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Cryptolinks - 2150+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

by Nate Urbas

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Tap Fantasy

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Their Official site text:

Welcome to the land of Odom

Language: | ​

TAP FOR GOLD! Let's mine together.

is a GAMEFI + Metaverse product.

TAP delivers both…

AXIE's PLAY TO EARN module and…

Roblox's DESIGN TO EARN developer module.

Our product fills the gap in the current market.

is an MMORPG blockchain game developed by HTML 5. Players can interact with Tap Fantasy directly on the web page or wallet, and they can start playing immediately.

Third-party game developers can design and create gameplay modules using TP’s no-code map editor. Game designers earn 50% commission from GOLD COINS that players consume in third-party gameplay modules.

Designers can also MINT their own designed NFT profile pictures, wallpaper, buildings, character skin appearances, and sell them to players in the market.

TapTap Fantasy became the most popular adventure and role-playing game on FACEBOOK Instant Game. It received two global features; it gained more than 1.5 million game users and nearly 400,000 DAU in less than six months. TapTap Fantasy accumulated more than 20 million users worldwide by the end of September 2021.

For clarity, any issuance of tokens is not intended to be made in Singapore, the United States, the People's Republic of China, Iran, North Korea.

According to the progress of the project, the content of this document may be changed at any time, please pay attention to the update.

Important information

​​TAP Mystery Box

NFT Mystery Box (Golden Chest)

Title: Super Rare NFTs Mystery BOX

Description: Super Rare NFTs Mystery Box (Golden Chest) is an unlimited edition! This Box includes all Tap Fantasy’s current “R” and “SR” NFTs. Users will be given one of them randomly by unlocking the chest.

Currency For Purchasing: ​

Explanation: All Magic Crystals purchased for this chest will be officially destroyed.

NFT Limited Mystery Box (Crystal Chest)

Title: Limited Mystery Box

Description: Limited Mystery Box Crystal Chest) is a limited edition! This Box includes all Tap Fantasy’s current “SR” and “SSR” NFTs. Users will be given one of them randomly by unlocking the chest.

Currency For Purchasing: ​

Explanation: All the TAP from the purchasing on this box by users will be divided into 2 parts. 50% of the TAP income goes to governance, and the other 50% goes to the official team and the third-party artists.

 MC Mystery Box (Golden Chest)

Title: Lucky Magic Crystals

Description: Lucky Magic Crystals (Golden Chest) is an unlimited edition! Users will be given randomly different amounts of Magic Crystals by unlocking this chest.

Currency For Purchasing: BUSD.

Explanation: All the BUSD income will go to a specific wallet address, they will be added into a LP pool or repurchase to destroy in terms of the MC price decrease in the future.

Open World

A mysterious land covered by cloud and mist

Land of Odom

The story begins with a young adventurer from a far far away planet called Odom.

When the adventurer woke up, what came into his eyes is a forest, blue sky, and a pure white cloud in further place. Eventually, the adventurer became acquainted with the local residents. He began to find out that this whole place was one part of a large archipelago and he was only in one of the islands. Those thick clouds that surround the islands are like an impenetrable wall, blocking the footsteps of countless curious people.

The adventurer was never alone throughout his journey. He has met many reliable allies during his journey. These allies were of different races and personalities, but they all shared the same heart of righteousness and the same curiosity about the mysteries on the islands.

With a great and long effort, a clue that leads to the mysteries of the islands finally emerged.

Explore the Land

You can control the character to move around by tapping on the ground. Everything on this land is waiting for you to explore and discover.

You can acquire free heroes from each region. Exploring the land as soon as possible is the key to acquire more heroes. 

Recruit Heroes Eliminate the monsters on the map to acquire important resources like equipment and raw food.

Equipment is the most important source of the hero's strength.

Feed Cuisine to level up the heroes.

