items through social & in-game behaviors.
Knoknok is not only a game & social metaverse for blockchain players, but also strives to attract traditional mobile users. Through the use of tokens (KKC, EKC) and NFTs (SPACE, Cute ELF, ELF Egg) we are creating a circular economy for all users (players, creators, NFT owners) interacting on the platform, and earn KKC token rewards as financial income.

Platform Overview
The Knoknok team’s mission is to build a virtual world where users are able to create, play, social, share and trade without central authority, and have the ability to earn KKC tokens.
Knoknok is an iOS and Android social & gaming mobile app, with over a dozen casual mini-games and a variety of online real-time interactive social functions such as chat room, live-streaming, video & voice sharing, and etc. Our decentralized mobile platform allows users to buy their own 3D personal SPACE, create their own social rooms to chat, live-stream, or play games with each other, join other peoples’ game houses or social channels, and earn token rewards through varying forms of social behaviors.

Gaming: Play-to-Earn
Knoknok has currently released four mini-social games, and plans to add 2-3 casual games per month, with gradually increasing game categories.
The key attributes of our mini-social games include:
Supports 2-8 multiplayer PVP mode and single-player adventure mode. Through RTC technology, participants can have conversations with each other, ensuring the authenticity of players and improving the in-game experience
The game categories include battles, cards, strategies, action adventures, sports and other gameplays. There is no limitation on the types of mobile games, allowing our platform to accommodate varying preferences for different gamers. Other mobile game creators can also develop and release games on our platform, and earn KKC tokens in the form of revenue share
A single mini-game play only takes 3-5 minutes. This allows players to use fragmented time to participate in the game, as a result greatly increases their gaming frequency and willingness over time
At the end of each game, winning players will be rewarded with KKC tokens
Gaming rewards and player participation requirements are broken down based on the following game modes:
1V1 Practice Match (Already released April 2022)kens, the winning player will get all the KKC tokens paid
Free to play and practice
No token rewards
1V1 Standard Match (Already released April 2022)
1V1 skill-based competition, players are matched based on their skill level
Winner reward will be calculated according to scores for both sides
Each player will need to pay an entry fee using KKC tokens, the winning player will get all the KKC tokens paid
The reward pool consists of the entry fee KKC tokens paid by both players, the platform charges up to 20% of the fees for hosting and organizing each game
Open Competition
Skill-based competitions, limited-time tournaments, etc. for multiple players of all levels
During the competition, rankings of each player will be shown publicly on the scoreboard
Each player will need to pay an entrance fee to participate in the tournament using KKC tokens
The top 12 players will receive KKC tokens from the prize pool, the price pool is sponsored by the Knoknok platform or other tournament hosts
The prize pool is fixed and announced before the start of the competition
Sponsored Competition
Skill-based competitions, limited-time tournaments, etc. for multiple players of all levels
During the competition, rankings of each player will be shown publicly on the scoreboard
Players do not need to pay entry fee to participate
The top 12 players will receive KKC tokens from the prize pool, the price pool is sponsored by third-party tournament host or operators
Other bonus rewards are available for sponsored tournaments, such as limited NFTs, virtual tickets, or real world physical prizes

Social: Social-to-Earn
Combining the current Real-Time Communication (RTC) technology and blockchain based technology, we have developed a text and voice interactive chat room that supports up to 15 people in real-time, and an option to participate in a variety of interactive games while in the room. This new form of social model allows users to meet and interact with friends in an immersive virtual 3D SPACE, and build decentralized social networks anywhere in the world. Additionally, users will be rewarded with KKC tokens through social behaviors including creating and hosting the chat room, sharing content, maintaining relationships, inviting new users and more.
Social behaviors will be rewarded based on completion of the following actions:
Social Category
Action Outcome
Social Rewards
Network Establishment
Add 12 or more friends on the platform
100 KKC
Complete 1 text messaging chat
20 EKC
Complete 1 voice messaging chat
40 EKC
Network Maintenance
Create and host voice chat room for 60 minutes or more
200 EKC
Livestream for 30 minutes and more
100 EKC
Platform Contribution
Invite 1 new user to Knoknok Metaverse
20 KKC

SPACE are ERC-721 tokens representing parcels of space in the Knoknok metaverse. By purchasing SPACE, users/players will own a portion of the metaverse and be able to add and share contents within their personal SPACE, such as their NFT assets, favorite gameplays, chat rooms, video channels etc. The Knoknok metaverse has 10,000 SPACE in total available for purchase. SPACE owners can modify and use their personal SPACE as they see fit, in the process generating income for them.
SPACE will be released periodically over the coming years. The exact release date and subscription method will be decided by the Knoknok team.

