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Sometimes it is necessary to hangout with people that you are in the same line of profession. Like a saying which states that “birds of a feather flock together”. For instance, Doctors should form groups and discuss issues about their work, so also Engineers like, Forex and Crypto traders and so on. From these discussions, solutions to big problems would be solved and big road blocks to success would be rolled away.

Cryptocooperative is a community which helps bring together brilliant minds in the Crypto community in a group where discussions of Blockchain, Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency in general depending on the group you join happens. Each group has a name and a main topic of discuss.

This community helps foster a kind of relationship among traders and Crypto experts in which they provide help and useful information about cryptocurrency for one another. This community is meant for individuals who are curious and desperately seeking to learn more about Cryptocurrencies and also individuals who are struggling in the field where they can ask questions and receive different answers from a variety of people.

They have about 700 members in this community. This community also help organize monthly hangouts for their members where like minds of different skill levels would be attending, learning and networking in an atmosphere of fun and excitement with food, drinks and prizes.

This community also gives members opportunity to start a new group in which other members can join.

Pros & Cons
  • It helps foster learning in an atmosphere of fun and excitement.
  • It gives people a platform to meet with other people with different abilities where you can ask questions.
  • Easy to access.
  • It might be dangerous as you don’t know who you’re meeting.
  • The site is not well organized.