You get more yield from the map in the late game. Try to collect the equipment and raise the hero's level, pick up your pace to go to the map in the late game now.。

Sea of Clouds:

The sea of clouds that linger around the ocean near the archipelago and sperate them. Any adventurers with strong curiosity who attempt to get across the sea of clouds will end up getting disoriented and peculiarly finding themselves at the very place where they started. As the time goes on, each island becomes isolated from each other, forming their own unique cultures and customs. You must get across the sea of clouds if you wish to go to the next island.

Rainbow Bridge:

When the residents on the island look over the ocean, they can sometimes see a beautiful ray of rainbow light raising from the edge of the sky, it's a wonderful rainbow bridge that the adventurer sets up to get across the sea of clouds. This is the only way to travel to another island. But it's not an easy task to summon a rainbow bridge, some say that the adventurer must venture into the dungeon to defeat the powerful monsters and earn the approval of the goddess so that they can summon a wonder like this.Dungeon Unlock Condition · Collect Energy Crystals: Any gamemode that costs AP on the map will grant energy crystals. Finding the goddess statue in the dungeon is the key to travel to the next region.


Dungeon Unlock Condition · Collect Energy Crystals:

Any gamemode that costs AP on the map will grant energy crystals.

Finding the goddess statue in the dungeon is the key to travel to the next region.

Goddess Statue:

There is a mysterious Goddess Statue in the dungeon. It is guarded by the boss.

Defeat the boss and touch the Goddess Statue to acquire the key item--Gold Compass.


Go to the dock with the Gold Compass and set sail to summon the rainbow bridge and travel to the next island.Go to the dock with the Gold Compass and set sail to summon the rainbow bridge and travel to the next island.

For more contents to play, please refer to the 


Casual Combat

You can only overcome your fear by facing them directly

There are many types of mobs in this world... and formidable adversaries!

You might run into them in the course of your adventure and you can even challenge them.

The battle is a steady way to earn equipment, raw food, and power gems.

Combat System

The battle in TapFantasy is very easy and casual, which will be carried out automatically.

For each battle, the player must deploy 3 heroes to fight, please find below the combat page.

The Green HP bar indicates the HP of your heroes. When your heroes are all fallen, you will lose the battle.

Red HP bar indicates the HP of your enemies. You will win the battle when you have eliminated all enemies.

You can control the heroes by tapping on them in the battle.

Killed monsters will drop items. The dropped items of the monsters will be temporarily stored in the loot inventory. You can claim them all after winning the battle.


You need to spend stamina to challenge the combat block of the monsters.

Mobs in the Way

A block that will spawn a lot of monsters, win by eliminating as many waves of monsters as possible.

Strong Adversaries

Sometimes you might run into the adventurers from other regions in your journey.

You can try challenging them if you are confident about your own strength.

You can also earn a lot of good rewards if you defeat them.

When fighting against the adventurers, you are unable to move.

When defeating an adventurer, the rewards will be added to your loot inventory. You can claim them after winning the battle

Boss in the Way

The boss who will stay in the key route to block the players from advancing.

The battle against them is different from the normal battle against mobs.

Only one boss will appear in the boss battle.

When the boss's HP drops, they will start unleashing AoE skills with high damage. You must move your heroes to dodge the boss's skill attack.

Explore Chest

The mysterious chests scattering in the world

There is a variety of chests in this world

You can spend stamina to unlock a chest The chest usually contains equipment, raw food, as well as power gems.

If you don't want to fight, try to unlock as many chests as possible. This is also a shortcut to unlock the dungeon


Excavate through the underworld!

Get more rewards by excavating.


During the exploration you will encounter the wall which can be excavated, when you destroy it you will be able to access the hidden area to get more rewards.

Underworld exploration


In the Wasteland map, there is a entrance for underworld, you can get underworld access by defeat the 13-star BOSS.


The main way to explore the underworld is to excavate, sometimes you can excavate out a large area to get some generous rewards.

Pickaxe Upgrade


During the exploration process, you may encounter higher level walls. You need to make higher level pickaxe to continue exploring. The most advanced pickaxe which is gold pickaxe can also get rare equipment forging materials through excavating.