Cute ELF Overview
Cute ELF is a blockchain-based ERC-721 NFT designed to provide the ultimate play-to-earn and social-to-earn experience. The Cute ELF NFT has three basic principles with the potential to revolutionize the gaming and social industry:
True Digital Ownership
Play and Social-to-Earn
There are a total of 5,000 Cute ELFs to be minted. The first set was released on Aptos NFT Launchpad Bluemove (). Players can acquire and trade Cute ELF, upgrade their Cute ELF, use Cute ELF to join exclusive tournaments and complete special social missions, and earn extra tokens on their journey into the metaverse.

EKC Tokens
Energy Knok Token (EKC) is a native token in Knoknok metaverse, a utility token that can only be obtained through gaming and social behaviors. The EKC tokens are required for players to participate in PVP battle games. EKC can also be used with KKC tokens to upgrade ELF eggs to breed new elfs.
The supply of EKC is unlimited, and burned every time EKC is spent. This deflationary mechanism will keep EKC prices stable in the long term. The Knoknok team will not list or provide liquidity for EKC, nor will it sell EKC tokens to the community or players.

Nurturing/Breeding Mechanism
Decentralization is the key to web 3.0 gaming and social ecosystems. No single entity has authority or control, and power is shifted to the community and players. For Cute ELFs, decentralization is an ongoing process.
New Cute ELFs are minted and nurtured by players, and can be further upgraded to evolve. Players can directly buy a unique Cute ELF or buy an ELF Egg to cultivate a unique Cute ELF.
Upgrades: Each Cute ELF has different abilities and attributes. Players can upgrade their Cute ELFs to perform better in Knoknok battle games, giving them a higher chance of beating their opponents.
Breeding: Players can breed Cute ELFs of different rarities using ELF Eggs.
DAO: Owners of Cute ELF or KKC tokens can vote on important decisions such as Knoknok metaverse gameplay, social missions and new features.

Properties & Upgrades
Cute ELF
Game Access
Social Access
Avatar: A player can create his/her profile and customize an avatar upon joining the platform. Avatars provide the basic access to games and social activities, and cannot be further upgraded or nurtured.
ELF Egg: ELF Eggs are the product of the breeding mechanism. Different levels of ELF Eggs have varying probabilities of breeding Cute ELFs with distinctive features and rarities. ELF Eggs can be purchased with KKC tokens or bred by Cute ELFs through random drops.
Cute ELF: Cute ELFs can be purchased directly or bred from ELF eggs. Owning a Cute ELF will allow users/players to have full access to games and social events, and additional properties including betting, upgrading and breeding.

Cute ELF Elements
Each Cute ELF is composed of 7 elements in total (face, skin color, eyes, hair, head accessory, face feature, background, mood), and 3 attributes (luck, efficiency, charm). The total score affects the rarity of the Cute ELF.
Each element corresponding to a sub-category (such as face——1) has an initial attribute value, which can be upgraded by burning KKC tokens and EKC energy.
Skin color
Head accessory
Face feature

Cute ELF Skills Data
The higher the luck value, the higher the extra EKC reward value at the end of the game.
The higher the luck value, the higher the rarity of hatching ELF Egg.
The higher the efficiency value, the faster the ELF Egg will hatch with NFT.
The higher the efficiency value, the lower the Gas Fee to mint Cute ELF after hatching the ELF Egg.
The higher the charm value, the faster the matching speed in social scenes.
The higher the charm value, the more exposure when creating a public party in a social scene.
Other data definitions
Rarity: determines how rare your Cute ELF is compared to others.
Remaining hatching times: Each Cute ELF can hatch 6 times, and each time can hatch ELF Eggs of different grades. ELF Eggs can breed and mint 1 Cute ELF.