The materials required for pickaxe producing (gold, silver and copper mines) are also obtained by excavating, by adding a few magic crystals in blacksmith store, you can obtain the pickaxe that you want, or you can buy it directly from the trade market. Before the pickaxe making, you may need to make a corresponding anvil. You can choose to buy a pickaxe made by other players directly for anvil producing cost saving to be a pure excavator or you can choose to be a businessman who only use the anvil to produce the pickaxe for selling. The anvil will reserve even finish the season but the pickaxe will be neutralized.

More high level BOSS


Excavate deeply, a part of being able to obtain a lot rewards without recharging, you can also challenge more high level BOSS which has a generous rewards.

Stamina System

A person's stamina is limited.

Stamina Bar:​

The maximum stamina is 30 points.

When the stamina is not at its maximum, it will restore by 1 point every 30 minutes.

Earn Coins by spending stamina

Don't waste the stamina you have at your disposal every day and keep going to the advanced region to boost your yield so that you can earn more in the game!

Consuming stamina in the open-world exploration events. Completing events grants equipment and raw food! You can sell them at the trade house to earn coins.

Killing powerful monsters at the elemental rift will yield more advanced equipment and the keys to unlock the chests. You can acquire a Chest key from the Elf Merchant to unlock chests, which grants you a chance to get more valuable and .

Additional Stamina

When you don't have sufficient stamina, you can spend coins to purchase more stamina.

The way to purchase stamina (You can only purchase more stamina when you are running out of stamina):

Normal Purchase: You can purchase 5 times daily. As you buy more, you will spend more silver coins. It is sold at 5 silver coins at the beginning, each purchase attempt will cost 5 more silver coins.

Advanced Purchase: if you possess more NFT skins, you can earn more purchase attempts, which will be updated daily.


NFT skins



























Partner Development

Build a bond belonging to you and your partners!

Hero Partner

The player will use 3 heroes to fight in the game.

Class Skills

Each class features 2 unique skills.

You can come up with different approaches through the different combinations of the classes.

Equipping NFT skins will also additionally add 1 skin skill.


Acquire Hero

By visiting where the heroes are at in the journey, you can add them to your team after completing their affection.

There are 16 heroes in the current game world, find them in the world and let them become your partners!

The hero will increase in number as the game develops further, please stay tuned for new heroes!


Each hero comes with 4 types of basic stats.

​HP: It stands for the value of the damage a hero can sustain before falling. The hero dies when it reaches zero.

​ATK: It stands for the basic attack power a hero possesses. The hero's skills will deal damage/heal HP based on the ATK.

​CRIT: It stands for the chance for the hero to deliver a critical hit. A critical hit deals 2x damage.

​Dodge: It stands for the chance a hero can dodge the attack. When a dodge is triggered, a hero will not take any damage.

Hero Training

Each hero has their own unique training arc. The higher your hero's attribute has become, the stronger the enemy your hero can challenge.

You can determine the strength of the current hero through two dimensions, the hero's star rating and level.

You can raise the hero's stats through the following methods.

The number in the circle stands for the hero's level. By feeding food to the hero, you can raise the hero's level, while raising their stats.

The number near the star is the hero's star rating. The hero's star rating is the average star rating of the equipment equipped by a hero. By putting up equipment for the hero, you can raise their stats, and advanced equipment provides the heroes with additional skills.

Cuisine System

Food Matters

Raw Food and Fine Food

Raw food can be acquired from the blocks on the map.

There is a variety of raw food like wheat, vegetables, meat, eggs, fruits, fish, mushrooms, and seafood, etc.

The acquired raw food can be combined and cooked into fine food.

Through the different values of the , you can determine how much EXP you can get upon eating them.

The raw food and fine food with higher rarity will grant more EXP boosted.

Food Gallery

Create fine food based on the recommended raw food in the recipe.

One food might have a variety of ways to be created. The recipe will recommend based on the current raw food you have in your inventory

Discovering New Dishes

The advanced raw food you acquire in the late game can be matched together to develop new dishes. You can place in up to 3 types of raw food to develop new dishes. After cooking, you can make the most likely fine food you can get based on the raw food you have spent.

A new recipe will be unlocked if new fine food is made successfully, you can then create such fine food through the recipe directly in the future.

Example: Meat Chunks + Meat Chunks = Meat Kebab

Meat*2 will be the recipe for Meat Kebab.

After that, you can just craft Meat Kebab directly with the recipe.


Feeding Heroes

Feeding fine food or raw food to the heroes, you can raise their level.

Each feeding will raise the satiation. The maximum satiation is 100. When satiation is >= 100, the hero cannot be fed further.

​When the heroes are hungry, you can continue feeding them.

​When the heroes are satiated, they cannot be fed.

Satiation will decrease as time goes by.

Each attempt of the feeding of one piece of raw food/fine food will raise satiation by 10.

Each type of food adds the same amount of satiation and the hero has limited satiation daily. That being said, the more EXP of a piece of fine food offers you use, the faster the hero can level up. Therefore, to speed up their level-up, you should try to develop new dishes!

Equipment System

Weaponizing your Warrior · the Importance of Weapon

Acquire Equipment

You can acquire equipment by unlocking chests.

Powerful equipment will come in handy in battle.

Equipment Level

The level of equipment varies from 1-star at the lowest point to 30-star at the highest point. The higher the star rating of a piece of equipment, the stronger the stats it offers.

Merge Equipment

You can merge equipment at the Inventory · Equipment page.

2 pieces of equipment of the same star rating and series can be merged into 1 piece of equipment of higher star rating.

You can perform a successful merging by dragging the same equipment into each other.

You can also unlock auto merging to merge the available equipment into the highest star rating.

Equipment below 19 stars can only be upgraded from 2 in 1 to 19 stars. Equipment with 20 stars needs to be forged. Equipment with 20 stars or more can continue to be upgraded in 2-in-1, with a maximum of 30 stars.

Equipment Part

Each partner can equip up to 6 pieces of equipment. The equipment is the main method to raise their stats.

​Weapon: mainly provides ATK stats, the secondary stats provides ATK% /HP%/Increased damage.

​Armor: mainly provides HP stats, the secondary stats provides ATK% /HP%/Damage free.

​Gloves: mainly provides ATK stats, the secondary stats provide CRIT/ATK%/Increased damage.

​Helmet: mainly provides HP stats, the secondary stats provide HP%/Dodge/Damage free.

​Artifact: provides ATK & HP stats, the secondary stats provide ATK% /HP%/CRIT/Dodge/Damage free/ATS ,and new skills.

​Ornaments: provides ATK & HP stats, the secondary stats provide ATK% /HP%/Increased damage/Damage free/ATS ,and new skills..

Stats Value

The stats value offered by the equipment are divided into two following types

Fixed Stats: the stats that will be applied directly upon the heroes.

Percentage Stats: the modifier that will be multiplied with the base value.

Equipment Stats

The stats of the equipment are divided into two parts.

Main Stats: It mainly boost the character's ATK and HP stats.

Secondary Stats: It also grants Equipment Skills apart from the base stats.

Equipment Branch

When the equipment is merged to a specific star rating, there will be a branch available for the equipment. Different merge branches offer different outcomes.

After that, the equipment will have a growth once whenever it meets a specific star rating.

10·Star: Enters different branches randomly. Different branches will add a different secondary stats, for Ornaments and Artifacts, new equipment skills will appear in addition.

15·Star: For Warlord's series equipment, new branchs appear again. New branches will have new secondary stats,for the other series or those old branchs,secondary stats grow. for Ornaments and Artifacts, equipment skill level +1 in addition.

20·Star: You need to forge two different equipments at the same position + special materials, and have the secondary attributes and equipment skills of the two pieces of equipment before forging.

25·Star: Secondary stats grow. For Ornaments and Artifacts, equipment skill level +1 in addition.

30·Star: Secondary stats grow. For Ornaments and Artifacts, equipment skill level +1 in addition.