KKC Tokens
The KKC token is an ERC-20 utility token designed to be the digital currency in the Knoknok virtual world. KKC tokens allow users to access, trade, earn, and govern on the Knoknok gaming social platform. For example, KKC tokens can be used to participate in game tournaments, purchase and upgrade game characters, buy SPACE or other in-game digital items etc. Owning KKC tokens also gives players governance rights, which include submitting proposals, voting on key decisions such as project roadmap, new game content, additional social features, creation of prize pools, and funding of other projects within the Knoknok ecosystem.
Entrance fee
Players need to use KKC tokens to pay for game entrance fee or buy in-game assets
Winners of the gameplays are rewarded with KKC tokens
Social Activities
Pay for services
KKC tokens are used to pay for specific services in social settings, such as livestream exposures, chat house promotions to targeted audiences
Completion of social tasks are rewarded with KKC tokens
Buy and trade
KKC tokens are used to buy NFT assets such as SPACE, Cute ELF, ELF Egg, and other digital assets
Upgrading and breeding
KKC tokens are used to upgrade existing Cute ELF or breed ELF Eggs
KKC tokens are used for all secondary trading activities in marketplace
KKC tokens can be staked, by providing liquidity on Knoknok platform token holders can earn interest on their staked tokens
Governance and Voting
KKC token holders can participate in voting of key decisions such as project roadmaps, game & social functions, prize pools, treasury management and more

Allocations and Unlock Schedule
The total supply of KKC is fixed at 1,000,000,000, and its initial circulating supply is set to 200,000,000 KKC - 20% of the total supply. KKC tokens will be unlocked at a predetermined schedule which last for 36 to 60 months from the public sale.
Total Allocation
% of total supply
 Initial unlock
Unlock value
Cliff (months)
Vesting (months)
Daily supply
Daily sup value
Monthly sup value
Private sale
Launch Bond
Liquid Reward IDO
Play/ Social and Earn
Eco System
Liquidity Pool
2020 April (Completed) 
Knoknok app launched, a mobile social gaming app targeting Z-generations in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America
2020-2021 (Completed)
Released real-time audio & video chat room application
Released mini party games feature
Reached 1.5 million total registered users
Reached 80K daily active users
2022 April (Completed)
Launched Knoknok metaverse official website
Released Knoknok metaverse whitepaper and roadmaps
Complete KKC Token contract deployment
Launched Cute ELF NFTs on OpenSea and minted the first set
2022 Q2
Joined the WEB3.0 ecosystem
Dapp launch and starts internal testing
2022 Q3 
Completed the Seed round of financing 
The first anchor card and membership card NFT sale 
Seed community accumulation 
2022 Q4
Launch stream to earn
Explore more SocialFi scenarios
2023 Q1 
Launch KKC Token IDO
Wallets and Decentralized Markets
2023 Q2 
Launch more battle games 
Publish advertising platform
2023 Q3 
Launch of Knoknok DAO to allow token holders Participate in major decision-making processes
Launch stake 
2023 Q4
Launch SPACE NFT sales and allow users to create their own personal 3D spaces 
Open Technology Ecological Cooperation
2024 Q1-Q2 
Build a creator ecosystem
2024 Q3-Q4 
Build a Dapp developer ecosystem
Create the largest social and game open platform in the WEB3.0 ecosystem

Founder & CEO - Boz Wang
Boz founded Knoknok in 2020, he leads the team and is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing and manages business operations. He has been a serial entrepreneur in the social mobile industry. He joined Cheetah Mobile in 2018 and was in charge of the overseas voice social app Alu, growing DAUs from 0 to over millions. In 2019, he founded real-time messaging app Dope. Boz has extensive product to market experience and a vast network in the social mobile industry, particularly in Southeast Asia.
CMO - Tiffany Lee
Tiffany has been an early VC investor and serial entrepreneur in the blockchain industry since 2018. She was the VP of Investment at Ontology Global Capital and made venture investment in over a dozen blockchain projects over two years. In 2019, she was the CMO of a blockchain security project, where she led the project from 0 to listing on Bithumb, and was eventually acquired by a large crypto exchange in Korea. Currently she leads marketing and financing for Knoknok.