Equipment Skills

The Ornaments and Artifacts will have Equipment Skills when they are enhanced to 10-Star.

Each equipment skill will bring an advantage to the hero in battle.

You can only obtain Artifacts  from the  Great Rift and Slime Rift. If you wish to grow stronger, go challenge the Rift!

Ornaments can only be obtained by defeating the world boss and team boss.

Ornaments Special Skill


When the HP is lower than 40%, the hero becomes invincible for 1/2.3/4.5/6.5/7.5s. It can be triggered in every 120s


Attack has a 8% chance to trigger, the hero's own attack speed increases by 60% for 2/4.5/9/13/15s. It can be triggered once in every 120s


Upon death, the hero can be revived and heal by 10%/22.5%/45%/65%/75% HP, which can be triggered once in every 120s


Attack has a 10% chance to let the enemy units in a large area have their Attack Speed reduced by 45% for 1/2.3/4.5/6.5/7.5s. It can be triggered in every 120s

Sunder armor

When attacking, there is a 10% chance to increase the damage of the enemy got in a large area by 35% for  2/4.5/9/13/15seconds. It can be triggered once every 120s.

Artifacts Special Skill


8% chance to trigger on attack, +40% crits in 2/4.5/9/13/15 seconds, it can be triggered once in 120 seconds

Divine Power

Attack has a 8% chance to trigger, the hero's ATK increases by 50% in 2/4.5/9/13/15s. It can be triggered in every 120s


4% chance to trigger after taking damage, +30% dodge for 2/4.5/9/13/15 seconds, it can be triggered once in 120 seconds


When the hero is taking damage, there is a 7%/15%/30%/43%/50% chance to reflect 60% of damage


Attacks with a 10% chance to reduce damage dealt by opponent in a wide area by 45% for 1/2.3/4.5/6.5/7.5 seconds, can be triggered once in 120 seconds


Attack has a 8% chance to trigger, the hero's own attack speed increases by 60% for 2/4.5/9/13/15s. It can be triggered once in every 120s

Equipment Gallery

The equipment from the successfully merged equipment will be shown in the equipment gallery, you can check the stats of this piece of equipment at any time.

Special events

The mysterious continent always has infinite surprises waiting for you to discover.


You will encounter a lot events on the Odom with marks. You will receive a reward by interact with them. All of those events in Odom are one-time. You will not consume any AP when you interact them. This is the gift from Odom to adventurers who are brave enough to explore.

Types of special events

Picnic Time

Fragrant foods cooked in a pot, by stirring the spoon you will obtain a delicious food.

2.Old Shipwreck

The old ships are used to be find at the continental coast division, adventurers can explore those ships to find some equipment.

3.Sacred tree pray

The sacred tree was formed at the same time as the Odom, therefore it became a symbol of God in the hearts of the inhabitants of the continent. The tree will reward the devout adventurers with green gems.

4.Fossils excavating

Nobody knows how long this continent has existed, but from the green gems-encrusted fossils that can be seen everywhere, it can be inferred that that older life must have existed.

5.Bubble Hot Spring

The warm spring water can relax the weary adventurer and allow the adventurer to recover his AP.

6.Mysterious Ruins

The ancient ruins hidden in the corners of the continent. You will get accordingly rewards by explore them.

7.Stones guide

A stone with mystery hidden. Follow the prompts to light up the mark on the stone to get the equipment reward.

8.Second space

A mirror scattered on the ground, select one side to wipe it clean to get the reward in the mirror. The left hand side you will get foods; The right hand side you will get equipment


Coffin with full of mystery, Adventurer s need to defeat the tomb guard to get the reward.

10.hallucinogenic effect

Mandala flower have a hallucinogenic effect and will take the adventurers who pick them into a Illusion.

11.Ignite the fire

There are some flints scattered around the wood pile, after lighting the wood pile can permanently gain the vision near the wood pile.


Among the bottles and jars stained with dirt, you can find some energy potions that are still intact.

13.Nurturing seedlings

Seedlings that have just emerged from the ground can grow energetic fruits by watering and AP fruits by fertilizing.


The friends you seek - that love the game and making money will eventually meet at here

Club UI

During the adventure, you occasionally need to rest and find some interesting friends to join you or set up a club to attract more people!

There is an open comment system in the club, and all adventurers in the club can participate in the discussion.

Chat system

You can also create special titles in the club, so everyone can play together. When the trophy meets the corresponding requirements, the corresponding title can be obtained in the club.

The club president can set up the title

Show titles in guild leaderboards

Club members can also see each other's colosseum trophy points. Let's compete to see who is the strongest in the club.

Club trophy ranking


Compete for the strongest players and win tons of TAP Tokens

Battle Rules

Each adventurer can use 3 heroes to form a team to fight with other adventurers.

Defeat the other player's team within the time counts as a victory, if the 3 heroes in battle are defeated, or if the time is over and has not defeated the opponent, it counts as lost.

Adventurers can earn trophy points after every victory. Adventurers will also receive different titles depending on their trophy points.


Trophy points are awarded to adventurers who win a duel.

Trophy points will not be deducted from the loss of battles until you reach 1500 trophy points.

You can also get sprint a reward - a colosseum medal according to the hint of adventurer's trophy points.

Colosseum medals from each season can be redeemed for heroes, as well as for chat bubbles in the comments.

TAP Token rewards will be sent according to the adventurer's current ranking every 7 days. The higher the ranking, the richer the reward.

Trophies will reset after the season ends.


Players will receive a title based on their ranking.

Colosseum titles will be displayed in the chat.


The colosseum gradings will be rewarded once a week.

For individuals: In addition to the weekly ranking rewards, there will be other rewards for ranking in each season.

For clubs: By increasing the number of trophies, the club's ranking can increase and will get more .

Colosseum Exchange

You can exchange your favorite items at Exchange by colosseum medals.

Exchange instructions

Heroes: Currently redeemable heroes are Jeweler and Blade master. Both heroes have production skills, and obtaining them can produce special equipments in the game. For these special equipments, it is better to exchange them ASAP.

Chat bubbles: Make your chat more fancy by exchange chat bubbles.

Great Rift

Play to Earn - the rifts that brings wealth

Open one watchtower and you will be qualified to enter the rifts.

Huge hourglass in the air - rifts

The rifts are located in the center.

Rift Instructions

There is a total of four rifts, corresponding to different element attributes. Challenge them requires different element resistances.

Every rift is divided into Basic, Medium, and Advanced.

The higher the difficulty, the higher the element resistance and the higher the rewards.


Entry Instructions

Adventurers can determine the element attributes corresponding to the rifts through the elf in front of the four rifts. Different Rifts require different element resistances.

Use crystal shards to enter the rift of the corresponding attribute. Crystal shards can be purchased directly when entering the rift.

Before entering the rift, you must confirm whether your equipment can successfully defeat the mobs.

After entering the rift, you can see that there are all kinds of mobs, defeat them to get higher star equipment.

After exiting the rift, the rift will reset whether you have defeated all mobs or not during last time.

Weekly Output Change

The output in the rifts changes every week, one increase means another is decreasing.

Element Resistances

You must ensure that there are enough elements to successfully change the rift!

The element resistances required to defeat mobs are the sum of the element resistances of the NFT skins worn by the heroes.

Basic rifts require 6 element resistances. Medium rifts require 12 element resistances, and advanced rifts require 18 element resistances.

Mobs' Refresh Mechanism

Every time the crystal is consumed, an elemental boss and a bunch of elemental mobs will be refreshed in the rift.

The output of bosses is much higher than that of ordinary mobs. Combat mechanism refers to 

Rift mobs drop energy gems, common equipment, keys.

Different difficulty levels of mobs drop different levels of keys.

Basic rifts dropsbronze keys

Medium rifts dropssilver keys

Advanced rifts dropsgold keys

Secret Elf Merchant

You can use keys to open treasure chests at the Elf Merchant.

​Bronze keys can open lucky chests

​Silver keys can open hero's chests

​Gold keys can open miracle chests

Open treasure chests for a chance to obtain magical equipments that is only produced in the rifts: Artifacts!

You can also get a special mine to upgrade the skin: Magic Crystal

(Accessories and Artifacts will have special skills, please check the  for details)

Treasure Chest' Output

**Lucky chests:**There is 30% chance to open 1 Magic Crystals, 10 - 15 star artifact equipment, and a small number of R-rank NFT cards.

**Hero chests:**There is 30% chance to open 4 Magic Crystals, 11 - 16 star artifact equipment, and all R-rank NFT cards.

Miracle chest: There is 30% chance to open 11 Magic Crystals, 13 - 18 star artifact equipment, and all R-rank SR-rank NFT cards.

The more advanced the treasure chest, the more Magic Crystals can be produced when it is opened, and other rewards will also be better. The sooner you upgrade your NFT skin, the sooner you can get more profits.

Trade House

Buy and sell items through trade house and earn coins

I Want To Sale

Equipment and ingredients obtained from the gameplay can be listed on the trade house for other players to buy. Earn coins by selling items!

Gold Coins can be obtained after a successful sale, and the trade house will take a certain percentage of transaction tax.

Players can make the transaction tax even lower by purchasing a .

The listing grid can be unlocked by purchasing a  so that six items can be sold at the same time.

Through using stamina - obtaining items - listing items - earning Gold Coins - purchasing stamina, players can continuously obtain Gold Coins.

I Want To Buy

You can find items such as equipment, ingredients, and other items sold by other players in the trade house.

Use your Gold Coins to get the items you want.

Buying equipment on the market to strengthen yourself and fight the advanced areas.

Gem Pass

The more you play, the more you earn

Pass Rewards

The entrance to the Gem Pass is located on the top left side of the screen. When the icon turns into a red gift box, it means that there are rewards available in the pass.

Players can explore the world and get gems by fighting monsters, opening treasure chests, etc. The more gems, the more pass rewards!

Pass Contents

There is a red dot in the top right corner of the unclaimed reward in the Gem Pass indicating rewards can be claimed. Rewards that have been claimed will have a checkmark, and the rewards that cannot be claimed will be locked.

Unlock Gem Pass

It takes 99 Gold Coins to unlock the Gem Pass, and players will get more stamina, higher-level treasure chests and equipments and a 30% discount on the transaction fee.

After the Gem Pass level reaches level 50, you can also receive an extra treasure chest, which contains more rare and attractive materials.

Rewards you can get after unlocking the Pass

The same 20-star sword costs only 41 Gold Coins after unlocking the Pass, which was 58 Gold Coins before unlocking.

Settlement Period

The Gem Pass is settled once a season (90 days) and your Gem Pass will return to the initial state after settlement. Time to work hard and get all the rewards before the settlement.

Guide of Odom

Come on, let me tell you how to go

When you enter the continent of Odom, you must want to know what you need to do. Don't worry, let me tell you now. 

First, you'll see a  on the shore. It's your first partner. Find the meow and click it,  recruit it into your adventure team.

After the recruitment, we soon met the first BOSS who blocked the way. We need to beat it then we can move on. Click the boss and choose your heroes to challenge it.

After you successfully defeat the first BOSS, you can enter the new map.

Now follow the direction of the road, you will find a watchtower, click and activate it.

After activating the watchtower, you can see the full map of the current continent. It can help you find the right direction. Depending on your gender choice, you will see  or  on the map. Go and recruit. The recruitment method is the same as that of Meow.

After recruiting new partners, we need to continue to walk along the road and enter the underground cave.

When you enter the underground cave for exploration, find the blocking boss according to the underground cave map. You can reach the other side only after defeating it. If you are not strong enough now, you can choose better equipment to make yourself stronger.

After you defeat the BOSS of the underground cave, please continue to walk along the road and  activate a new watchtower. You can recruit a new partner  to join your adventure team. The recruitment method is the same as above. You can choose Priest to fight.


After the recruitment, we need to go to the Dungeons in the north.

When you arrive the Dungeons, click the entrance. It seems that the amount of Gems you have collected is not enough and you can't enter it. Gems come from many sources. You can gain from  and .

                            explore chest

When you have collected enough Gems and opened the enter the Dungeons, you can open the small map to check the position and direction to move forward, or you can directly follow the tips to find the location of the BOSS.

After killing the boss, the statue of Goddess will appear. At this time, go forward and click the statue of Goddess to investigate. The Goddess will give you a guid.

After that, you will get a Gold Compass.  Now you can leave Dungeons.

After returning to the ground, look for the location of the wharf nearby, which is on the upper left of the Dungeons.

Now you can cross the sea of clouds and come to the new continent with the Gold Compass.

When you arrive at the new continent, what you need to do next is the same as described above. Follow the road to find and activate the watchtower, go to Dungeons (selected in the red box in the figure) to obtain the Gold Compass and go to the next continent for adventure.

The more the future mainland can get rich rewards. If you are a player committed to P2E, don't hesitate to start ahead as soon as possible. Odom has six continents waiting for you to explore. There are countless enemies and treasures waiting for you in front of you.

Rules of combat

The fight is your first lesson in land of Odom.

Basic stats

The hero has 4 basic stats, HP、ATK、CRIT、DODGE.


The numerical attribute represents the health of a hero,hero is green,enemy is red. It will reduce when the hero is under attack, if HP turns to 0, the hero will die.


The damage is caused by the hero‘s attack stats and skill. 


Crit represents the hero's critical hit probability. The damage + 100% when it works. Some hero have higher damage because of skills.

Critical Damage


Dodge represents the probability of dodge when receiving an attack.  The damage is 0 when you avoid the attack.


Stats panel

Each hero has different advantages, which will affect the growth of the hero. You can click i to view the hero's stats.

Property panel

ATK distance

The ATK distance is divided into ,  and , which can be viewed through the skill panel.


Stand at the front of the line and be closest to the enemy. It is most vulnerable to enemy attack in the battle, so it usually acts as the front row to bear damage for the team.

2.Ranged ATK

Stand at the back of the line and farthest from the enemy. When there is a front row, it is not easy to be attacked by the enemy, so it usually plays an output position in the team.

3.Intermediate distance ATK

There is also a role in the battle. He stands in the middle of the team, that is death.

ATK target

In combat, each character gives priority to attacking the nearest enemy. If the position of the team changes, the character will call the enemy again.

ATK range

The attack range is divided into ,  and , which can be viewed in the skill description panel.

1.Single ATK

Deals damage only to a single target.

2.Small scale ATK

Damage to small range targets:

☝️ When the enemy's lineup is "Melee + intermediate distance ATK +Ranged ATK", a small-scale attack can hit the enemy's role of "Melee + intermediate distance ATK"

☝️ When the enemy's lineup is "intermediate distance ATK + Ranged ATK", a small-scale attack can hit the enemy's "intermediate distance ATK + Ranged ATK" role

☝️ When the enemy's lineup is "Melee + Ranged ATK", a small-scale attack can only hit the enemy's "Melee" role

☝️ When the enemy's lineup is "all melee / all intermediate distance ATK / all Ranged ATK", a small-scale attack can hit all enemy characters

3.Large scale ATK

Damage to a wide range of targets: usually damage to all enemy characters. (except for some occasions where stations are extremely scattered due to factors such as repulsion)

Position and lineup

1.Adjust the station position

In the arena lineup selection interface, you can adjust the team's position in battle.

As shown in the figure, the role of position 1 will stand in the front row of the whole team, so we should put the melee role in position  1 .

⚠️ Be careful not to put the remote character in position 1 , because the lineup of the team led by the remote character may be compressed in the process of seeking the enemy, resulting in the enemy's small-scale attack, which can hit our back role.

2.Adjust the lineup

⭕ Replacement

Select the role to replace